SuperTrucks Offroad for Windows 10 makes slingin' mud even more fun

Available for Windows 10 PC, this free game has plenty of customizations and upgrades for your truck, a career mode that sends you across seven U.S. cities, and side events in which you can show off your truck handling skills.

SuperTrucks Offroad delivers detailed graphics, lively animations and challenging gameplay to your Windows 10 PC. It may not be your typical racing game, but overall SuperTrucks Offroad is quite fun.

SuperTrucks Offroad

What SuperTrucks Offroad is all about

SuperTrucks Offroad greets you with a brief tutorial on controlling your truck, upgrading things and customizing its appearance. This Windows 10 game has three game modes including Career, Challenge and Multiplayer. Each mode is progressively unlocked, and you begin gameplay with the Career mode, in which you must compete on a racing circuit.

Races are played in top-down arcade style, and to supplement the racing events you also compete in side events, such as obstacle courses, long jumps, and time trials. Controlling your truck is done through the keyboard, with the directional arrows handling steering and acceleration, the Z key activating your nitro boost, and the X key flipping your truck right side up should you tip over.

Track layouts vary from snow, mud, and sand with plenty of jumps, bumps, and mud pits to race your truck across. Multi-lap races require pit stops to refuel both your gas and nitro tanks. In addition to the pit stops, nitro charges and boost cards are scattered on the tracks to give you a few in-race powerups.

SuperTrucks Offroad

Each event nets you cash, and the boost cards collected are used to upgrade your truck. Upgrades can be done on the truck's engine, exhaust, tires, shocks, nitro, and pit crew (they speed the guys up). Along with the upgrades, you can use your cash earnings to paint your truck, add decals or change the tire sidewall style.

The game has potential

SuperTrucks Offroad

SuperTrucks Offroad is a Windows 10 game with a lot of potential. The game sports solid graphics and animations, and the three modes of play help keep things fresh. Having only one truck to race isn't terrible because you can customize the appearance to match your personal style. The upgrade process is simple and not too costly.

Where the game needs a little fine tuning is with the controls. For starters, if you are playing on a touchscreen device you are going to need to find a keyboard to play this game. A set of on-screen controls would do the trick and give the game some flexibility. If you have a keyboard handy, the directional arrows work well but could be a bit more responsive. Turning you experience a good amount of drift and in compensating it is easy to start zig-zagging around the track.

While there is room for improvement, overall SuperTrucks Offroad is an enjoyable game. If you have tried SuperTrucks Offroad, let us know what you think in the comments.

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