Story Remix is once again back to being Microsoft Photos

Photos app Windows 10
Photos app Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft recently pushed through a change to the Photos app for Windows Insiders that saw the app renamed to "Story Remix." The choice of name sparked a bit of negative feedback, to say the least, but it looks like things are back to normal once more. As spotted by OnMSFT, Story Remix has been renamed back to Photos.

From the start, it seemed like the name might not stick. Microsoft was pretty clear following the change to the new name that it was part of a test through which more names would be tried. Indeed, before moving back to Photos, the app was briefly renamed from Story Remix to Photos & Videos.

It's entirely possible that the Insider team may test out yet more names, but many on the Insider program will likely be relieved to see the change back to Photos. The Story Remix name, which is also the name of a feature coming to the Photos app in the Fall Creators Update, seemed an odd choice to replace the more general, but descriptive, Photos name.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Great, Photos is Photos and Microsoft are clowns ;-)
  • It was obviously a test to see how effective feedback channels are being used... I'm sure our "uproar" gave MS some pretty good data to work with, as far as communicating specific types of changes, and other variables.. For all we know, this "test" might not have anything to do with name changes at all. That name change was most likely arbitrary, and the data that MS collects from these "intentional frustrators" is probably indirectly used to determine other moves MS makes in regards to handling communication, product placement, understanding demographics, and other hidden metrics we unknowingly participate in helping MS with.... IOW, we're tools, and we don't even know it. Google isn't the only one who gets what they want, how they want it. Think.
  • Oh,  anyone on insider should know they are a "tool"
  • Well said
  • If they want to canvas support for new names why not just do a survey in the feedback app
  • People reply more when they see a change in action then just a survey.
  • "Photos and stories" done and .... done :)
  • It was literally in the last article where it was stated they are testing different names, yet everyone overreacts. 
  • I was actually okay with it becoming Photos & Video, though.  But, regardless of all the things it was named (which I saw all of the changes happen on my devices), it has never once added any of the new features.  Still the same old app.
  • does it actually handle video yet? previously my videos would show up in the personal section of "Movies & TV". granted, i don't deal with video much so i haven't actually looked at individual video files in a long time, so this may be severely outdated.
  • It's been able to play video files for ages now.
  • Great! Now change Groove to Microsoft Music.
  • Yes! I still see people click Windows Media Player because they have no idea what "Groove" is when they see it in apps list or when Windows asks what default app you would like to use.
  • What a waste of time. And I wonder why this app is going no where... There are ton of features and fixes this app needs. Naming it isn't one of them.
  • I can understand why they would want to rename it because "Photos" sounds like it's just for viewing photos.  So maybe they can call it "Photos Remix" which keeps Photos so people who just want to look at photos knows what the app does.  And Remix to indicate that it has unique features.  Story Remix didn't make sense because people wouldn't understand exactly what it does.
  • Oh I wasn't holding a Pitchfork. I was holding a Windows XP installation disk.
  • LOL Pathetic! Instead of focusing on the mediocre quality of windows crap 10, they play the naming game with this app...nice job Microsoon.
  • Ugh, there are much bigger problems than trying to be more catchy with the Photos app name...come on, Microsoft.