Think you can build a 4K gaming PC for the price of an Xbox One X? Think again.

Thermal Core P5
Thermal Core P5 (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

For PC gamers, is it possible to put together a PC with similar functionality for around the same amount of money? We take a look to see if we can throw together a number of builds at multiple price points to return different results in quality and performance.

It is quickly clear that you're going to have a hard time picking components (that are actually in stock) to match those offered by Microsoft in its $500 console form factor. The company has the ability to pack in serious power without the asking price skyrocketing. Not only is it able to take a hit to push out more units to consumers, the console itself really isn't going to be powering anything other than games and some streaming.

The same can't be said for an average PC, and that is where things become a little cloudy. With Windows 10 installed, a gaming PC (especially one that can game at 4K) can perform a wide array of tasks that a console simply cannot. But PC builders have to deal with paying for individual components from different companies, whereas console manufacturers likely enjoy a discount for purchasing in bulk.

Matching the Xbox One X


GTX 1060

Our first build is a $683 PC that is capable of some solid gaming but that will hit some bottlenecks. That is to be expected when you choose a less powerful 2nd-gen AMD Ryzen 3 processor and GTX 1060 with only 3GB of VRAM.

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ComponentOur ideal pickPrice
CaseCORSAIR CARBIDE 100R (opens in new tab)$49.99
PSUEVGA 500 W1 (opens in new tab)$39.99
MotherboardASUS PRIME A320M-K (opens in new tab)$59.99
CPURyzen 3 2200G (opens in new tab)$98.89
RAMPatriot Viper 3 Series 8GB (opens in new tab)$59.99
StorageWD Blue 1TB (opens in new tab)$43.99
GPUPNY GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (opens in new tab)$229.99
OSWindows 10 (opens in new tab)$99.99

Mid-range PC

Zotac GTX 1070

How does the NVIDIA MX150 compare to other hardware?

This is where PC starts to really shine. Our mid-range build will set you back about $920 and may allow you to enjoy 4K gaming at around 30 frames per second (FPS) at best with the settings turned down a little. Still, it will offer more raw performance than an Xbox One X and you'll be able to enjoy more than respectable 1440p gaming. The combination of a Ryzen 5 CPU and GTX 1070 makes for quite the experience.

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ComponentOur ideal pickPrice
CaseCORSAIR CARBIDE 100R (opens in new tab)$49.99
PSUEVGA 500 W1 (opens in new tab)$39.99
MotherboardASUS PRIME A320M-K (opens in new tab)$59.99
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 2400G (opens in new tab)$159
RAMHyperX FURY 8GB (opens in new tab)$89.85
StorageWD Blue 1TB (opens in new tab)$43.99
GPUEVGA GTX 1070 8GB (opens in new tab)$379.99
OSWindows 10 (opens in new tab)$99.99

Powerhouse PC


1080 ti

If you truly wish to leave the Xbox One X behind in the dust, go all out with our powerhouse build for around $3,488. Adding the most powerful components available to the cart and neglecting to check the price will unlock immense amounts of potential in-game. NVIDIA's GTX 1080 Ti is overkill for most PC gamers, but this GPU card will offer incredible performance even at 4K.

We also bumped the amount of DDR4 RAM to 32GB, replaced the Ryzen 5 chip with a Ryzen Threadripper, and opted for a more capable motherboard with the X399 chipset. It's expensive but truly awesome.

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ComponentOur ideal pickPrice
CasePhanteks P400S (opens in new tab)$89.99
PSUEVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2 (opens in new tab)$142.03
MotherboardASUS PRIME X399-A (opens in new tab)$299.01
CPUAMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (opens in new tab)$779.97
RAMKingston HyperX FURY Black 32GB (opens in new tab)$349.99
SSDSamsung 970 EVO 250GB M.2 (opens in new tab)$107.99
SSDSamsung 860 PRO 2TB SSD (opens in new tab)$789.99
GPUEVGA GTX 1080 Ti (opens in new tab)$829.42
OSWindows 10 (opens in new tab)$99.99

Prebuilt towers

MSI Trident 3

If you'd rather not build your own PC, and if money isn't an issue, there are a number of powerful mid-tower builds available from various manufacturers. Some of these PCs sport hardware capable of smooth 4K gaming but it should be noted that in order to hit 60 FPS at such a high resolution, you're going to need to invest in the best components on the market (namely the GPU).

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CategoryASUS GR8HP OMEN 880-040MSI Infinite X
CPUIntel Core i7-7700AMD Ryzen 7 1800XIntel Core i7-8700
Storage512GB M.2512GB M.2
256GB M.2
Price$1,159.99 (opens in new tab)$1,699 (opens in new tab)$1,643.54 (opens in new tab)

Building a 4K gaming PC for the price of Xbox One X ...

If all you care about is gaming at 4K, and you don't want to invest in a prebuilt PC or put together one yourself, the Xbox One X is worth consideration. The bottom line is that building a capable PC to take on the new Xbox spec to spec will cost a fair amount, but the PC is better value for what you can do with one, and one has to take further upgrades into consideration when consoles simply become obsolete.

