Sprint Treo Pro reportedly dropping in January

We've been saying for a while now that the Treo Pro is destined for Sprint. (See Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C.) Now the Boy Genius Report is throwing a date out there.

January 11. (And that's a month Malatesta swears he opined in a relatively recent Podcast.)

That's tentative, of course, and anything could happen in the meantime. (Except, probably AT&T releasing it. But a boy can dream. And we're still hoping for a Verizon release, though obviously not in the previously reported time frame.) No word on pricing yet, but we'd expect it to be competitive.

(And, for the record: Yes, we used all of our Photoshop skills and slapped a Sprint logo onto the unlocked Treo Pro. Can't say it looks that bad, actually.)

And for plenty more Treo Pro goodness, be sure to check out our hot-off-the-press Treo Pro vs. AT&T Fuze smackdown, and Dieter's initial Treo Pro review.

WC Staff
  • I have never understood why we aren't allowed to purchase a phone in an un-branded form if we don't mind spending the extra money to not be locked into a provider or if we want the discount we can opt for the branded version. I thought Verizon was all about their whole open network view, yet honestly I can't say I've seen too many CDMA devices out there that are legally un-locked that I would want as my phone.
  • Yeah, it's not that you're not allowed to. It's just nowhere near as simple as swapping out a SIM card as you do for GSM phones.
    And, obviously, the carriers would prefer you be beholden to them with a subsidized phone.
    It really comes down to do you want to pay more now, or pay more later. Freedom is not free. :)
  • Woohoo!!
    I guess Sprint had to wait a respectable amount of time after releasing the 800W.
  • telus is getting it q1
  • I just find it rather annoying, and one would think if anything Palm would rather sell unlocked phones, it puts more money in their pocket as a larger user base would be able to get at their phones, where right now if you live in an area like myself Sprint has horrible coverage so I may be able to get a sweet phone such as the 800w at my local Sprint store I end up with crappy service. I would think it would be in Palms interest to sell a good phone at a higher price and allow you to pick which carrier works best for you but I guess I'm living in a dream world.
  • I don't know about the Treo Pro (or the 800w for that matter) but Sprint phones such as the Mogul and Touch Pro have been used on Verizon's network for years. There are even in-depth tutorials at places like ppcgeeks.com (where there is an awesomely in-depth step-by-step tutorial on how to activate a Sprint Touch Pro on Verizon) and xda-developers.com. There might be similar tutorials for the 800w and, eventually, the Treo Pro.
    Plus, you can always buy these phones outright for a higher price from the Sprint store, Best Buy, or RadioShack. Although the higher price is almost as much as an unlocked Xperia X1a...
  • I sure hope it comes out on Sprint. I hate my 800... I was at a conference earlier this week and every day, by dinner time, the phone was dead. No one w/ a blackberry or iPhone was lacking battery power... I know I could get the super gigantic extendo battery, but I don't want to spend that much money on a proprietary battery....
  • wow 800 and the pro? thats just not fair. maybe if att craps out on customer care and starts losing customers by the millions they too can have cool treo phones
  • wow 800 and the pro? thats just not fair. maybe if att craps out on customer care and starts losing customers by the millions they too can have cool treo phones
    being a cold hearted corporation (who's actually doing quite well), I imagine any complaints of lack of WM Treos will result in a stern pointing towards their Samsung Epix.
    Sure, *we* appreciate the difference; they just see front-qwerty WM phone :-/
  • I've been hounding my Verizon Business Account Rep about "when" will Verizon roll out the Palm Treo Pro... he tells me it will be the first quarter of 2009. Guess they decided to focus 4th Quarter sales on the Blackberry Storm for the holidays first...
    Take it as an "unoffical" announcement...