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State Bank of India brings SBI Quick app to Windows Phone

State Bank of India, India's largest public sector bank, has launched a new app for Windows Phone. The new SBI Quick app brings missed call banking to SBI customers by giving a missed call or sending an SMS with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined mobile numbers.

SBI Quick offers balance enquiry, mini statement, blocking of an ATM card, as well as car and home loan enquiry. This service can only be activated for the mobile number that is registered for a particular account with the Bank.

SBI Quick

SBI Quick is currently available for SB, CA, Overdraft, Cash-credit, and Loan accounts only. The service is free of charge, and there is no limit on the number of enquiries that can be made in a day or month. However, any SMS sent to 567676, for blocking ATM cards for example, will be charged at premium rates by the service provider.

State Bank of India leads the market in terms of mobile apps with not one or two, but a total of five apps on the Windows Phone Store. SBI Quick brings another nifty way for the customers to keep a tab on their account. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

QR: SBI Quick

  • Its good to see.. PSU..never expected ....
  • It feels very good to see the growth of WP in India. Almost every 5th person I see has a WP. Also apps we need are coming to make the WP experience not regretful. But still EVERYONE just makes up mind regarding sales in US, which is pathetic in comparison, also those fcking developers (like dt of snapchat) aren't supporting such a good platform. Stupid people.
  • I don't man.. I see Samsung's and iPhones only.. Don't know where you've been
  • I see lot of wp.
  • Me too.... I think the other guy can't recognize WPs..... :-p
  • Is that 'other guy' me?
  • I dont know where r u from im from kolkata and even my 58 yrs old mom used a lumia 435 dual phone. And she found wp is lots of easier than abdroid..
  • I see a lot of windows phones. India is a really big market
  • Same here...I only see android phones mainly...Those who carries Wp are mainly the old ones..
  • Nowadays I dont see iphone & samsung, I see zenfone, lenovo, mmx, lumia freqently
  • I don't know where you came from? I have also seen lots of WP.. Lumia
  • As far as I know, till last year market share of WP in India is 5% ... 1 out of 5 is exaggeration..
  • Considering the amount I see everyday, 5% is hard to believe. Should be 10% + at least or better probably. Where did you get the 5% data? Can you link?
  • @ yasar harafath: Can you post data that shows those 5% ? I honestly would like to know.
  • But I could say around 10-15% in Chennai city... It's growing well in cities bro... But overall, it's probably struggling around 5%... I accept
  • Yehh! Most of my friends have WP.
  • i dont know the share of wp in indian market, but this is the fact that graph of users of wp growing up very fast..
  • In Delhi, WP easily has a share of about 10%. I see them in airports, metros, coffee shops. Not so much in colleges, offices and schools. Most of the owners are in early 20s. And they aren't outdated models. I remember a guy in Dominos who had a white 830. The moment he took out the phone, a group of guys nearby started talking in hushed voices. By the time he left, almost everyone was taking about how awesome the phone and the interface looked.
  • Ya even I see every fifth person with a lumia... I have seen a number of people switching from android to lumia, though reverse has happened too...
  • India has good prospects for lumia. Even developers are supporting it..there ia strong support from government too since railways and air force launched their apps exclusively on wp
  • I miss '9pad' app :'( [off topic]
  • Installed.... Thank god I opted for SBI for my banking which has great concern about Windowsphone
  • Me2 :)
  • Yup same thoughts.
  • Android has 10 apps from SBI but good to see they are concerned about WP.
  • And how many work..?
  • All of them. Thats y they exists there.
  • Its not always good to comment just to point out Android's weakness. I'm a Windows lover but respect other OS too. None of them is perfect.
  • You can continue to respect, and I'll use my freedom of speech to disrespect. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. And I don't like to see droids being overrated.
  • Yeah sure.. Thanks! Its easy to criticize the "Ace".
  • lol. Aman is just a fanboy. He speaks bs all the time.
  • Doesn't matter how many works..All the apps are available on android and they are fully functional not like WP..
  • How many are official....?
  • Read again what i wrote...
  • Do you use all 5 ?
  • 4 of them.
  • You don't ever need 10 apps for only one bank...
  • How can you be so sure without even using them all?
  • If only CitiBank released a banking app on windows phone :/ *Sigh*
  • Yup, waiting for an year now
  • +IDBI
  • + yes bank... Using droid only for yes bank and 8 ball pool, stick cricket, real cricket... Now that stick cricket and real cricket are on WP... I am on droid only for yes bank and 8 ball pool... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wowww... I'm In... Thank You :)
  • This is great.
  • But why have five different apps? It would make sense if they combine into a single app..
  • My thoughts exactly..... But Live Folders will not take enough room in homescreen and all apps arrange orderly even in app list , its easy to open all their apps but combining all 5 of them into one would make hardware hungry or battery eater... Let it be like this
  • Very inelegant. Lol.
  • Way to go SBI. So glad i made an account with SBI :)
  • Yea ,,, i also opened accnt with sbi ..7 days ago
  • Satisfied SBI user here, happy to see it coming! :)
  • Opened one in SBI too.
  • sbi rocks...role model...for others..
  • Yeah... Exactly
  • When in U.S.A. :P
  • Lol!
  • lmao!
  • The best one :D
  • I have SBI Freedom and SBI Anywhere which are more or less redundant. Not sure why there's another app with the same functionality.
  • You are totally right. I'd rather have his one app that had a decent UI. Prefer HDFC's app is awesome.
  • HDFC was one of the first to support WP and are still going great. I don't have an account with them though.
  • SBI Apps, the UI sucks very very bad. Axis looked damn good, but not reliable. HDFC beats both hands down.
  • Still lacking mCash facility :(
  • Happy to see
  • SBI is the best Banking company in india
  • It appears that Mr. Satya Nadella is keeping the Indians happy while giving the people of Finland the middle finger. Not to be saying that's what he's doing. Just saying.
  • Nadella is not the chairman of SBI you idiot ... He didn't release this app.. SBI did
  • The bank has released an app, there is no relation between Satya nadella and the bank. If any platform has many users in the country then banks do support them by releasing apps, you should raise your concern with Finnish banks and companies for apps.
  • When in???? Oh ok. Its for India ^-^
  • When in India?
  • Just why ? Trolling never helps.
  • Good to see one more app from SBI.
  • With same features LOL
  • I have both the accounts and I think SBI is better in UI. Very simple. Axis often quits when signing in. Feature wise I like IMPS registration with Axis, whereas with SBI you have to type every time. And OTP for everything. SBI card app should need more features.
  • Welcome news !
    But now I think its time for SBI to polish their apps rather than getting new ones.
  • Finally!!! :) :)