Updated August 10, 2018: We updated our PC builds to take into account price fluctuations and to remove listings that were no longer available.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Truer words have never been spoken.
  • Incorrect. "Cast iron is hard". See how easy that was? WAY truer, and if you don't believe it, we can arrange a demonstration :D
  • you will pry the mouse and keyboard and joystick out of my cold dead hands
  • lol
  • PC users are in a bit of a pickle right now due to stupd f'ing crypt miners causing massive inflation on graphics cards. Before the inflation it was possible to build a rig with equal power for $600 (not counting OS license) The bigger and more important not is Xbox does not allow you access to Steam, Origin, or services which is where I do quite a bit of gaming.
  • Also the cheaper games you can get across all of those services with their competative seasonal sales.  Once locked into a console you lock yourself out of a competative game pricing market. Also, author failed to include membership pricing for xbox live gold services. $60/year which adds up over the life of a console (~5yr * 60 = $300.)  PC multiplayer game server access is generally free for the games that are on both systems. Bottom line: Cost of owning an XB1X is actually $720-$900 over the course of 2-5 years.  Cost of owning a gaming PC is whatever you pay to build it (excluding game costs and savings which favour PCs.)
  • The article is about 4k gaming. Xbox Live isnt required to do 4k gaming. Doesn't count. There is qualifiers for both sides that we can add and subtract in if we wanna be picky and twist it to fit our points. The article is spot on.
  • It's required to play games online, which is a major feature of most AAA games on console 4K or not. The author missed a cost which more than a majority of gamers on the system will suscribe to for a year or more.  It counts. I did get the numbers wrong, for 2-5 years it is $620-$800.
  • Yawn
  • And for the $60/year you get 48 free games + discounts on games. $300 (5 years) = 240 free games.
  • Well said brother :]
  • And even if you price it at $10 a game average that's still $2400 in 5 yrs so that pays for the sub and then some
  • They technically aren't fully free. As long as you stay a subscriber they are free. Games are cheaper on the pc. Take injustice 2 for example. The ultimate edition is $100 + taxes where as on the pc you can get it on green man gaming. Com for & 60 and tax free
  • Can we also count troubleshooting minor / individual PC issues? Occurs more often on custom builds and dodgy OEMs, relatively. How easy is for devs, HW provider, OEM and OS provider to replicate your environment and issues? How about ARM64 support? Store-region-hot-swap? Remote game install? So game can be ready on your Xbox when you get home. Instant-ON?
  • AND the RAM prices that doubled during the last year ☹☹☹
  • Absolute rubbish
  • The Xbox One X is actually more powerful than a 1070 in many ways. Before you are in disbelief and call me a fan boy look up the specs for both and you'll be Surprised. Also I have a 1080Ti in my PC so I def can do 4K. I have my reasons for getting an XB1X. Also have a PS4Pro and I choose to be on my X the most and my PC in second place when it comes to online. PC is my main for Sing player and my PS4 Pro for my PS exclusives. Also got a Nintendo Switch lol. My point is though I have all of these systems the X for the power and Price Point before your GPU . "Inflation" response even then you couldn't run a $600 4K gaming machine that wasn't on very low maybe medium settings. If that was the case MS wouldn't of even made this console and PC prices wouldn't be so high for parts needed for 4k gaming.
  • GTX1060 4K ULTRA 60FPS There are already games confirmed to be 30fps max on Xbox One X
  • Nice but..  
  • You do realize that the processor and the card is already over $500, right?
  • first its a pc it can do more!! ...not just gaming ryzen 1400 =159$ Rx480/580 (same as 1060)=200$
  • That's not the point. The point is whether you can get the same quality of gaming for $499 that you can by buying an Xbox One X. Most people already have computers, so "it's a PC it can do more" is really moot.
  • There I was thinking I am the only one that caught on that... Like you said, don't tell me it can do, as such pay ~$2500, all others packages he had that were under $1000 could not effectively do 60fps 4K Res. The only one he had that could at $2500 now has a clause... "It can do do more" I'll wait just when you find out you can run MS Office on your XB1, plus all conceivable UWA, then I'll love to hear the next excuse. (Ok, it will probably not be able to run MacOS)
  • To be fair, the Xbox One X can't effectively do 4k@60fps either, it can with some games, but not all, and definitely not the most visually taxing games. So in that regard the $980 option above is more than suitable. And you can play online for free, get full mod support for any games that support it, and have a larger collection of games to choose from, which are all significant parts of gaming for a large number of people.
  • Then link to that video because his specs don't equal yours.
  • And what would you do with a pc that was built for gaming?
  • pc built for gaming is the same pc like any other  
  • As somebody with a Surface Pro-series device and an ageing gaming PC, the X1X is really interesting because the only reason I haven't already sold off my gaming PC is because you can't do gaming on a Surface Pro. I want another computer. I want a powerful gaming machine.
  • That and there is no Steam or Origin or or U-Play, etc. Still missing those. Would love to see those arrive for Xbox
  • You actually WANT those that's the best part of consoles none of that ****
  • Technically you still have a walled environment on Xbox, you just don't get a choice in who's walls you're within.
  • * I don't want another computer
  • Look at the conclusion : "If all you care about is gaming at 4K and you don't want to invest in a prebuilt PC or put together one yourself, the Xbox One X is worth consideration."
  • That card is alot less powerful than the One X. It's terraflops, memory and bandwidth are all seriously lower than One X GPU.
  • gtx1060 allmost the same
  • Yea.. the 1060 only hits at about 4.5 tflops. It also has significantly lower memory bandwidth, and much lower vram... The 1060 is really not the card to compare to the x1x if you are trying to build a similarlly spec'd PC... If you are going nvidia, it would have to be the 1070 spec-wise.
  • And even then the 1070 gtx has less ram 8 vs 9. And less bandwidth at 256. So even then it's still not matching One X
  • The RAM is shared by the system though, not exactly apples to apples, the 1070 is a superior card period.
  • No it's not a superior card. The One X has 12gb. The system has 3gb used for that. 9gb is entirely for the games on One X. And it will be increased to 10 in the next 12 months. So its 8gb on 1070 gtx running at 256gb/sec vs 9gb @ 326 gb/sec. The One X also has the same terraflops. Sorry pal. The 1070 gtx is handidly beaten by the One X GPU. FACT.
  • Keep telling yourself that  buddy maybe it will come true some day. As many others have posted the 1X card is comparable to the 1060, I don't know if you have lots of stock in Microsoft or something but I don't know why you are going so hard to make your point. 
  • You must not know much about pc specs. The Xbox 1 x graphics card doesn't have 12 gb ram. The 12gb ram is the system ram. The graphics card has its own ram and the 1070 is by far a better card than what's in the Xbox one x
  • gtx1060 and rx 1060 are the same amd and nvidia spec calcaulation are diffrent
  • Even on the ps4 pro Battlefield 1 runs at 60fps 4k
  • first its upscaled in ps4 pro not native also not Ultra setting??? what about Viewing distance,texture quality,lighting quality,shadows,post process,antialiasing
  • I know that it is a good point but there is a line somewhere between medium and high where you notice the change, after that (high-to-very high+) it isn't obvious and the extras gets lost in the gameplay. Sure, you can spot it if you stop playing and start to look for differences but if a game is undone by those differences then chances are it isn't a good one. Also, most if not all my friends that play on PC swear that 60 fps is the bare minium to enjoy a game. Less than that and you aren't a gamer because nothing can be enjoyed at less than 60 fps. I disagree but who knows.
  • Your friends are correct, 60 fps is a must.
  • Incorrect
  • I wholeheartedly disagree also. 60fps minimum "to enjoy games"? Lmao
  • Not native. It's checkerboard. With no added visuals.
  • The One X can't even handle a locked 4k@60 (uses dynamic resolution scaling) so no, the PS4 Pro cannot achieve it without checkerboarding
  • And?
  • Of course there are and will be. What's your point?
  • Because a couple games are cutting corners (mostly so they can make it run decently on the XB1, PS4 or PS4P) rather than making sure their game runs well on the XBX that means that Microsoft is at fault or the XBX is not powerful enough? There are games that will not run at 4K with the highest settings on that 1060 card, does that mean that a PC is horrible for gaming?
  • What's your point, that card alone will eat up most of your budget. There are already games on PC that are locked at 30fps too. 
  • locked at 30fps..pc games????
  • GASP! I know, companies take the cheap way out, like to make their games available to those on slower machines,. Apparenly if those companies do the same for consoles, according to your comments then there is hell to pay. But do the same on PC, and the only response is to be shocked, SHOCKED! that it could happen. BTW, what graphics card are you running that you think you are better than all others?
  • Dead rising 3, assassins creed unity, and the evil within. All looked at 30fps.
  • AC Unity on 60fps evil within 60fps Dead rising 3 60fps  
