Stephen Elop committed to current plan, denies knowledge of Microsoft Windows Phone?

Everybody gets down to the groove with Elop

Nokia's Stephen Elop is as committed as ever to the Windows Phone path he began to lead the company down last year, according to a report by AllThingsD. As Symbian gradually closed its eyes in the pit of smartphone doom, Elop shifted Nokia's focus to Windows Phone. This move gave consumers the first generation Lumia family. Recently the company unveiled the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 that will both be running Windows Phone 8.

When interviewed about how well the current generation hardware performed, Elop responded somewhat disappointed with results of the Lumia push.

"I’ve said this at our results.., in getting the first Lumia devices out there, I would have liked to have done better. There is no question."

Elop does continue to explain that with Windows Phone the company has more room to differentiate itself from other smartphone vendors, particularly those supporting Android. Through Microsoft's mobile platform, Nokia is able to create innovative hardware in a less competitive eco-system - being able to focus more on rejuvenating the brand and marketing the platform without the immediate thread of other OEMs.

It was, is and will be a difficult time for Nokia. The transition to Windows Phone is still on-going and dampening sales from lack of brand development and adoption will hurt the Finnish manufacturer for some time to come - we recently looked at the company potentially selling up its HQ. Whether Windows Phone 8 can rescue Nokia and push Microsoft's mobile platform up in the marketshare charts is yet to be seen.

Elop believes the company failed to effectively market the original Lumias in Europe, revealing to AllThingsD that they made the incorrect decision to release hardware on as many carriers as possible. When the Lumia 900 was launched in the US, it was made exclusively available to AT&T. When asked if Microsoft is offering much needed support, Elop remained fairly neutral.

"There’s a lot of complexity to partnership, but in terms of the fundamental commitment that we made to each other — in terms of our commitment to Windows Phone, to do our very best work for them, and for them to work closely with us, minute by minute, feature by feature, we’re getting that."

Microsoft Windows Phone concept

CEO Stephen Elop was also queried as to whether or not he's aware of Microsoft developing its own Windows Phone. We've previously covered the software giant going down the mobile hardware path and broke news that Redmond is indeed working on a device, according to sources. 

"I have no indications they are planning to do their own phone. They can do it if they so choose."

We could take this as a soft denial-styled confirmation that Microsoft is working on a smartphone of its own, and that Mr Elop is indeed aware of such a project being undertaken at Redmond. Would it be an issue for Nokia should Microsoft launch its own Windows Phone? It depends how the software giant would go about marketing said device. Microsoft urged HTC to innovate on the platform, which led to the manufacturer's latest hardware - the HTC 8X and HTC 8S

Microsoft would most probably restrict availability of a potential in-house Windows Phone to its online store, as well as Microsoft Stores across the US. Should this take place, consumers who are after the most pure Windows Phone experience would be able to make the leap to an all-out Microsoft mobile solution.

What do you make of Elop's comments, and how do you believe Microsoft's potential Windows Phone will affect the platform?

