Sprint Touch Diamond Gets FM Radio; No Luck for Touch Pro

It's been long speculated that devices such as the Sprint Diamond and Touch Pro have build in FM radios that are disabled. The question is are they disabled at the hardware level (bad) or software level (good)?

Well the news is at least for Sprint Touch Diamond users it is at the software level and you can now enable that ancient technology and get FM jamming through your touchy device.

Thanks to No2Chem, famous for his custom ROMs on various HTC devices, you can go ahead and grab his latest project right here.

Bad news? Don't expect any such FM goodness on the Sprint Touch Pro (see gallery):

HOWEVER, the Touch PRO is a different

WC Staff
  • Figures. Makes two missing features now. No front facing camera and no FM radio. I actually was looking forward to the FM Radio. I could have used it on those late work days at the office when streaming a station kills your battery.
    Sprint likes to dig deaper holes. Wonder if ATTs Fuze or Verizon's version will have the radio. Will make Sprint look inferior AGAIN.
  • Well I can speak from first had experience that my Fuze get excellent FM reception. I was shocked that local radio stations actually sound cleaner on my Fuze than on my car radio. I used the cab found on xda to get the radio back. I posted the cab here on WMExperts also.
  • Nice design, nice features but not enough. There is no memory card slot, no flash, no long battery life. SE X1 has all of these missing features (it supports memory card up to 32 gb) and besides it's display much more good than diamond's. It is possible that Diamond will be faster than X1 but I think that won't be a big deal. Still X1 is the best! (there might be some grammar mistakes in my post, if so sorry for that. I am still learning english:) )
  • Good phone and easy to use. It's sleek and it's really black! The only thing that's annoying me is the OS. It sucks sometimes. I got the Touch Diamond 3 months back and I have no regrets at all. It takes a while to get used to the touch screen, but once you do, the phone is all fun! The screen is great and I don
  • This isn't a new problem here in the USA. The simple fact is that there is more attention paid to market placement than happens in the UK/Europe (Can't comment on Asia). This came as a huge realization when I moved here in y2k. 3G network capabilities WITH video conferencing were fully implemented and functional in the UK in 2002. It is so commonplace now that they don't even advertise the feature! Check out the Nokia N97 at three.co.uk . A phone you can get for NO money down, 18mo contract, tethering allowed, lots of minutes etc at less than $80/mo. I am appalled that the service providers and manufacturers delay such things here in the USA, not for lack of network or technological capabilities, but because they know your mindset allows them to roll out a 'groundbreaking' upgrade every 18mos which coincidentally keep you buying 'cutting edge' equipment and renewing those contracts... One day, hopefully in the none too distant future, the Sprint HTC "every feature right now" will be sold here which will DRIVE the other networks and manufacturers towards provision of the 'T-Mobile holographic personal communicator' or something.....
  • Ok, so I just re-read my own post and it was leaning off-topic. My point was that why is it that I have a Touch Pro with TV out and no FM and a Diamond which is the exact opposite...? How hard would it be to leave the hardware intact? It's not, it's just marketing.
    BTW it is not in the SPL, it is in the hardware, not a missing solder link, but in the physical chipset. The only reason that the Diamond will pop up with a 'tv out' option when you plug the cable in is that the firmware senses it's presence, beyond that point, the hardware simply isn't implemented to provide a picture on your TV. Same applies to FM on the TP. How do I know? Lets just say that my exposure to this phone family has been extensive... Proof? - Something that allowed me to be the first to find an 'esn solution' for the Touch Pro. Check www.mobile-files.com/forum/showthread.php?t=111584 Dan.
  • I really want my touch pro 2 sprint have the FM radio..~~~