  • All done after editing the lock put in place by developers. Try again. Did you even look at the videos? It states right in the dead rising video its officially locked at 30.
  • i played Ac unity with 60 fps without any update or patch Evil whitin = After a few days there was an update dead rising 3=unlock patch dead rising 4=unlocked out of the box Games on pc are 99.5% unlocked fps  
  • Doesn't matter if there are patches or not or what the percentage is. The fact still remains there are games on PC locked at a specific FPS. You have no idea how many will be locked at any fps on X1X so your point is non-existent especially when you factor in the price of the card needed for 4k 60fps eats up most of your budget. So quit being a PC fanboy amd accept the fact that you can't build a $500 PC that does what the X1X does.
  • The new AC (and others) Will be locked to 30fps with Xbox x again 99.5% are unlocked on pc
  • And show me a $500 PC with a blue ray hdr player and included input device that can run it in 4k at higher than 30fps. Then your point will be valid.
  • Console will always be cheaper then a Pc
    but.. A Pc can do a lot more
    We don't have to pay 40-60$ every year
    Games cost less (or drop fast)
    Pc Exclusives (and Xbox anywhere)
    Many stores with discount like steam/uplay/origin/ and also windows store
    Upgradeable (Amd Vega & Nvida volta soon )
    Keyboard & Mouse
    More powerful (60-144fps,,Ultra Setting,Freesync 2,Physx)
  • The article is about a $500 PC vs Xbox one x. Pushing back the goal posts doesn't make you correct. That being said
    A PC cannot do "a lot" more, it can do some more, which is really not much of a point considering a console is a specialized gamibg machine
    You don't have to pay $40-$60 per year for an Xbox, you can choose to just like you can choose to pay monthly for some games on PC
    Not all games cost less nor do they necessarily drop faster, especially on the secondary market
    There are many stores to buy console games as well, and their prices are not set by publishers for all their inventory
    Not all PCs are upgradable
    Not all games benefit from keyboard and mouse
    More power comes with more cost and lowers ROI exponentially I'm not arguing against PC gaming. I game on PC console hand held and mobile. I'm arguing the point that a $500 console out performs a $500 PC as the article states. If you can't get that through your skull, you have major mental issues.
  • the article is misleading that's the problem
    Xbox x Gpu is Polaris based (RX580) same as Nvidia 1060
    also with a jaguar CPU (yakk) "Assassin’s Creed Origins will run at 4K/30FPS on both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Both versions will be using dynamic resolution scaling to maintain a stable framerate
  • The article is not misleading. I'll say it again. Post the specs of a $500 4k pc with blue ray hdr or you have no point to make. Anyone can configure a top spec PC and say it is more powerful than a console.
  • "This PC build will set you back $782.53 and will only yield 4K gaming at around 30 frames per second (FPS) at best. It won't be the best experience and may not even match that of the Xbox One X"
  • God you're retarded. 30 fps at best meaning it can't reach 60 fps like forza, or titanfall, or any of the other 4k 60 fps games.
  • idiot Setting on Ultra with Anti-Aliasing on MSAA (disabling Anti-Aliasing= 60fps)
  • I'm an idiot? Again, did you watch the video? His fps counter barely hits above 40 and sometimes drops below 30.
  • avg 45fps it's ULTRA setting with ultra texture and MSAA (50% drop fps..not needed on 4k)
  • 45 Doesn't = 60 and there's no way he averaged 45. You gotta research the entire source you provide when you do so. Since you can't stay on topic or even be bothered to research past a title in your sources, I'm done with you.
  • Disabling AA Will get you 60fps Do you even know anything about textures,fxaa/msaa/Ssoa,shadows,anistropic,lod,tesslation I'm done with you!!!. 
  • You got so owned. Lol
  • The chances of the PS4 Pro running this at 4k is minimal. At best, it will be like Watchdogs 2 and run at 1800p Checkerboard and then upscale that to 4k. The Pro will also be using the same assets as the PS4 base model, therefore HD quality textures etc. The Xbox One X will be running this at 2160p Checkerboard (therefore no upscaling) and also use 4k Assets (that's higher quality textures etc). The RX GPU's only have 36 cuda cores, the same as the Pro but much higher clock speeds. The XB1x has 44 cuda cores but 4 are disabled (the Dev Kits are the full 44) and clocked at nearly the same as a RX580. So not only does it have more cores, its also nearly as fast - overall this gives the XB1X an advantage. Especially when you consider all the lower latency built in - something PC's can't achieve with separate CPU and GPU's. Both console GPU's though have addition features built in that a stock RX480/580 doesn't have. They are
    NOT stock GPU's that are 'cut and pasted' into an APU and sent to MS/Sony... The Jaguar may well be the base of the XBX CPU but its also been customised with certain aspects - like Audio Processing for example, off loaded to other areas of the APU thus reducing its workload. How much this customisation impacts the running of games, we don't know - maybe never will if Developers are more interested in keeping Parity with the weakest console on the market that plays these games (so not counting the Switch, 3DS, Vita etc)
  • Great comment Just one corection Sapphire RX580=1450MHZ Xbox X=1127MHZ
  • Ok  i dont build pcs nor do i play then much. But i do know that upscaling on any game with a pc or even ps4 pro is very hard to tell the difference from native when your playing. Especially on a really good rig, I would rather play a good upscaled game with higher fps than native at lower. And console multiplayer will almost always be way more enjoyable and better than pc.
  • LOL!!! it's not hard to tell the difference bat all!
  • This is true because the Xbox One compared with the PS4 looks significantly worse, and vice versa for the PS4 Pro to the One X. You pit the same game on each console and there is a clear winner in each category of the PS4 and the One X.
  • Lol. Even at low settings it is dropping briefly below 60fps. It puzzles me why anyone would chose ugly low settings in order to play in 4k with a reasonable frame rate. 1060 is not a 4K card, not even close.
  • But the Xbox X is Polaris based GPU (rx480-580)
    and gtx1060=Rx480-580
  • Yea, but did you read the reason that they are only at 30fps??? It's so those with a One X don't have an advantage over those playing on a original Xbox one or one s. These developers already said the One X can crank out higher fps with these games, but they needed to keep the fps at pace with the One S.
  • Also this video hahha I laughed the video is uploaded 1080 60 fps and in the game his PC doesn't hit a solid 60 fps. So you'll say neither does the XBX1X and this may be try but its a $500 vs a $1000 console. Why the F*ck does this have to be explained every time to PC gamers? Hell I have a high end PC just put together this year its $3500 ultra settings 4k 60fps and guess what I got an 1X as well. Doesn't even compare to my PC but its very nice for the price. Probably wouldn't of done my PC if the X was out last year
  • My brother normally builds his own gaming PCs and even he said he was impressed that Xbox One X could do all that for that price range not to mention in such a small box, he was quite impressed, also the way they put it together, was so simple, I'm sure they will get a really good score from those companies that score a product on its ability to be repaired easily!!!
  • Here's the big difference: on a PC you'll get REAL 4K gaming. On the One X, you'll have mostly upscalled games because developers won't be wasting money on developing a game with anything the PS4 "Pro" can't run.   Now try to build a PC that upscales to 4K and see how much that costs ;)
  • Well developers only have had devkits for a couple months. And now we are already seeing devs announce they are hitting 4k with ease. And announced the other day the One X is already running F12017 in 4K and now the Dev is adding high end PC settings to its graphics to. Like mirrors, weather etc. Titanfall 2 is running already at 6K at times and scaling down to 4K!!!!!!!!! I mean Jesus. One X is just eating games alive with its power.
  • What about Viewing distance,texture quality,lighting quality,shadows,post process,antialiasing and more
  • Yep all improved. Take F12017. Running 4K@60fps. And they are adding all pc high settings as we speak.
  • not a demending game   also running it 4k@60 on my rx480  
  • My point was more to show its pretty easy for One X. We have a FPS hitting 6K. Racing games hitting 4K easily. And these 2 games are also running 60fps. We already knew from specs that One X has a more powerful GPU than even the 1070 GTX. Let alone the 1060 GTX. And so many people claimed it wouldn't hit 4K. The only developer that has come out and said its staying @ 30fps is Bungie with Destiny. And its odd that they have a marketing deal with Sony no?? Imagine in 12 months when devs are more familiar with One X. If after just a couple of months devs are already hitting 4K across the board easily with room to spare. The next 3 years are going to be amazing. Halo 6 will undoubtedly look beautiful.
  • /rx480/rx580 The same power as xbox x... around 6tf  (1 year +old cards) Gtx1070 is 30-40% more powerfull then rx480/580  
  • 1070 GTX is less powerful than One X GPU.
  • Also the RX480/580 memory bandwidth is grounded by the GPU in One X. They just aren't comparable. They are good 1080p cards. No more.
  • Fact= AMD RX480/580 are 5.8-6 Teraflops (Version of the card) Fact =Nvidia 1070 is 35-50% more powerfull then Rx480-580 Xbox x Gpu is polaris core (rx480/580) and not Vega (Out in sep-dec)    