Source: AllThingsD

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Good for Nokia I believe they can and will make a come back and be the flagship WP8 OEM
  • They will and what if Microsoft is making a new Zune instead of a phone
  • Apple is the only company still really doing PMPs for a reason. They're selling less and less as smartphone adoption rates go up. Soon they won't sell at all. Why would you want to carry a second device when it only performs a function your phone already performs as well or better? Especially with the minimal power-drain on the newer, more efficient SoCs. Not to mention they're killing off the Zune Brand. What would they call it? The Xbox Music & Video Player? :/ Well, I guess worse product names have come out of Redmond in the
  • The boys and girls need something.  With the cost of a data plan I don't see smart phones ever getting too heavily adopted by the Middle School crowd.
    I work with Middle School to High School kids and I would say smart phone adoption is at about 15% for that age group.  I am sure that will go up (it has increased significantly in the last year) but almost all of the kids have a PMP (iPod's except my daughter who has a Samsung Galaxy Player and all her friends are jealous).
    With Xbox as a feature Microsoft could have their Portable game system and a PMP in one nice package.  With the prices of the new iPod's this is their big opportunity to make a dent in that market.
    Also, don't forget that they are going to be pushing Smart Glass.  What are they going to use to push that tech to kids?  What better than a PMP that is designed with that tech in mind.
  • I think you will find more kids sporting old phones that no longer have a cellular plan.  My daughter currently has a Zune, but maybe she gets my Samsung Focus once I get my Lumina 920.  I can still attach it to a Zune Pass.  I might even throw in a SD card for kicks.  It's funny how I still like my 2 year old phone.  Either I'm not picky or WIndows Phone is really a great OS.
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • It is becoming a very niche market, but I still prefer to use a dedicated media player (iPod Nano) for working out, mowing the lawn, and doing other activities where I don't want to have my phone on hand because of its size. It is also nice to let the battery drain on the iPod and have plenty of battery for my phone for other uses.
  • Xbox MVP, The official Music and Video player. When you gotta have more music and more entertainment entertainment on the go...just imagine the cross branding and possibilities! =P
  • I believe they are making an XBox phone. It'll be game, music and video focused and marketed to kids and teens as an XBox companion device.
  • I liked the Surface Tablet.  That is why I am buying a Dell hybrid Windows 8 Tablet.
    Windows Server?  Yep.  After SP 1.
    Will Windows 8 bet a hit?  Yep.  Just like Windows 7 – post SP1.
    Got Xbox?  Yep.  2nd generation after the fan and overheating issue was resolved.
    MS Mouse?  MS Keyboard?  Yes, I have those too.  Actually “many” as “many” were clunkers.
    This Surface Phone also sounds interesting.  It should be a pretty hot device after my 18mo. contact expires on my Nokia 920.
    Be it hardware or software, it always takes Microsoft a version or service pack to get it right.  And if you haven’t noticed, it also takes a full generation for Microsoft to “get real” with their unreal Generation 1 pricing.  Generation 1 of the Surface Tablet, Surface Phone and the new Xbox 720 will be no exception.
  • PS:  Elop knew.  He came from MS and still has many insider friends there.  If WP Central and BGR can confirm a device that easily...
  • It really doesn't matter, because as Elop stated in his recent interview regarding purview tech and potential action against HTC for the design similarities between the new HTC & the Lumia 800/900/920. He stated competition is good for the platform and would give it more exposure; So why would it be any different with MS making a device to be sold only on their website or in the MS stores. Most consumers go directly to carriers, it's people like you and I that would make a trip to a MS store or visit their site. Most people buy for retail chain and cell carriers direct. by limiting where the item is sold, in reality, MS will be taking a significant loss just to create more exposure for the platform and Nokia and others will out sell them.
  • According to the children who post here Nokia is about to go bankrupt and Microsoft is merging with HTC!
  • Hehe...kid
    So funny...but don't kidd here
    Your uncle samsung said this na...
    Tell him that NOKIA LUMIA 920 is coming
  • If that was said, "That's the stupidest think I've ever heard"! If they're going to merge/purchase with anyone, it will be Nokia
