Shoot some hoops with Streetball Game for Windows 10 Mobile

Streetball Game is a sports game that sends you the neighborhood basketball court to test your skills at shooting hoops. Available for Windows 10 Mobile, as well as Windows Phone 8.1, Streetball Game offers a scenic background for your neighborhood, two gaming modes, responsive controls and colorful graphics.

We were tipped on Streetball Game and found it to be a fun, arcade-styled sports game for when you've got a little bit of down time. The only downside to the Windows 10 title is that it lacks a trial version. Fortunately, the full version of Streetball Game is budget friendly, currently priced at $0.99.

To say Streetball Game has a minimalist primary menu may be an understatement. The uncomplicated design of the main menu includes options to play either of the gaming modes — nothing more, nothing less.

Streetball Game

The gaming modes include free throw shooting and a three-point contest. Here's how these two modes break down:

  • Free Throw Shooting: You are provided twenty basketballs and each free throw made, earns you a point and an extra basketball. Miss a shot, you won't earn any points or extra balls.
  • Three-Point Contest: You have twenty-five basketballs and sixty-seconds to sink as many three-point shots as possible. You rotate around the basketball key from the baseline, corners and top of the three-point arch every five shots.

The mechanics of gameplay are consistent, regardless of the gaming mode you choose. Swipe up on the screen across the basketball to take a shot. The speed and direction of your swipe dictate the direction and power behind each basketball shot. As one shot hits the backboard, another basketball appears for the next shot.

Streetball Game does have a minor glitch during gameplay when played on devices with virtual button bars. The button bar automatically hides when the game begins, but when you swipe up on the screen to take a shot the bar re-appears. This isn't a major issue but does condense the screen and cause the graphics to stutter in the process. You can minimize this glitch by tapping on the ball and then swiping up at the screen. It's a workaround, but I found it hard to establish a shooting rhythm by tapping first.

Streetball Game

Available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 (including low-memory devices), Streetball Game is a fun, arcade-styled sporting game perfect for killing a few minutes. Graphics provide a colorful neighborhood basketball court to play on and it takes a delicate touch to swipe just right and sink the basket.

While you do have a slight glitch with the virtual button bar, the biggest drawback with Streetball Game is the lack of a trial version. The pricing point is budget friendly at $0.99, but I think the game might appeal to more if there was an ad-supported version or even a limited play trial version available.

Simple, challenging arcade games can be some of the more enjoyable and addictive games to pass the time with. Streetball Game offers a basketball arcade feel that hits the mark nicely and is a fun gaming title to have tucked away in your Windows 10 Mobile gaming library. It is a good option to consider when times moves at a snail's pace and you need a little help surviving the wait.

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