  • The 1070 GTX is 6 terraflops. Your only looking at terraflops. That actually has very little to do with Resolution. It's the memory and Bandwidth. The reason why RX489/580 struggle with 4K is memory and bandwidth. Which brings me to the 1070 GTX. It can do 4K much better than RX480/580 because it has 8gb ram and it runs at 256gb/sec. Again. I say to you the One X GPU has 6 terraflops the same as 1070GTX. However it has more ram available to it at 9gb currently. And runs at 326gb/sec. One X is more capable than 1070 GTX. And eats RX cards for breakfast. MS customised their GPU. It's not standard.
  • so Gtx1060 has twice the pixel fillrate then Amd rx480/580
  • No way! Nice link. However, is that on the higher spec Dev machines or retail Xbox One X specs?
  • nice find...
  • I guess you missed the part where developers like Ubisoft already said they'd be offering the same game on both platforms (ie. Xbox One X won't get a speciall version that runs natively on 4K)?   Titanfall 2 is nice but that's like 1 in a million. So far developers haven't shown any interest on doing better games for the One X. Until that happens, my point stands.
  • If there were 50 games announced right now at 4K, you would come back and say "It's only 50 games, if they were really serious about 4k gaming, the ENTIRE EXISTING catalog would be 4k at 60fps", another BAG...
  • No idiot. But there's a difference between having, say, 10 games from third parties announced and having 2 games, one of which is Forza, so it's a first party game. And no, don't come with the bullsh*t excuse about how long the devs have had the kits. If you're a developer you either have 4K assets ready for your game or you don't. Having the One X dev kit only allows them to actually start testing the game on the console.
  • That is in no way how development kits work. Code structures are written for a certain platform based on architecture they ARE NOT COPY AND PASTE. Please dont insult others than say something as idiotic as "they just have to test it". Optimization is a real thing and mip map based structuring doesnt equate from platform to platform otherwise there would never be a "bad port".
  • Everyone keeps saying this about developers not caring about building anything the PS4 Pro won't run. Like it's easy to build a game the same across the very different console platforms, but not easy to build a game that runs the same across the very similar Windows platforms. Xbox One X will get true 4K support because developers are already doing it for PC. Microsoft have made it easier now to build a game for PC and publish on Xbox than it is to build a game across PlayStation and Xbox. The games that really do push hardware to its limit are going to be on PC, and that PC investment is going to benefit Xbox One X.
  • If the game looks good and plays well why would it matter if the visuals were up-scaled?
  • Not to me. But, well, that's the thing isn't it? If the gaming looking good is all you care, you don't need to have it in 4K on a PC either.
  • "If the game looks good and plays well why would it matter if the visuals were up-scaled?" Because Microsoft is INSISTING that it will do true 4k,  they are pushing numbers that they claim will do 4K. If it's just upscaled, it's not really 4K, it's a backwards way of doing it. I am also about the game but, dont quote what it cant do.
  • I have played plenty of games on my PC that run like sh*t because developers ported them directly from console. So your argument applies equally to PCs (i.e. no guarantee you'll get max performance from a game).
  • Mostly upscaled games, because you know exactly how every game will run over the life of the console?
  • No. But because I'm not a blind fanboy like you, I can actually look at the market and realise that the One X will be a small drop in an ocean where the Xbox is already a small island. 'cause in case your 'murican eyes haven't noticed it yet, the PlayStation dominates the console world worldwide. The Xbox is only a relatively strong competitor in the USA. Leave that bubble and the Xbox goes away.   And get what? Developers don't look at the American market to make decisions. They look at the worldwide market. 
  • guess its a good thing Microsoft totally owns the PC gaming market with their O/S...
  • Because I point out you can't tell the future I'm a fanboy? First off you don't know how many games will be checkerboarded vs 4k. Second there are already true 4k titles for Xbox 1 x and for ps4p so devs are making true 4k titles. You don't know what'll happen next year or the year after that.
  • Bro give up.. you are looking REALLY stupid right now
  • Lol. Nope
  • We'll see how true this is this winter... when the Xbox One X actually exists.
  • That's what I'm saying. We've already heard this **** with X1 running 1080 n devs couldn't do it. I will believe it when i see it.
  • If you already have a HDD or SSD laying around. And pirate windows... That's $124 off. Roughly $560. Haha... There ya go.
  • That's the nice thing about building PC's.  But not everyone has an extra SSD lying around...
  • I know it's relative. But if you're into building them... You probably do.
  • But that was initially paid for at some no...
  • Ebay, used 60-120gb SSDs... $12-40... Even you can have them sitting around. Crap, I take 3 year old laptops that are "slow" drop a $20 SSD and it's like a brand new machine.
  • Titan fall 2 running already at 6K on One X and scaled down!!!!!!
  • And dropping to 1440p in demanding scenes...
  • If Xbox one x ran full windows 10 id buy one in a heartbeat
  • I only hope we can hack it in. The performance won't be the same though.
  • I've always said this! If you care about 4k gaming (which I don't), the Xbox One X has the best value for the money. I can't even afford a $500 PC. I'll get the One S because it's still a very capable console for $250.
  • Not just 4K. On a 1080p set you will still get all the visual upgrades. Like the ones in F1 2017. For example. All games will have things like better Shadows, lighting, animation, textures, effects etc. Resolution isn't the only visual improvement. F1 2017 is adding all PC high end settings to the visuals as well as 4K @60fps.
  • Finally an article with some sense, for me living in South Africa there is no way i could get a PC/ laptop on the same level as the Xbox One X for its price, if i wanted to even try the PC route I would be paying through my teeth. The Xbox One X is some serious hardware at a decent price and I hope to be able to get one when it is glad this side.
  • Not just that, I want something my kids can use with ease. Yes they can use my laptop with ease, but the UI on Xbox is consistent and much less hassle to use for my broad age range family. No dad tech support required.
  • This is quality bait. Even self-proclamed "master race" can't beat the price/performace ratio of the X1X and had to put used/second hand/pirated parts on his builds to make it cheaper. So silly
  • LOL!!!
  • Try to do all that the Xbox One X does for that price and also try to make it that size. Impossible. You will be able to do more with the PC but you wont get that size and price. I might also add stibility to the Xbox One X, in time you will donwload crap games to that PC and it simply wont be the same.
  • Maybe in your world.  That's not been my experience. And my machine is easily upgraded to keep up to the level of performance I may prefer.  You don't have that with the Xbox.  And size isn't an issue.  Never has been. I prefer a decent sized tower. ALWAYS have.  People freaked out over the size of the original Xbox One, but I didn't.  It made zero difference to me, particularly since I don't game on a console anyway.  My machine is stable.  The Xbox One has not been ANY more stable than any other device I've owned.  I lost count of the times the Xbox One would crash, hang, Cortana gets retarded or just hard of hearing, etc.  So, no, you can't count stability as any advantage.
  • Ok I will witdraw stability not because of the games making the system unstable but as you stated and we have all experience Cortana and her problems. I will stand by my other points hover. I am not saying that size is a problem, I am saying you can't bulild a PC with Xbox One X spec in that size. I've tried, I get a decent PC but not the power required for gaming. I wlll aslo say (from experience) spending 400$ on a video card and have it die just outside its warranty is not a good experience.  aslo loading up that nice PC with crappy games that bogs down the registry over time it is noticable. yes you can always upgrad your PC but after two video cards died outside its warantee (for me) I had to move on, I can now buy a decent consol for the price of a video card and not worry too much abut it.
    I still think PC gamers should be carefull, The Xbox One X is the first shot, sony will take another shot and in time the consol will be a better option, not in the case of upgradability but will challeng them with price and power and size, this will happen.
  • manfromearth, dont withdraw the stability point, see my post below about why scubs XO is all of a sudden not stable.
  • Scubs, Tetris must be your only game.. Try a $2000 gaming VR rig with steam and game developers updates several times a month that cause stability issues because they can't test every gaming rig config. Its funny how before Microsoft removed kinect gesture controls, your Xbox One with kinect was the best thing since sliced bread(your entire family used it, etc, etc), after kinect gesture controls were removed, you complained endlessly every chance you got on any xbox one article posted on WC and not one time did I see you complain about stability. That would be like me complaining that my smartphone is crappy and unstable because they retired my most favorite used app from the app store.
  • lol the barebones pick doesn't even have a disc drive nevermind a 4K UHD drive.  Also with the X you'll get a controller included.. so thats another 59.99 you can tack on. If you're comparing the value you need to include everything you get with the X for $500.