  • Oh-oh..., not good for Nokia if MS releases its own phone. If MS releases a surface phone w/o even Nokia getting a bit of good ROI, that sucks. For the sole-OEM partner to have shown the full commitment and went as far as making WP as relevant as possible and be seemingly undercut like that, that blows! If Nokia cries foul w/ these surface phone and separates from MS, I would side w/ Nokia on this one. Maybe Nokia will go full-Android, along w/ Samsung and HTC go w/ Android more. And that'll be the end of our beloved WP. Gud luck marketing it, MS! :(
  • It's gonna be sad times for my L800. :(
  • Microsoft could not make a phone as good and well appointed as the Lumia 920. But the perception of them trying would be bad for MS and the platform. Many have been saying all along that "Nokia was a fool for partnering with MS because that never turns out well". This would just be proving their point.
  • I'm pretty sure the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia is the only thing that is keeping them alive and/or relevant to not lose even more marketshare.  Again we already have a good analogy of how Google created the nexus for a niche market like, I can only assume, Microsoft is doing here.  Lots of speculation going on, but after the end of October let's see what Microsoft and Nokia can do, grab a bag of popcorn with me and let's watch!
    It's important to note however, if the surface is a well constructed product the phone should be near the same quality.  Crossing fingers!!!!
  • But didn't the tablets OEM also not know of existence of the Surface tablets?
    I think it's better to focus more on the "Lumia" brand name instead of "Windows phone" since people still are sceptical about windows on a phone. But it will be sad for Nokia if Microsoft will do this.
  • Agree. MS can release their own surface phone if WP already flourishes in terms of market share, as of now our WP community is still somewhat a little pond compared to the combined marketshare of iOS and Android. I think MS really has to wait as to releasing a surface phone ala Google w/ Nexus line, Samsung isn't affected or other Android OEMs directly because they have such a large marketshare.
  • You guys are so one dimensional, this will simply raise awareness of WP's existence. Most people here state, "No one even know WP Exists", yet when MS is makina a small contribution to the WP offerings, people are crying foul. First of all, it won't be offered in retail stores, cell carrier stores,, or online sites other than MS direct, which not many people know exists. If you've ever been in a MS store, then you would know that they sell more of their manufacturing partner hardware than their own; So who get the most benefits in this deal??? They  stock the best of their manufacturing partners item in the store and consumers buy their items, not MS's. These partner will by far out sell MS when it comes to products, so no harm no foul because clearly these manufacturing partner get a lot more exposure both in stores and on the web.
  • Microsoft made the Surface to set the bar for the level of innovation they wanted to see from OEMs on W8 tablets. Their WP8 partners are already innovating. (well, at least Nokia and HTC)
  • Cant hate on MS if it's true. They are clearly letting their talent loose. The Surface clearly shows what they are capable of. Cant wait to see what my next phone is going to look like. After the Lumia 920 that is. :)
  • Who knows...if MS releases an own brand Surface phone, Nokia will probably deliver the tech and manufacture it... ;-)
  • +1 on that. But I hope MS does this w/ other OEM considerations and thread that path strategically and timely. For example, here in the Phils. only Nokia is fighting for WP, not even Microsoft Philippines is doing anything, not even marketing Windows 8 on PCs. Not even Xbox Live. None. We have every other OEM stores here, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Acer, Dell, etc. and all they're selling are Android phones, that's why WP has such a low marketshare globally, I'm guessing it's what's happening also in other countries. MS really needs Nokia for branding relevance and marketing.
  • I hope they will not make exclusivity deals in Europe...
  • From what Elop told AllThingsD, I sure hope not too. It could bring hell upon Nokia if they restrict the Lumia 920 to a single carrier in European markets like the Lumia 900 launch in the US.
  • My only question regarding your statement is, "whose fault is it that Nokia release on one carrier"? really no one's IMO, because you can't make carriers stock your products. For example, Sprint still won't put a WP on their shelves and you know that MS/Nokia has reached out to them. If certain carrier will not carry a high-end WP, then you have to do it yourself. By replies, how many of you on this site believe MS will have the Lumia, 8X/8S, Samsung ATIV S, and their potential offering in the MS store? How many of you believe none of the others will sell if MS has its phone in the lineup? If you believe people won't buy any of the others, then you're crazy.
