Some bad news folks, word from CNet is that the much anticipated HTC Touch Pro which was set to be released on October 19th has been pushed back to the end of October/beginning of November.

Doesn't look to be anything serious in the way of problems outside of Sprint trying to make sure they have enough supply on launch.

Sprint expects to slightly delay launch of the Touch Pro by HTC to ensure we have adequate inventory in all channels before making the device commercially available. Customers can expect the device to become available in select national retailers by the end of the month and then in all Sprint sales channels including online at and Sprint Stores by early November.

Upside? You have a few more weeks to save for the $299 (w/ 2 year agreement + MIR; $579 OTD) device! Might as well give Dieter's walk through vid with the Touch Pro another whirl too...

Thanks Inimical and Patrick for the heads up!