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Sprint Touch Pro Delayed (Slightly) :-(

Some bad news folks, word from CNet is that the much anticipated HTC Touch Pro which was set to be released on October 19th has been pushed back to the end of October/beginning of November.

Doesn't look to be anything serious in the way of problems outside of Sprint trying to make sure they have enough supply on launch.

Sprint expects to slightly delay launch of the Touch Pro by HTC to ensure we have adequate inventory in all channels before making the device commercially available. Customers can expect the device to become available in select national retailers by the end of the month and then in all Sprint sales channels including online at and Sprint Stores by early November.

Upside? You have a few more weeks to save for the $299 (w/ 2 year agreement + MIR; $579 OTD) device! Might as well give Dieter's walk through vid with the Touch Pro another whirl too...

Thanks Inimical and Patrick for the heads up!

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  • same thing for the telus version
  • Could this be due to the GPS lag problems they've been having?
  • matter how much you always assume every launch will have delays, it still never dulls the dissapointment or the increased anticipation for the new release date.
    My only question is....what select retail locations will have it before Sprint sales?
  • this is finally the wm device to lure me to the darkside... I've already purchased a micro card and tv out cable... now I just need sprint to release the damn thing...
  • I called and talked with a Sprint. I just asked for a Representative at first. He looked up the Touch Pro and saw it on the upcoming phones list...still listed for the 19th....but then found it very strange that no pricing was available to him.
    I then talked to Telesales. She said the Touch Pro was delayed and will be available on Sunday Nov 2nd. When asked if there would be any available at any retail locations prior to that date as reported in the source in the OP, she checked with her supervisor and (for what it is worth) confirmed that telesales will be the first option to purchase the phone. There could be a slight chance some locations has the phone on Nov 2nd, but at this point the system was only showing available via Telesales on Nov 2nd.
  • Hey I hate to burst you bubbles guys. But the Touch Pro is going to be a Christmas or New Years item. Working for Sprint and having this phone for the first 2 weeks of September, I kinda know whats going on. Sorry, nut be happy it have a real memory card slot not an internal.
  • Actually, we have confirmation on the shipping from a confirmed source over at ppcgeeks.
    His company does outsource work and HTC is one of their clients. He is working directly with the Touch Pro. While he can't provide his personal information, he has pm'd it to the mods who have confirmed that he's legit.
    I ordered via EVP, so it looks like the 2nd is likely the date for me.
    Here's some of the info he's provided so far:
    [quote=criticalaudioinc;466030]I work in a repair/order/design facility for HTC and 1 other project That I work on. Our building is owned buy another corp But HTC owns the project guidelines. Kinda like how cell phone company lease out call centers for there support. You can lease out facilitys ( cheaper that way ) And set them as projects with in the facility. HTC owns most of it. Except for the Reverse Logistics which is the order portion and handles the shipments.
    [quote=criticalaudioinc;465452]Thats what I doing not we got a eta of 35 minutes for the trucks and have around 23 people willing to pull a all nighter and have one going to walmart to clear the freezers for pizza and hot pockets and doritos, All labs are ready and I have a list of the issues to be repaired.
    Camera Lag issues - Software
    GPS Lag issues - Software/reg edit
    TF3D exception issues - software/reg edit/update
    Camera Update - Software
    System Performace with Processor - Software Update/patch
    Speaker Volume issue - Check Hardware - Software/AD Update
    Control PAD maulfunction - Software/Update
    [quote=criticalaudioinc;466370]As far as the best buy thing is we have always shipped directly to there stores or the Main hubs in the surrounding stores. As for release I was told Nov 2. For telesales and EVP orders. When they will be available in sprint stores is a question due to very low stock due to EVP orders and sprint preparing for the Diamond exchanges and telesales, Bestbuy did pay to have the phones earlier I know that much, as if they will get them is the question, as of now it looks promising but you all see what sprint pulled already I wouldnt surprised if they had to work again with bestbuy.
    [quote=criticalaudioinc;466168]Best buy wants it shipped the 24th and in stores via the 26th Sprint did not say anything about a delay with them but I will check tomorrow morning to verify that there isnt a change, but if they dont say it it should still be on, But bestbuy did pay a little more to have before sprint stores did. They want to be the KEY carrier as they always like to call it.