  • Has anyone here ever thought MS came up with this plan after being notified by Nokia that they had a plan B? A Nokia clearly stated they had a contingency plan already in place if WP did work for them. So let me get this straight, Nokia can have a backup plan because it's simply good business, but MS can't??? As stated above, if you believe this then you're psycho! MS has put the fate of its business into the hands of others for 30+ years(hardware wise) and now they're modifying that strategy to include themselve a little, it's wrong....Grow up. It's been stated here and all over the web, that MS's survival is completely dependent on Window 8 and Windows Phone 8; and you guys don't think they should do all they can to ensure it's successful!!!
  • Hope his plan B is solid, WP is not looking like the best solution for Nokia right now.
  • Plan A is make the best phones in the world. There is no plan B.
  • +1
  • Seeing as there are no real details about this microsoft phone, I think it's very dangerous to jump to conclusions as everyone is doing. Maybe they are indeed working on a phone but it's not made to be released but rather as a test-device about what they can do with a phone. If that is the case, who's to say Nokia is not in on all of this? (Maybe even HTC?) Or Nokia could be the one making the device. Since the Lumia line has taking a very distinct approach, Microsoft might just wanted other paths to be explored as well. Such devices probably wouldn't fit in the Lumia series so that may be why Microsoft is 'making' them themselves. In any case, there are so many unknowns to this equation that nobady can be making any definite claims at this point.
  • While I agree with you, we're more interested at the fact Microsoft could seriously be bringing their own hardware to the table as opposed to what the end result could be. But it almost makes some sense for Microsoft to make a "pure" Windows Phone and also have OEM partners have their wicked ways with the OS. We'll definitely have to wait and see what Santa brings consumers this fall, but with all the secrets Microsoft has attempted to keep the past months, it's exciting to speculate on just what the software giant is up to.
  • I can't agree more with your words. So in all honesty Rich, like many rumors, Elop's answer could go either way.
  • If OEMs start skinning WP it will be a disaster. That's their real ace in the hole with WP: uniformly excellent experience across all devices. If you're an early adopter, like myself, who hopped on the platform pre-Nokia, you don't have to be anxious about making a Lumia your next phone, because there's no new skin to learn. Or if you're one of those who traded in your 900 for a Titan 2. Etc, etc. WP users know what they're getting into no matter which OEM they give they're money too, and they know the end-user experience comes first.
  • typo in the title
    great article btw. rich continues to write the by far most well written, unbiased articles on this site. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him on engadget or the verge in a year or so...
  • Note to self: have morning cup of tea to completely wake up before attempting to create content. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Though I have to admit I believe the entire Mobile Nations team in general are unbiased folk - we do love our platforms but know where the line in the sand is :-)
  • I do agree with this. The Mobile Nations team is top of the food chain. I don't even read the other WP sites anymore.
  • This may be a little far-fetched, but what if Microsoft and Nokia have some kind of deal where Nokia gets a percentage of the profits. I mean, it's very possible. Just a random thought..
  • Or Nokia is subcontracted...
  • I don´t think Microsoft is wise to make its own phone at this moment. The competition of smart phones is quite tough.
    Google will again be the winner if Microsoft starts to make its own phones, because manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei and ZTE won´t put much effort into WP ecosystem then. Secondly, if Microsoft starts to compete with Nokia about hardware, Nokia´s board might consider also a plan B. No one is stupid in business. That means Nokia will also make Android phones and WP phones at the same time, just like HTC does.
    Steven Elop is 100% committed to WP, but don´t forget Nokia has sacrificed so much for WP (dumped its own OS for WP), Nokia investors have already wanted Stephen Elop to step down, if the company is still not profitable in the next two quarters. And if Steven Elop really has to step down, will Nokia be still 100% committed to WP? Therefore, it is really important for Microsoft to make every step right (in order to make WP ecosystem succeed), especially with Nokia. It is really not smart to neglect this aspect about its most important partner Nokia.