  • Not only do they not include a gamepad, they don't even include any kind of input device at all.  At the very least they need to have a mouse/keyboard included in that price - and not just the cheapest of cheap ones either since we're comparing it to an xbox one controller.
  • The difference is MS usually make a loss on the console because they know you are now locked in to the xbox ecosystem so they can make up the loss quite easily. Its worth taking into consideration the cost of games. I moved from xbox/ps4 to pc last year and sure the pc was way more expensive than a console but then the games are usually way cheaper.
  • with a $40 live membership, I get online gaming and free games every month. And im not talking about free to play games either..
  • .
  • "The bottom line is that building a capable PC to take on the new Xbox spec to spec will cost a fair amount for the time being." That's true, of course, but what the article leaves out is that most gamers won't need to build a whole PC from scratch. If you already have a halfway-decent gaming PC from the last couple of years, all you really need to do is upgrade the GPU. $500 should easily get you a GTX 1070, maybe even a 1080 depending on how much you can get from reselling your current GPU.
  • You have to come at it from the standpoint of all new gear to make it a fair comparison.
  • No, to make it a fair comparison you have to consider all possible starting points, not just "I have zero gaming gear and want to start playing in 4K".
  • No. Lol. No.
  • The article is for those who don't have a gaming capable PC. Which going by console sales is ALOT of consumers. This article is for them. It shows if you want high end pc visuals at 4K, the One X is an amazing choice.
  • "The article is for those who don't have a gaming capable PC." The article literally begins with the words "For PC gamers". I think it's pretty safe to say that most PC gamers have a gaming-capable PC, don't you?
  • " $500 should easily get you a GTX 1070, maybe even a 1080 depending on how much you can get from reselling your current GPU." Assuming your existing rig has a proper PSU to power a 1070/1080, if not, add $90 for gold rated PSU. Also add in a UHD blu-ray player since at the time you built your 2yr old rig, you saw no need to add a UHD Blu-ray drive, the Blu-ray/DVD drive from your last rig moved to your new rig without  much fuss.  so +$70-150 depending where you buy it for that. 2yrs ago you probably figured that 8GB of system memory was plenty, XOX has 12GB of DDR5 memory...OOOPS, your board doesnt support GDDR5 only GDDR3...I assume you are doing this yourself and have the know how, if not, add +$100 the geek squad will charge to get all of this working. And since your board doesnt support GDDR5, geek squad will still charge you $50 for their time since they were unable to upgrade your exisitng rig....Should have just bought a console... 
  • "Assuming your existing rig has a proper PSU to power a 1070/1080, if not, add $90 for gold rated PSU." NVidia recommends a 500 W PSU for the 1070 and 1080, which is at the lower end of mid-range. Even if your current PSU is weaker, 500-600 W PSUs can be had for around $40-50 (you don't need 80+ Gold, that's an efficiency rating, not a power rating). "Also add in a UHD blu-ray player" Not really necessary for a gaming PC. "2yrs ago you probably figured that 8GB of system memory was plenty, XOX has 12GB of DDR5 memory" That 12 GB is split between system and graphics. 8 GB of RAM is still plenty for a gaming PC because the GPU has its own memory (8 GB for the 1070 and 1080, so 16 GB if you want to compare totals). "OOOPS, your board doesnt support GDDR5 only GDDR3" Two years ago PC motherboards were switching to DDR4, which is the current standard. But if you have an older PC that uses DDR3, that's also still readily available if you really need more RAM. So the only "OOOPS" here is you getting GDDR and DDR mixed up. "I assume you are doing this yourself and have the know how, if not, add +$100 the geek squad will charge to get all of this working." Or a tech-savvy friend who will do it for you for a six-pack. But this is all tangential, since the article is strictly about the parts, not the labour. "geek squad will still charge you $50 for their time since they were unable to upgrade your exisitng rig....Should have just bought a console..." Fair point (albeit buried in hyperbole) - a DIY PC will not be a 100% plug-and-play affair, so if that's your only criterion, then sure, just buy a console.
  • IndrekHaav, good responses... I was starting to feel like I was back in middle school arguing in the hallways about how many colors the SMS (Sega master system) could paint onscreen at once only to have opposing sides rebutt with things they know nothing about.. XOX is using the Hovis method, optimized power efficiently, if Im doing near like for like I want a 80+ efficientcy rated PSU. Microsoft didnt go cheap so dont build me a cheap imitation PC. 500W? at least 600W minimum, surely its powering other things like HDDs and bluray, USB ports. On the memory, 1070 8GB is around $539, XOX is at 9GB($499) usuable for games. lets call it even. since yes, 8GB PC RAM, 8GB GPU onboard. yes, UHD bluray is not necessary but we are doing like for like as much as possible, not cutting corners. My criterion is price, performance, size and ease of use(plug-and-play).. I spelled it out the way i did to step the less informed thru some of the aspects of building a rig. appreciated your well thought out responses.
  • Most PC gamers have more than 8gb of ram these days, 16gb is actually getting more common to have, also most PC gamers have 600+ Silver+ PSU's so this isn't an issue, I think you underestimating the average PC gamer. My rig also has had a blu ray for a while, though I know you probably knew what he meant and you may be comparing it but the fact is, PC gaming just doesn't use CD's its all digital now.and if you want it for movies, well they are digital now too.
  • I don't quite get your insistence on matching the Xbox One X on things that have zero effect on gaming performance, like chassis size (which I think you mentioned in another comment thread), PSU efficiency or optical drive. But whatever, this has already gone far off my original point, which was that the article completely skips over the upgradable nature of PCs. If you have an older console and you want to game in 4K, you need to buy a new console. If you have an older PC and you want to game in 4K, you don't necessarily have to buy/build a new PC. That is a very significant difference, and also applies to other similar advances in gaming graphics, like VR. Additionally, a thorough article on the subject could also have compared additional necessary expenses, like the cost of a 4K TV vs. a 4K monitor, the cost of re-buying PC games on the console vs. the other way around, and so on. As it is, I don't see this article offering a lot of valuable information for PC gamers (for whom it's supposedly written).
  • the MSI trident 3 is $899 at the msft store:  
  • Wow that's a pretty good machine for the price. Not INSANELY good deal, but pretty darn good.
  • Yeahhhhh, but you still can't play Train Simulator on X1X
  • This is extremely subjective. I'm not sure how to qualify it, but it does not include quality as a metric. A game running at 4k can have antialiasing, textures, and countless other quality settings turned down and still be "4k". It's been this way for years with console compared to PC comparing 1080p and 720p. Typically the argument ended at 30hz since the GPU was working half as hard on a console. But the quality input was still massively different compared to PC. Saying a console like this is the equivalent, but cheaper path to 4k is quite misleading.
  • Great^^^^^^^^^^
  • Thanks! These articles seem extremely biased as if the author's mind is already made up or just aren't technically versed in PCs
  • This shows the oposite. It seems the One X has more than enough power to do 4K and have high end PC visual upgrades.
  • Absolutely not. It says it does 4k at 60Hz. Even the rest of the article quotes that it has other settings that still are to be changed to get it to compare to a high-spec PC. The point my post was getting at was there are MANY graphics settings that go into a game. I can go to my ****** laptop, load up BF4 at 1080p 60Hz, lower the resolution scaling super low, and bottom out all the remaining graphics settings. It's 1080p at 60hz but a ten-year-old GPU could do that! My point was that it is hard to compare. Classically, these settings were lowered on consoles to maintain fluid gameplay. Just because they are releasing a console that has better hardware does not even come close to revisiting the PC vs Console comparisons
  • "I can go to my ****** laptop, load up BF4 at 1080p 60Hz, lower the resolution scaling super low, and bottom out all the remaining graphics settings. It's 1080p at 60hz but a ten-year-old GPU could do that!" bet it wont get anywhere near 4K, and it wont look as good either... so now your back to the heart of the article, construct a gaming PC with XOX specs, performance and size for $499 or less. If a 10yr old gpu can do that, nvidia and amd should have been out of business 5yrs ago.
  • You're missing my point. 4K on console will look worse that those equiv specs on PC because the quality can be set lower on consoles to keep the frames and resolution up. That's why motion blur is on by default in many games. It's to hide poor graphics and low frame rate
  • PeterFnet, I cant imagine MS releasing  the XOX where 4k games look bad due to settings being turned down. I can only go by what the game developers are saying: "The title is one of the few native 4K first-party games on Xbox One X and Chris Tector, software architect for the game’s engine, boasts that it will achieve the same results as “a multi-thousand dollar PC” on the console." if your calling Chris Tector a liar, then we will have to just wait and see..  
