Sprint National Texting Outage

We at WMExperts have just confirmed that there is a nation wide outage with Sprint Text Messaging. According to Sprint it all started at around 3 pm PST today. Some areas can receive text messages but cannot send them, while others have the opposite problem, with everyone else not able to do either. They were unsure (or not willing to admit) as to what created the problem. Even though they are not sure exactly when text messaging will be back online, their ETA is within the next 8 to 12 hours

WC Staff
  • I am now able to send and receive text messages, I'm in SW PA.
  • I haven't experience any problem in the nyc area. I guess it didn't affect this area as I have been able to send and receive text from different phone and carrier.
  • SAN Francisco! Down for the count 10:00 pm Wed