  • Agree. Nokia SHOULD go Android if MS decides to compete vs. Nokia. And sack Elop immediately if that happens. Nokia shouldn't have to provide security to that weasel anymore.
  • Stop.  Nokia should not 'go' Android.  Take your Elop hate to AAS, and buy yourself a Symbian device or a N9.
    It behooves you to research why Nokia declined Android to begin with, and why Nokia is thriving with their Location services.
  • A few points:
    1. MS makes money on EVERY phone HTC and Samsung sells, WP or Android.
    2. The MS/Nokia "investment" goes both ways. MS has put huge money, faith, and trust in Nokia. If Nokia collapses and folds, MS better have a backup plan too.
  • Nokia would have dumped Symbian regardless, so no, Symbian wasn't sacrificed for WP.  Meego was a 'no go' as well.
    Nokia investors did not want Stephen to step down - sure there was a small rogue group that cried foul, but that went no where.  At the end of the day, the BOD chose Stephen Elop, and they support him.
    Nokia will not make Android devices - they declined, and some speculate it was because of the Location and Mapping services that Nokia would not have been able to implement on the Android platform.   Location is Nokia's another initiative for Nokia, and it's thriving;  I don't see them relinquishing it for Android.
  • Please explain to me the effort HTC, Sony, Huawei, and ZTE have put into WP. As I see it, yes HTC have produced some descent hardware with the Titan line, but put no emphasis on increasing WP awarness or helping to grow the app ecosystem; they can however, change this with the new 8X/8S line but time will tell. As for Huawei, they've already stated they wouldn't be releasing a WP device until 2013 and the rumored device is comparable to a first gen device with poor specs and desing quality from the leaks we've seen. ZTE's only offering was a very low end device and we've heard nothing of a WP8 low-end or flagship offering from them. Sony has been following the, "We're making a WP, We're not making a WP motto" and the only thing I've seen from them is "Jeapardy" and a Coming soon "Wheel of Fortune" which by the way doesn't even compare to Wheel of Wealth. So please get your facts straight before commenting. I say the more the merrier, because people have different tastes, so all devices will sell. Also the manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, and HTC will be advertised,stocked on many shelves, sold through various online sites including inside the Microsoft stores/Web portal. While if MS does make a phone, it will be offerd and sold through a single channel (itself); So, I for one would view a MS built device as a, "Limited Edition" like Nokia's "Dark Knight" offering......Very few will have it and it won't make or brake any of these manufacturers. It seem as if you people are the doom and gloom type and you should probably just move to Android or Apple now because we don't need or want the negative vibes you're sending.....See ya!!!
  • The amount of unfounded speculation and jumping to conclusions here is mystifying. O_O
  • Unfounded speculation? We've confirmed from sources that Microsoft is indeed working on its own hardware. Elop was asked by AllThingsD if he knew of this, he responded. We covered it. What's so speculative and conclusion jumping about that, apart from whether Elop actually is aware of Redmond's plans or not?
  • No, I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm talking about Nokia suddenly jumping ship to android when they've already stated there's nothing there for them. In other words the people going "Microsoft is making their own phone?! No, Nokia's getting screwed, they need to throw a tantrum and give up WP, rawr!"
  • Ah, my bad :-) Yup, it's getting slightly messy. Almost reminds me of first stepping into the arena in Eldar Scrolls: Oblivion - Nokia being the poor hog that gets sent in to support you (Microsoft) in battle and some folk are indeed on the blue team (or was it the red team?)
  • Lol
  • You're on the blue team in Oblivion always, the opposing team is yellow. A huge Elder Scrolls nut myself. I played the snot out of Oblivion. Dealing with a hard decision in Skyrim right now.
  • I think he meant the comments, the wild wild west of the internets :)
  • Correct. Though you may want to change that "he" to a "she". I'm 100% female. ;-)
  • then I apologize, my fair lady :)
  • Apology accepted, you flatterer you. ^_^
  • Please read my statement above and give me your thoughts.