  • Sorry BS. Is that why developers are coming out this week saying they are already hitting 4K 60fps, and now hoping the visuals to high end PC level. People don't want to see it. But the One X can do better visuals than a Geforce 1070 GTX graphics card. FACT. every single spec out is better than that Card. Which is £400. It's funny, either Sony fans are crying about how much extra power the One X has. It PC people can't handle just how good it is for the price. MS you did an awesome job. So much crow beaing eaten. Lol.
  • This is one of the stupidest debates ever, really. It's not a question of what you can do with a PC at the price of a console. The real question is what quality of gaming PC you can get for the price of a console and the general-use PC you would then have to get to complete the tasks your console can't. It's a matter of two devices or one, and this exercise is just a waste of time.
  • I can buy a capable 24" touchscreen All in One Windows 10 PC for £500. And and Xbox One X with more gaming power than a 1070 GTX PC to go with it for £450. That's still cheaper than it would cost me to buy a single PC with more gaming power. Which i can do off the internet for £1300. And then i still have no 4K bluray player in my entertainment cabinet in my front room for my family to use. So add another £300 for that. The One X is unbelieveable value for money when your getting a 4K bluray player with other 4K media content right there on your front room telly. And then also getting high end pc graphics in 4K to boot. It really is a.great piece of kit.
  • The GPU inside the XB1X is not better than a GTX 1070, not even close. It's a step above the RX 480, but probably a bit below an RX 580. You're talking a $200 GPU, and you're calling it better than something at twice the price. That's factually inaccurate. Microsoft "bragged" that the XB1X is capable of 6 TFLOPS of total computing power. The GTX 1070 is capable of 6.5 TFLOPS. The RX 580, a sub-$300 GPU, is rated at 6.2 TFLOPS. I lazily threw a build together on PC Part Picker. It ended up under $1,200, far short of the $1,600+ price tag your coversion rate would put me at. If I wanted to actually do a build, I'd wait for the impending release of new AMD video cards in July, along with heading to a Micro Center, and I'd probably end up closer to $1,100. That's for something capable of 4K, VR, and if I wanted, multi-monitor work (something the XB1X simply can't do).
  • Also Teraflop throughput isn't the only important metric. You also need to consider pixel and texel fillrates at various bit-depths, geometry throughput, etc. Where RX 480 has 50% higher teraflops then 1060 has twice the pixel fillrate, for example.   And Gtx1070 is almost 50%  faster then 1060/580/480
  • If your gonna wait, you may as wait a year or two from now when you may perhaps match the xox with a build. Also, is your build the size of a xbox one s or larger?
    How do you know when the xox allows the developer to write to the metal, whereas your rx580 is written to through various software middleware layers.
  • DX12  
  • DX12 on a PC running on a general purpose version of Windows 10 O/S. The XOX has DX12 built into the chip, on silcon and utilizing a new GPU command processor that reduces the amount of work the CPU has to do. Some low level, code to the metal optimization running on a optimized gaming version of Windows 10. Have you tried gaming mode recently on creators update version of Windows 10?? so all this time Windows 10 has been stealing precious cpu/gpu cycles from your running games, game mode frees those cycles up as best it can. XOX is fully optimized from day one, think of it(XOX) as native game mode and general purpose Windows 10 game mode as an "upscaled" or "non-native" version of game mode.
  • DX12 is also on the chips Game mode only works (Good) for pc with many programs and services running on startup
  • Terraflops are only 1 part of a GPU. The most important part for 4K resolution is memory bandwidth. And available Memory. The One X has 9GB GDDR5 dedicated to its GPU. And it runs at 326gb/sec. The 1070GTX only has 8gb Ram and it runs only at 256gb/sec bandwidth. Which is why it struggles with some games at 4K. The bandwidth is the important part. The RX480 has 5.8 terraflops. But its memory and bandwidth are way down. Which is why the 1070GTX eats the RX card alive. The terraflops are pretty even. Go to any benchmark pc test and see all these cards have identical or very very close terraflops. Yet the frame rate and resolution differences between them differ greatly. It's a fact that the One X has a more capable GPU than that of a 1070GTX. It can deal with loading more information and doing it faster. And will always handle better framerates and resolution thanks to its impressive memory design.
  • Isn't it worth to mention that xox components are custom made? And are more capable than comparable parts available for regular customers like us?
  • Already tried, cost....$1200.. and it annoys the hell out of me when steam updates the streamVR software and immediately after, VR games that were working stop working and you spend an hour troubleshooting the issue with reboots, uninstall/reinstalls...
  • OH, please. You can bet that Microsoft didn't build the Xbox One X for $500, either.  They're taking a loss on this one just like before, because they have to compete with the PS.  I just find all this laughable.  My PC is more powerful and WAY more versatile.  And it has the advantage of not having the disgustingly annoying dashboard that Microsoft has puked onto the Xbox.
  • Scubs, can you let the kinect thing go? its 2017, I was with you for the last 2 years but its old news now...the majority of gamers don't care about kinect and gesture controls. Just because those things are gone doesn't make the dashboard puke...clean slate? by end of year?
  • Is Xbox One X a 4k machine? Think again, you depend on developers' good will to update their games and to create new ones with 4k support. You're gambling when you purchase this console or PS4 Pro and consumers should be aware of that.      
  • you forgot to add WiFi, controller 4k capture
  • Running a 1060 for 4k...good luck.
  • There's a couple of problems. 1st there's not enough games in 4k on the Xbox one. Also games are running into problems with the processor not being powerful enough to do 4k with some games like the new assassins creed game. So yes we might spend more on a PC bit it does true 4k gaming on all newer games. 2nd and processors are horrible for gaming. I found that out when researching for my newest pc which can do 4k gaming and it cost me $800. 3rd right now is not the time to buy graphics card and I wish this article had put the real prices for graphics cards. A GeForce 1060 is going for about $400 because of this bitcoin competitor is driving the cost of graphics cards way up
  • The xbox one does 4k bluray/playback, not 4k games. Your $800 spec is higher than $500, and you dont list your build, did you include wifi, controller, etc. I went through this almost a year ago building a scorpioVR reference pc, couldnt do it then cant do it now.
  • My build is intel i7 6700
    8gig ddr4 ram
    1tb hdd
    Rx 480
    Yes I have bluetooth and wifi and I use my Xbox one controller
  • Your short 4gb of ram and 1 flop.
    Also, i cant subtract the cost of the controller from $499 so while you may have 4 xbox one controllers laying around, add another $50 to your build.
  • you could do it actually, 4k30 with a g4560 minimum ram and everything and a 6gb 1060 it will be around 500$ all those CPU's listed are overkill for 30fps
  • 1060 isnt 6tflops, omg!
  • Gtx1060 has twice the pixel fillrate then AMD
  • As long as they can take 4k image (8.3 million pixels), refresh them up to 60 times per second and throw in bi, tri, etc filtering. Whos cares what the fill rate is as long as they can make 8.3 million pixels dance onscreen. In other words, who cares that your engine can push 450 miles per hour when your tires can only do 120....
  • the catch here is that the Xbox One X isn't going to play the games at native 4k. Its going to play them at sub 4k resolutions internally and then upscale to 4k. Just like the Xbox One can't even play games at native 1080.
    PC will run them at 4k natively.
    But console kids will eat up the whole "technically its 4k gaming" marketing scheme. Not surprised, I mean they pay to play online, so.. >_>
  • So your saying there will be no native 4k games on the xox? What are you talking about, there are at least 3 native 4k games listed in this thread, F1, crackdown, forza...does anyone read anymore?
  • I'm sure there will be at launch. Just like the Xbone played its games in 1080 at launch. But over time its not going to hold up and its going to have to upscale to 4k to maintain decent fps. Just like the regular xbone. I don't think the 360 ever did true 1080 but correct me if I'm wrong. I had(have) one and just about every game was obviously running at sub 720 resolutions, looked awful when combined with its
  • So now you are saying, that a year or so after the xox is released , we will no longer see any native 4k games. Just at launch...You've just made the case why PC and console gamers upgrade, its because over time that old hardware gets older while new hardware gets better. so A GTX 950 over time will not be able run games at the highest when a GTX 1080 comes out, it can do things a GTX 950 cant...hmmm.... You might as well have said 5 years from now, throwing water into a hot skillet produces steam.....
  • The difference here is that those cards will hold up better over time due to the flexibility of changing your own settings and on top of that you have the option to upgrade your hardware over time where as with the Xbonex you're stuck with degrading visual quality and performance over time with nothing you can do about it. You'll be stuck at ~30fps with jagged aliasing until the new model comes out.
    Likewise on the PC you can lower post processing without affecting texture resolution to maintain a native 4k resolution and not have to deal with aliasing (because antialiasing isn't necessary at 1080p or above)
