Treo Pro Coming to Sprint After All

Back in May we caught a little guff for shrieking with glee when we saw the Treo 800w show up on DSL Reports. Still, though, we added the site to our arsenal of places to poke around when we're thinking about new devices. We've been checking it periodically this week (you hush) and, well, we just spotted the proverbial Sasquatch. You can head over to DSL Reports to see if you can catch the elusive beast yourself. We grabbed what we saw in the screenshot above.

That, friends, is a “Sprint Treo850e” pulling down 1060 kbps with .229s of latency on the network, running MSIEMobile 6.0. The Treo 850 that we know and love is the Treo Pro. The 'e' is new to us, as is the fact that it's running on Sprint. This means one of two things is happening: Somebody is messing with your pals at WMExperts or the Treo Pro is coming to Sprint.

So, how are you Treo 800w owners feeling just now?

WC Staff