Supercharge your electrical engineering career with this certification bundle

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Job markets change left and right. But regardless of how society changes and technology improves, electrical engineering remains an excellent, and potentially lucrative, career.

Supercharge your electrical engineering journey by making an investment in The Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle (opens in new tab). It's currently 95% off MSRP, available for just $59.99.

The bundle features 34 hours of extensive educational content on electric circuits, machines, power generation, electronics and more. Thirteen courses are included, ranging from the beginnings, like basic concepts of electrical circuits, to more advanced fare, like high voltage generation for electrical engineering.

Bankrate ranked electrical engineering (opens in new tab) the No. 5 most valuable college degree, with a median income of $99,000.

Electrical engineers can find jobs as hardware, software, robotics, avionics and more. This bundle could be the starting point to a remarkable career. And instead of paying nearly $1,300, you can get it now for $59.99.

WC Staff