Surface Hub used during Ferrari's 2016 Formula 1 press conference

Microsoft's big Surface Hub touchscreen PC is once again being shown off to the public. While Microsoft has still not officially announced that it has begun shipping the Surface Hub, one of them was used today as part of Ferrari's 2016 Formula 1 press conference.

The press event was designed to introduce the 2016 F1 racing team for Ferrari and its new SF16-H. The Surface Hub is seen throughout the press event, and is actually used starting at the 5:20 minute mark in the video to point out several aspects of the new car by drawing on an image of the racing vehicle. At the end of the video, the members of the Ferrari F1 team sign their names on the Surface Hub.

Microsoft's latest PC was shown in action earlier this week as part of the revamped news studio for the KING TV station in Seattle. Microsft started taking pre-orders for the Surface Hub in mid-2015. Originally the 55-inch version was priced at $6,999 while the 84-inch version cost $19,999. However, in late December Microsoft boosted the prices for both models, with the 55-inch Hub now priced at $8,999, while the 84-inch version getting a price tag of $21,999.

Thanks to Federico for the tip!

Source: ATAHD (YouTube)

John Callaham