    Put into perspective the fact that all I had to do when the Xbone was announced was buy a GTX 760 for $200 and just now am I having to lower settings regarding post processing to maintain native resolution with decent fps.
    And if I want to get eye cancer and push it a little more I can lower resolution to 720 or higher and maintain decent fps a year later.
    Of course this is partially thanks to consoles switching to x86 architecture thus making games on the PC run a hell of a lot better.
    Thats why I can run Doom 4 for example at native 1080p and high settings without it having to fall well below that in order to maintain performance like it does on the Xbox One. Despite my graphics card being slightly older than the Xbone and not to mention the rest of my machine being significantly older.
    But that's AMD processors for ya. More powa for yo dolla
    I'm sure if MS made the Windows 10 version that the Xbone runs available on the PC it would run circles around Microsoft's console.
    This goes without mentioning the fact that I won't have to pay $60 a year to use my own internet to play online.
    Nor do I have to pay $60 per controller
    or $60 a pop per game as often with them lowering down to $20 after a year or so (protip: they drop lower than $20 on Steam and GoG)
  • You are aware that devs are looking at doing exactly that as they do on ps4pro, offer the user the ability to change graphical settings. Once again, another post prioritizing upgradability, see my post below. I will priortize ease of use and cost over your upgradability any day of the week and 100+ million console gamers out there will agree as well...
  • Things only fit one way. Thats as "ease of use" as it can get. (hell you're more likely to insert a game disk the wrong way than a graphics card) Thats definitely one thing they're doing right. Now if only they wouldn't force me to use a controller for game genres intended for mouse and keyboard 🙄 if there's one thing I hate about consoles is how dumbed down they have to make game mechanics so that controller players can actually get through the game.
    Portal 2 was a good example of this.
    Oh and stop charging me to use my own internet. Especially when their games are P2P and not even hosted on dedicated servers. (thats STILL a ******* problem for non mmo games)
  • Dont forget, console games usually get better not worse over time. Why? because developers code in a closed environment and learn how to push the h/w and get every bit of perfromance it can offer. Halo 5 looks awesome, almost 2yrs after the Xbox One release.... PC GPUs come out every what, year and a half? That doesnt make a developer squeeze every bit of performace out of a 2 yr old card. It allows them to make games look better using the latest GPU. Nvidia has to sell gpus or they go out of business. Here's an example, give a sql developer the best h/w money can buy. let them tell you their code is running slow and that it must be the h/w, then tell them, this is the best h/w money can buy, they are then forced to look at code and wal-lah, code is running faster with an 80% improvement.
  • "it gets better"
    It gets lowered in resolution and visual settings more and more then upscaled to whatever resolution its supposed to display at. Sooo, yeah, it does get worse over time.
    See: Doom 4, etc
  • Listen I think it's absolutely hilarious anyone thinks that any of the following cards such as the gtx 1060, gtx 1070, gtx 1080, Rx480, rx580, Fury x, etc... can come anywhere near the power n performance of XboxOneX lmao   That's the twitter tweet from 2014 after John Carmack gave an interview to a game site of which couldn't understand how consoles could provide double the performance of the same Pc hardware! The Xbox One X will provide twice or double the performance of an identical Pc graphics card okay the GPU power alone is the equivalent of two crossfire RX580 cards plus the Xbox One X additional memory bandwidth of 326gb per second which is much higher than the RX580 cards, and then you add in the fact XboxOneX is using a fully custom, highly modified, insanely over engineered chipset of which consists of a 6.2 teraflop Polaris/Vega hybrid GPU which has attributes, and features of both Polaris & Vega architectures, of which was modified at 60+ hardware level area modifications of which removed nearly every known conceivable bottleneck of standard off the shelf Pc graphics cards, as this thing is an engineering marvel.     The gtx1060 has only 4.4 teraflops of GPU compute power, with only 192gb per second of memory bandwidth, while The XboxOneX has 6.2 teraflops of GPU compute power with 326gb per second memory bandwidth all inside of a closed loop console with an ultra low level to the metal access console API, I mean seriously the XboxOneX wrecks a gtx1060 as whoever made that remark needs to do a little more research, and gain some knowledge of facts. I also wanna point out that you're exactly right a console will provide double the performance of an identical Pc part so for example 6.2 teraflops of XboxOneX is the equivalent of 12.4 teraflops of Pc compute power as that's just the way it works as Pc devs only have access to 60% of the total teraflops of a GPU which means for example an 11.3 teraflop gtx1080ti only provides devs with 6.7 teraflops of useable compute power as Pc devs don't have the luxury of having ultra low level console API to the metal access for 100% of the total power as they do on consoles, and that's the truth whether anyone wants to accept it or not what I've just said is 100% factual information.    Lmao  GTX 1060 (4.4 tflops 192gb per sec Mem band)   RX480 (5.8 teraflops 224gb per second Mem band)   XboxOneX (6.2 Tflops 326gb per sec Mem band)    I can't believe some of you honestly tried to compare XboxOneX to an RX480 or a gtx1060 lmao ok the XboxOneX will provide vastly superior performance to current Pc graphics cards of which are at the regular gtx 1080 level or lower as only Pc rigs with a GTX 1080 ti or better will be able to compete with, and or surpass the performance of XboxOneX that's just the way it is.       Watch the YouTube link for the Ark Survival Developer Interview of which explains how Xbox One X can run 60fps Pc Epic Settings while a Ps4 Pro can only manage 30fps medium Settings n the vastly superior xbox one X cpu is a big part of why it's possible for 60fps gaming on Xbox One even at the ultra highest Pc Epic Settings of which not even an ultra high end Intel cpu with GTX1080ti is able to achieve as that ultra high end Pc setup averages about 45fps at 1080p with Pc Epic Settings n that's not a joke that's the absolute truth........     PUT THAT INTO YOUR PC MASTER RACE PIPE & SMOKE IT 
  • This guy is right. So many here are talking absolute crap. The RX480/589, 1070/1060 GTX all can't and don't compete with a One X. And alot of developers are already starting to confirm this.
  • Unless all you guys and girls posting builds can match or better the PRICE, SIZE, and PERFORMANCE of the Xbox One X are willing to give everyone a discount that gets them to $499, your wasting good key strokes. Microsoft has subsidized the cost of the Xbox One X in a way that no one here can or is willing to do.
  • BUT dollar by dollar you will get better graphics and upgradablity on a PC.  So 2 years from the Xbox One X's release and it can bearly play modern games in ULTRA level 4K graphics, you can spend a few hundred on a PC and get all the 4K glory. And you can even use your Xbox one S or X controller on the PC to play the games. The Xbox One X's hardware is already dated by the time it's released, games that are not even released yet for the X are claiming to only hit 30fps on a new system. When it comes to gaming, 4K is not the new 1080p, it's a major improvment, needing more detail in games. I give it 2 years before it starts to struggle with NEWER games.  I've been a PC gamer and console gamer for over 20 years now, I do KNOW what I am talking about. Go head fanboys down vote me, Even though I will end up with an X, it's the truth and you know it. And if you DONT, then you need to do some homework.
  • DavidinCT, when that happens 3 years from now, the Xbox One X2 will be anounced and just like a PC gamer that upgrades their outdated video card, Console gamers will once again upgrade to the X2. Give me your build for this PC with better graphics and upgradability and offset the cost(you eat the cost over $499) so that the total price minus shipping/tax is $499, and dont forget, it has to be no bigger than an xbox one S. I also hope you realize that a nice PC gaming rig can only do graphically well what its limited to do. In other words, the PC gaming rig that you have now IS NOT the same as the one you had 20 years ago. Not the same CPU, GPU or MB... Whereas you prioritize upgradability and graphics, console gamers get to prioritize cost and ease of use. If a console cant match your better graphics and upgradability then a PC cant match cost nor can it match ease of use. You nor steam can give me back the hours of troubleshooting I had to do on a $2000 gaming VR rig because developers of the steam VR app and game developers decide to release updates for their software that apparently isnt quite compatible with my particular gaming rig h/w along with the other multitudes of PC h/w combinations.
  • Go back and watch the Project Scorpio reveal trailer. They clearly state that this one is for THE FANS. Let me translate that for you. "We are a Multi-Billion-Dollar company with a games division that would not be what it is today without you, the FANS. You guys have stuck with us from the original XBOX to the XBOX 360 to the XBOX ONE. You guys have been with us through thick and thin, even when our competitor released a more capable console than what we offered. You gave us your loyalty when you didn't have to, you spoke loud and clear and we heard you. To show our appreciation for all that you've done for us; We are going to take our BILLION dollar market cap and muscle and build for you, THE FANS, the most powerful console ever created. Something that you cannot match point for point with an amazon account and spare time. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we've enjoyed creating this for you. Love Microsoft"  If you still dont get it after that translation then there is simply no hope for you.
