Stop getting cheated by store warranties — choose Upsie!

Are you paying a monthly fee for smartphone protection? Were you pressured by a salesperson to add on protection for your new device at the store? If you answered yes, you are paying way too much. Most people do not know that warranties at the store can be marked up as much as 900%. Some of the worst offenders are big box stores and cell phone carriers.

In 2015, Upsie was created to give consumers a more affordable, accessible and reliable warranty option.

Upsie offers comparable warranty plans for up to 70% less cost than retailers. For example, a two-year warranty for a Samsung Galaxy S10 from Best Buy costs $169 with a $199 deductible. A two-year warranty from Upsie for the same phone costs $89.99 with a $75 deductible. If you have to make a claim, that's a savings of $203! If you never have to make a claim, that's still a huge savings of $79 for the same coverage.

Why does Upsie cost so much less? Simple. Because they do no over-inflate their margins. Your money will stay in your pocket rather than boosting profits for big box stores.

Another differentiator between Upsie and big box stores is how you purchase the warranty. You do not need to buy it at checkout or within 15 days of product purchase. Upsie gives you 45 days after purchase for smartphones and 60 days after purchase for everything else to buy your Upsie warranty. Conveniently, you can make your warranty purchase on their website or mobile app (iOS and Android) on your time.

After you purchase a warranty, you can access the information about it at any time. This includes start date, end date, what's covered, etc. During warranty validation, you are required to upload your product information and receipt so, when the time comes, making a claim is very simple. In fact, you can easily start a claim, transfer your warranty to another person or cancel your warranty directly in your account. What other company makes it that easy to cancel their service??

Upsie is truly centered around serving their customers. That's why they work with an A-rated insurance carrier that takes claims calls 24/7/365. They work with certified repair shops and even allow you to pick where you want to go, as long as their claims department approves it first. Office headquarters are easy to contact via phone, email and social media with any questions you may have.

Upsie is transforming the warranty industry by making warranties affordable and accessible to all. Give them a try at Use code windows10 for 10% off your first warranty purchase.

Michelle Haag