Status Tiles helps you easily manage your Windows Phone connectivity and settings

Since Windows Phone 7 launched, there have been numerous attempts by developers to create the perfect settings and connectivity shortcut solution, but many have either fallen short and/or ceased development. So which app should you look at if you're wanting such a download? Cue Status Tiles.

The app itself has been available since November, but we've somehow missed it and the developer has just pushed out a small update.

As the name suggests, Status Tiles helps you conveniently pin settings to your Start screen in the form of Live Tiles - and by Live Tiles, we mean live and kicking tiles of wonder. Notice the green and grey bar at the bottom of each tile? This represents the current status of the setting that tile represents. Really neat.

Once you've got the app installed, Status tiles presents you with a simple menu for you to tap and hold which settings you wish to have pinned to the Start Screen. When you have these tiles arranged as desired (choosing between medium and small sizes), you can then tap each one to be taken to that specific settings area, be it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, etc.

Once you've configured the setting and wish to return to the Start screen, you hit back to see the network status reported by the app (to ensure it's all accurate and good to go) and then back once again to see the Live Tiles update to reflect the new status.

It's worth noting that for both Wi-Fi and Flight Mode, you're to wait until both have finished enabling (or disabling) before backing out or the tiles won't be updated. That said, you can always quickly hop back into the settings and then exit again to force the tile update. Simple stuff.

But which settings does Status Tiles cover? You'll be able to pin the following to your Start screen:

  • Flight Mode
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Screen Rotation
  • Location
  • Data Connection

Since this is actually an update (still on version 1.0), we can only assume that bug fixes and minor improvements have been implemented. Still, it's a worthy app to download and a must-have if you're coming across from Android and are used to the easily accessible options.

You can download Status Tiles from the Windows Phone Store for free - yeah, we love free stuff too! via: WPCentral Forum

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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