Stickyman Bottleship is a barroom brawl of epic proportions

Stickyman Bottleship is an interesting Windows 10 game that is designed in the spirit of the classic board game Battleship. However, instead of trying to sink your opponent's ships, you are trying to destroy your opponent's disco bar. You do so by throwing bottles at each other's bar.

Stickyman Bottleship has two gaming modes, colorful and animated graphics and offers a nice test of strategy. Overall, Stickyman Bottleship is a fun time waster of a game. The free version is ad-supported and available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Stickyman Bottleship's main menu is on the modest side with options to access the game's settings, view the game rules and jump into the game itself. The Windows 10 game has two gaming options that includes a one-player mode (you vs. computer) and a two-player pass-and-play mode.

The rules are simple and follow along with the traditional Battleship rules. You have a gridded game board that represents the floor space of your bar and to the side you'll find a series of squiggly lines. These lines represent tables, sofas and other bar room fixtures that need to be strategically placed on your game board (tap/drag fashion).

Once all the bar fixtures are set in place, your opponent has the opportunity to do the same. From there you take turns tapping squares on each other's grid to locate and destroy all of the bar room furnishings. When you tap on a square, your bartender hurls a bottle over the wall dividing the two bars and if you strike a fixture, you continue your turn. Should you miss and hit an empty square, your opponent gets a turn at smashing up your bar.

Animations are lively when you strike an object with your bottles and expect a little stickman carnage as gameplay progresses.

The single-player game is a little more fluid than the two-player game — it requires that you tap a Play Button to start each turn. I can only guess this is in place to avoid accidentally tapping a square as you pass the Windows phone or tablet to your opponent.

Stickyman Bottleship

While I don't see Stickyman Bottleship being a Windows 10 game that you would pick up and play for hours on end, it is still an enjoyable game. I can see it being a fun time waster, played between friends or with your kids but it may struggle for marathon gaming sessions.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the only nit I have with Stickyman Bottleship is that it uses video ad support that appears at random in between turns. These 15-second-long videos can be rather time consuming on their own and can take some of the fun away from the game. Fortunately, if you get hooked on Stickyman Bottleship there is an option to remove the ads with a $1.99 in-app purchase.

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