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Subtle changes noted in latest Windows Phone 7 UI at TechEd2010

TechEd North America 2010 is going this week and Long Zheng of iStartedSomething is there to document that happenings.

This morning he posted some photos of the latest build of Windows Phone 7, which we haven't seen yet. Clearly and obviously Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on the OS and even parts of the UI, making it look even better today than 4 months ago.

Worthy to note is how the lock-screen text is now smaller to fit on the screen (but looks like this was done for the ReMix events), which Long Zheng comments a lot of people disfavored. Also, the Marketpalce and Outlook "tiles" have been updated with a new look, plus overall changes to icons and other subtle bits.

Head over to check his full photo stream and begin fantasizing what it will be like to use in-real life.

[via iStartedSomething]

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  • I really wish you could add depth to the tiles so they didn't look so flat. A few simple 3D'ish themes for them would be nice.
  • I think I'd be fine with the tiles if you could change their color or maybe make them have transparency and allow you to set an image for the whole background (maybe making them less transparent when new information for a tile shows up).
  • You can change the tile color already, from blue to red to orange to w/e I guess. But yeah, transparency would be interesting I guess. I for one wouldn't use it (eyes aren't that great) but i can see why some would. I hear that if you unlock it though, like devs will be able to (root it basically) that it'll allow for more tweaks to the UI so I expect we'll get these sorta options unlocked in the future for sure.