Report: Steve Ballmer heads to China for meetings with Nokia's Stephen Elop

Microsoft is looking to buy Nokia (or at least its devices and services division), that has already been covered numerous times. Now, Steve Ballmer is reported to have been in Beijing to visit Stephen Elop and Nokia. Now, the actual deal between the two companies is still yet to be finalised and approved, but these are clear signs that the two parties are already preparing discussions and more.

China is an important market for Microsoft and Nokia, not just because of the competitive consumer market, but because Nokia has its regional office, factories and R&D centres in the country. Ballmer and co. will look at plans to integrate all the teams and departments into Microsoft, as well as assets, buildings and more.

WPDang reports that Ballmer's Beijing visit is to discuss future plans with Nokia, should the deal has been gone through. Sources have revealed that Nokia may retain their production plant in China, while losing R&D centres. This is all rumour and speculation, so be sure to take with a grain of salt. It's not clear what Microsoft would do with Nokia.

Nokia Factory China

The plant would help Microsoft with its own branded Windows Phones. Since the teams have already worked with high-quality Nokia hardware in the past, consumers would be able to expect the same level of standards. It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft would use Nokia's established factories to build its own products with tighter controls around manufacturing.

We'll be sure to remain tuned to all feeds and have our eyes peeled for any details to emerge following Ballmer's visit to China. One thing's for sure: the Nokia acquisition would provide a large beast for integration. Luckily, Microsoft has already begun restructuring and simplifying its own divisions. There's still a long way to go.

Source: WPDang; thanks, answer1626, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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