  • P.S. To the PC gamers(aka master race), thank you for making us the #1 O/S platform for PC gaming, second to none... See you in November!!!
  • Why is this silly debate continuing? It's two separate worlds, sure on occasion they may intersect but console gamers are on console for a reason and PC gamers are on PC for a reason. Personally, I prefer a console since I would rather plotz myself in my recliner, in front of my 55" 4k, HDR TV, and play a game or two. If my wife wants,to watch a movie or binge on her latest dirty secret we can do that too. I'm not holed up in the den on a desktop with no interaction with the rest of the family.
  • I agree, PC rig runners simply refuse to recognize, ease of use....they love to quickly point out paying for online gaming and upgradability, but refuse to accept cost and ease of use, specifically with the XOX. I like responding cause it makes them angry...
  • People need to understand a few things about GPUs. Terraflops are important. But nowhere near what you think. Memory bandwidth is the BIGGEST thing for resolution. And available memory. Terraflops is just the speed of the processor on the card. But that information has to come from the VRAM. And the bandwidth is how fast that Memory is. You can have 20 terraflops in a card with 200gb/sec and a card with 5 terraflops and 300gb/sec would outperform it. The card has to be balanced. The One X has officially 6.2 terraflops, 9gb available memory soon to be 10. Abd 326gb sec bandwidth. The 1070GTX Geforce card is 6.49 terraflops, has 8gb Ram and 256gb/sec bandwidth. That's not to mention MS have a new tech for power control across its memory. And its easy to see why the One X handily beats 1070 GTX with fair ease. People going off Terraflops only haven't got a clue. And that's why they won't be able to accept or know why developers are now pouring out of the woodwork with games hitting 4K native with room to spare for better visuals. Even some games like Titanfall2 are hitting 6K native as we speak.
  • Could not have said it better...
  • Consoles are supposed to be cheaper, you have more expensive games. What bothers me more is fact that only two Xbox One X games showed on E3 ran at native 4K. Other used some form of reconstructive technique, such as checkerboarding, which is usually used on PS4 Pro. However, Pro is 100 USD cheaper.
  • Not quite accurate. Most games shown at E3 ran on PC equivilant specced. Devkits were only received in some cases 1 month before E3. This week alone, 3 developers have come forward and are stating just how powerful it is now they have spent some time with it. One of the big ones is Ark Survival devlelopers. Ark Survival as many know is MASSIVELY challenging foe PC high end rigs to run. The developer has stated that Ark Survival will run at 1080p 60 fps on One X with Epic settings from PC all present. For comparison the developer says that the Ps4 Pro version is 720p@60fps and only running medium settings. Now the One X is running that game comparable to a PC rig running a 1080TI with 16gb ram. The F1 2017 Dev this week stated the One X version is 4K60FPS. And they are adding all the effects to Ultra level. On top of that Titanfall 2 is up and running this week on One X at 6K resolution!!!!!!!!!!! E3 was representative. Only now are we hearing and seeing just how much power it really has. And developers are confirming its way past what we all thought from E3. The only titles not having huge advatages over PS4 Pro is the titles which have a paid marketing deal with Sony. Like Destiny 2, COD and Battlefront 2. The rest all are having HUGE upgrades over the PS4 pro.
  • You are comparing Very old mid range cards to an a xbox that will be available by the end of this year
    at that time AMD Vega and Nvidia Volta based card will be available
  • I'm comparing to cards people in this thread claim are about equal to One X. Which they aren't even close.
  • While comparing the teraflop rating of a closed console (that hasn't even been released) with that of a graphics card is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, it can at least give us an idea of what sort of GPU power level we need to aim for. As with the Xbox One, Microsoft is using custom parts made by AMD, with 40 customised compute units at 1172MHz. While you can't get an exact match, the closest graphics card available on the PC is the AMD RX 480. The good news is that this GPU still uses AMD's older Polaris technology, rather than it's cutting edge Vega tech, so prices are pretty affordable. The AMD RX 480 comes with 4GB or 8GB of GDDR5 memory, and if your budget allows, we'd recommend going with the higher amount. The Xbox One X's GPU runs at a very impressive 1172MHz, which the AMD RX 480 can beat. If you've got a decent cooling solution, you can also overclock it as well - check out our guide on how to overclock your graphics card. My rx480 runs 1434MHZ -out of the box--
  • Wow that's a terrible article. If you build PCs do NOT listen to them. And in fact i so far off the mark its embarrassing for that site. RX480 cannot even remotely run Ark Survival at 1080p 60fps with medium settings turned on. The developer from Ark Survival has confirmed the One X is running the game equivilant to a PC with a 1080ti GTX card and 16gb ram. I'm sorry mate. That article is really poor. The RX480/580 are not 4K cards. The memory on those cards are in line with the PS4 Pro. Not the Xbox One X. At E3 we already learned more about the memory control. And the fact its a MS designed tech means no PC card currently uses it. If the One X was the equivalent of an RX480/580 1060 GTX or even a 1070GTX it would struggle like mad to do 4K. Even with current Xbox One level visuals. Here is what a PC developer has said. "If you think about it, it’s kind of equivalent to a GTX 1070 maybe and the Xbox One X actually has 12GB of GDDR5 memory. It’s kind of like having a pretty high-end PC minus a lot of overhead due to the operating system on PC. So I would say it’s equivalent to a 16GB 1070 PC, and that’s a pretty good deal for $499.”
  • One game with a shity optimization for pc don't mean anything  Several games on xbox x  will run 30FPS and the other will lower the rez beacuse the gpu canot run demending 3d party games at 4k native  +60fps  the same as 1060 or 1070
  • It's well known Ark Survival is hard to run on any hardware. Because its an online player intensive game. Some bases are just massive. Because the environments are not controlled by the developer. You can tell its been optimized on One X by the fact that Ps4 Pro tops out at 720p @ 60fps with medium PC settings. The only 3rd parties that say they haven't optimized are Bungie and Ubisoft. EA have got many of their games running on One X at 4K with pc high end graphical fidelity. FIFA, NBA, Need For Speed, Battlefront 2 is also getting native 4K. Bungie have a deal with Sony and Ubisoft I've already mentioned are currently just using the Pros visuals for One X.
  • Ark is a bad example because that game is even terribly optimised on the PC, it feels like the developers only care about the X and that's it, everything else is an afterthought. Ubisoft are actually making optimisations to games, Assassin's Creed Origins has a few improvements over the PS4 Pro version, not as significant as Shadow of War, but they are there.
  • So to all the PC guys here. If you can build a PC that games at 4k, 60fps for around $1000, why are you dropping over $2000 for a "Gaming" rig? Are you really gaining any significant abilities?
  • 144fps
  • Not with an RX480/580 or 1060 GTX card your not. You will be lucky to get 1440p @ 60Fps.
  • He said 2000$ gaming rig!!! 144fps easy
  • I know. But you keep earlier making out an RX480/580 and 1060GTX is better than the One X GPU. When a well known PC developer has said otherwise. In fact those cards can't run Ark at 1080p 60fps. Especially not on Epic Settings. When One X is doing that right now.
  • People need to get a grip.
  • Gtx1070 will run the new AC 4K(Native 35-50fps) and xbox x will lower the rez and 30fps locked
  • Ubisoft already stated that this years games won't be optimized for One X. They will just run the Ps4 Pro visuals. They felt there wasn't time. But it just makes them look incompetent. Other developers are all coming out saying actually how easy it is with the devkit being alot better. Apparently Bioware are now absolutely confident Anthem will be Native 4K and have ultra pc settings. Ubisoft are the same developers that downgraded Watchdogs if I remember.
  • Whoever said money cannot buy happiness did not know the price of a gaming PC! <- true story
  • Umm do they know that these are sold at a LOSS, technically MS cannot build the Xbox at that price point. They make the money up on game sales xbox subscriptions.
  • We don't really know though. Because MS have a deal with all the component companies they get the parts at a massive discount that consumers can't remotely come close to individually.
  • This is not known, or even really speculated right now. The 360 and PS3 were sold at losses, but the XB1 and PS4 were not (they were parted out to be something close to breakeven, maybe a slight profit). They save a LOT in the bulk buying of parts. Yes, they make most of their moeny from software and services (and now, microtransaction garbage), but thes most recent trends suggest that MS and Sony are following Nintendo's lead in NOT selling hardware at a loss.
  • Yeah, but when you consider that the PC games are free, the PC becomes the better deal.
  • PC Games are free?
  • 😅😅😅
  • We got to also consider that PC gaming is