Sprint Treo Pro: Coming Jaunary 25th (Confirmed Again)


We've been telling you about that Sprint Treo Pro (PRT850HK) for sometime now (DSL Reports) and even showed some exclusive screenshots of it running Mobile IE 6.

BGR later confirmed that it has a slated release date for January 11th (right on time for CES).

Now EngadgetMobile gets an internal sheet showing all of this again. What is interesting though is that this is indeed replacing the 800w. This is sort of expected, but not confirmed until now.

Oh 800w, we hardly knew ya!

Specs are still mostly unknown at this point, though we're not expecting too much of a deviation from its GSM cousin. Camera is still a ho-hum 2.0mp, so no bump there.

Full retail is an average $549 (slightly cheaper than the 800w at $599, attributable probably to HTCs lower-cost production system)

Also, the date is pushed back till January 25th from Sprint and January 21st from Brightpoint (resellers, perhaps telesales for business). But don't be surprised to see Palm show this off during CES a week earlier.

Now if we can only get some actual pics of the device...

WC Staff