  • I was going to say the same thing.  It's like that game you play in a classroom where you tell the first person something and by the time it gets to the last person it's entirely different.  So MS is working on it's own hardware?  It isn't confirmed 100% what it is yet, right?
    I'd be fine with ZuneHD replacement personally.  Some kind of badass media device that is an extension of the Xbox would be great.  Something that doesn't require a carrier.  I dunno, it's all speculation but at least have fun with it.  Too many people here are flipping out saying they're [Nokia] doomed and Android is the only way, blah blah blah.
    Yes, it's mystifying. :)
  • I dont know what to think anymore....
  • Just throwing it out there, but what if the phone is a part of the cross platform push to have things run on WP 8/win 8/xbox 360 - so on a hardware level it became 'Surface Tablet', 'Surface Phone', and next Xbox was rebranded something like 'Surface Console' so then the base MS hardware would reinforce the idea that it's all a part o one eco-system? Just throwing it out there that in the bigger long term picture it makes sense from pushing the operating systems to be able to compliment with a base hardware platform.
  • I can see a "Surface" series of devices but no way that Xbox will ever be renamed to "Surface Console" or anything like that. The Xbox name is too valuable.
  • Well it nice to hear me want to make a phone. But I can't see it beating Nokia. Nokia have the camera the maps they are getting exclusive apps. Even if the ms phone look like the surface its not enough. I hope this phone is being make with Nokia like partnership. Then it will have the Nokia stuff but with a suface design.
  • so they will launch apollo devices exclusive to some carriers in th europe ???
    that will be very disappointing.............
  • That method is a double edge sword: it could attract customers to different carriers, but can also cut if it goes awry. I won't lie: I'm debating Samsung or Nokia on my choice for WP8. Hopefully, I'll have some free time to place my thoughts on the ATIV S and Lumia 920.
  • i feel for Nokia, i hate android for lags and bugs but most people in the Phils want android phones. In some store if you ask for Nokia or windows phone the expression was like: the salesperson is going to vomit, shit nokia? its 2012! Everyone want Samsung.
  • Sorry but when I think of Samsung I think of cheap materials.  Nokia I think of indestructable tank.  Most would agree that Nokia > Samsung.  Only thing Sammy has is the fact that Android is so big now, so taking away from that mindshare is the battle MS is having. 
  • Nokia isn’t ms's bit-h if ms brings out a phone even thought it would be good at first since ms has advantage of seeing everyone’s device first before doing its own, nokia will come out with something new and b slap ms back into sense, ms's device wouldn’t be nothing more than an apple clone with 4 squares instead of a apple with a bite out. It would be awesome for its thinness etc but Nokia is a phone co and would except the challenge, now htc and the gang might cry foul but a nokia is still gonna be the best. 6 month from now we’ll be talking nokia quad cores, and 5 inchers, ms would be stupid to get in that game however a ms branded phone with vapor mag, off carrier would be nice, with both cdma and gsm, would be awesome and would be better news than the phone its self-saying let the user decide providers
  • Has anyone thought that if MS had its own branded phone that it might actually be a joint venture or manufactured by Nokia? Then everyone is happy ;)
  • These phones aren't the 8x. Doesn't concern me.
  • Am I the only one thinking MS making a phone with their name on it makes perfect sense. After all, it's their OS. It was weird that they didn't really have pcs with their name on it before Surface either.
  • Music, Gaming, Photos, Social, People! Windows Phone 8
  • I think I'd still choose a Nokia product over a Microsoft phone. I also think I'd choose a Nokia tablet over the surface if one existed. Nokia is desperate, so they need their customers more right now than Microsoft. When given a choice, always take the path were you're needed. Things tend to work out better for you. Take the girl that loves you the most. Buy what you need before what you want. Nokia is fighting for survival; that tends to lead to some amazing innovation. Microsoft is just hedging their bets. They know mobile is the future, but they're going to take over the tablet space fairly quickly because android has been a dud and the iPad is just a digital vending machine. The tablet space will preoccupy their attention more than the mobile phone space.
  • Actually, I will stop buying windows phone ..( may be buy laptop and tablet (till there is a good enough operating system to replace windows 8 and is affordable.)), if MS releases a phone and kills nokia. I am sure that NOKIA would have started looking at Android the moment MS phone is confirmed.. I like nokia and MS. but if MS does anything to Nokia, i will stop buying MS stuff.. and stop using bing. I will get all google stuff..
