Sunday fun: Windows Mobile 6.5 on a Palm Treo 750

I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Palm Treo 750 — my first smartphone. Felt great in the hand. Tremendous keyboard. Great on calls (at least for me). And so I get a warm feeling in my tummy seeing a video like this.

The 750 was passed over for an update to Windows Mobile 6.1, but of course the chefs at XDA Developers took care of that. And now we see a 6.5 build on the venerable ol' phone.

Of course, hacking your phone is bad, unofficial, not necessarily legal, may cause joint pain and loosen teeth, is not safe for small children and some animals, and almost assuredly won't help you with the opposite sex.

But it's nice seeing some new life breathed into an old phone.

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  • Why is everything sideways?
  • sorry about that i held the camera wrong
  • now lets get this on the 800w :)
  • "Of course, hacking your phone is bad, unofficial, not necessarily legal..." Hell, I think microsoft loves that XDA exists and hacks their OS (6.5 included). Windows mobile is usable and relative only because of non-microsoft intervention in manipulating their software.
  • Should this 6.5 build work on the Treo Pro? I'm not expecting that Windows will every offer a updated WM6.5 for existing Treo Pros.
  • just flashed my phone wit this stupid thing, but its a pirated copy of the softwear that expired 2010, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ITEM