Sprint WiMAX Watch Part 2

The next-gen wireless network is still coming, Sprint reminds us with a little press release. To ensure that it's rolled out to as wide an audience as possible, they're teaming up with clearwire to build the network. So presumably clearwire will handle the areas they already have and Sprint will handle the rest.

The "end of 2008" is still the target date, looks like, to get 100 million people covered in WiMAX goodness.

Under the network build-out plan, Sprint Nextel will focus its efforts primarily on geographic areas covering approximately 185 million people, including 75 percent of the people located in the 50 largest markets, while Clearwire will focus on areas covering approximately 115 million people. Initially, the two companies expect to build out network coverage to approximately 100 million people by the end of 2008, with seamless roaming enabled between the deployed areas.[...] Both companies will provide seamless reciprocal roaming service to each others' WiMAX customers, and Sprint Nextel plans to provide dual-mode (CDMA-WiMAX) services nationwide to its customers over both its own and Clearwire's portion of the WiMAX networks.

Read: Press Release (via jkOnTheRun)

WC Staff