    MS has already pissed off the Tablet and OS vendors... now they are pissing off phone vendors. It was these vendors who brought MS to what it is.. They better just do some reference implementation of Tablets and Phone and leave it like that.
  • If Nokia quit WP and went to using android, they'd still be paying MS for every phone they sold and would lose all the financial backing MS is throwing at them.
  • A bit overkill don't you think?  One they won't have the foothold that Nokia would have in global distro.  Two I'm sure many would still buy a Nokia WP8 over the MS one "IF" one was really being made.  However if MS wants to make a premium phone with materials to rival the iphone and sell directly.  More power to them.  May not get the sales that they want, but it's the same approach they are taking with the Surface.  I can't fault them for wanting to be more than a software company.  
  • What is with all this "I will leave windows phone if MS destroys Nokia" or "This will kill Nokia" or "Nokia should go and make android phones"? I'm a WP user because the OS is great, I love my live tiles and the ease of use. I have a Lumia 900 because I like the hardware. Nothing wrong with competition. If MS wants to make a phone then they should go for it. The better phones will sell because they are better. Not because it says Nokia, HTC, or MS on the back. If MS does make a phone, it will benefit us. More options means more innovation. This will only make Nokia HTC and Samsung come up with better phones and technology.
  • But, but, but......NOKIA! Nokia will be fine people. They still have Symbian to fall back on. Oh wait...
  • Microsoft making a Surface Phone (or whatever they will call it) will be good for the Windows Phone market overall.  Of course it will take a good chunk of the WP pie away from Nokia, but hopefuly the pie will grow.
    Nokia will end up with a smaller proportion of a much larger pie.  Their sales will probably fall a little in the short term, but it will be good for the overall viability of the ecosystem.
    The exact opposite thing happened with Sybian S60 - Nokia had a gigantic share of an increasingly shrinking pie.  And the financial trouble Nokia is in today is the end result of that.
  • For all intents and purposes I will be buying Nokia until they're back on steady ground. I LOVE all the others just as much but I need these guys to thrive...
  • What's with all this "MS destroys Nokia" garbage???
    Did Google destroy Samsung-branded phones when they released the Nexus?  (Yes, I know Samsung has made the last few Nexuses, that's why I said Samsung-branded)
    No, Samsung (the dominant manufacturer in the Android ecosystem, like Nokia is with WP) is doing better than ever. The Galaxy S3 has been selling like hotcakes even though it is not a Nexus.
    Sure, there are plenty of people that will only buy a Nexus phone, but there also are plenty of people that want an Android and like what Samsung (or HTC or whoever is left) is selliing.
    Same thing will happen here, perhaps less so.  The advantage of a Nexus phone is having the "Pure Google experience" without the crap that Samsung/HTC/SE/Motorola put on their phones AND the assurance that OS updates will be coming.  That's not the case with WP.  A Nokia WP's screen is practically identical to am HTC WP's screen, with the exception of a couple of apps, and maybe a choice of colour.  All (or most at least) of the existing WP7 phones will be getting the 7.8 update, even phones that are approaching 2 years old (that's unheard of in the Android ecosystem).
    Granted, if the MS phone looks anything like the Surface tablet, then many people will want it because it will look amazing.  And I'm sure the quality will be great because MS knows the fandroids and iSheep will bash them in a heartbeat if there is one thing wrong with it.
    Personally, I'll probably buy another Nokia.  This may sound weird, but I use my phone as a phone.  And Nokia has decades of experience making phones that have amazing call quality and reception.
  • ELOP: "I have no indications they are planning to do their own phone. They can do it if they so choose."
    WPCENTRAL: We could take this as a soft denial-styled confirmation [that MS is indeed working on its own phone] and that Mr Elop is indeed aware of such a project."
    That's a pretty large leap to make, isn't it? His statement sounded pretty clear to me and really didn't leave any room for creative interpretation. Whether he was being truthful is another matter, but since we can't really know that maybe we shouldn't put words in his mouth or confuse his words with our wishes.