Swarm taps into Foursquare's roots, rolls out Mayorships again

Part of what made Foursquare so much fun, aside from telling everyone where you were, was the ability to claim Mayorship of a specific location, and that has come back to its Swarm app. People would fight over Mayorships, everyone wanted to be Mayor of all the places they visited, and now users can get back to fighting the good fight. Along with bringing the feature back, Foursquare has rolled out some rules for it as well.

The rules are simple: you'll be the Mayor of a place if you've checked in more than anyone else in the last 30 days. Only 1 check-in per day counts and ties go to the reigning mayor. We've been tallying all of your check-ins from the past month, so go see if you've already proven yourself worthy of the Mayor crown at your local spots.

If you are not already using Swarm, you can begin so now by downloading it for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Foursquare

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Jared DiPane

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  • I guess they saw their check-in numbers declining and felt the need to provide more motivation again.
  • Yup. I used to use Foursquare. I went to check in the other day, and it launched swarm. I don't want to swarm, I want Foursquare - like it was. I won't use Foursquare again ever now, too complicated. Pitty.
  • Bringing mayorships not gonna help either. I'm so done with foursquare/swarm.
  • This feature should've never been taken away but I'm glad it's back!
  • I with astroXP. It what made Swarm worth having.
  • Cool
  • I'm afraid I've moved on to Yelp! (yes, Yelp!) and Zomato.  Foursquare and Swarm ... I don't care for the direction they took with the split, but I definitely miss old Foursquare.  Good to hear they are at least reviewing feedback or usage data, though!
  • Yelp lost me when they left Windows Phone without the ability to post a review.  We can write the review on the phone, but can't post it.
  • ?? I can post reviews with the WP app, have been for ages....
  • Exact same situation with me, excluding Yelp.
  • Same here, moved onto Yelp... hoping for better support in the near future.  I like old foursquare suggestions but it's just messy and confusing to me at the time.  Separate apps is silly.  
  • I don't know why they thought the split was a good idea.
  • @RayWP7 >Foursquare and Swarm ... I don't care for the direction they took with the split, Agreed, in fact I just posted about this above. Totally dumb idea. Its effectively ruined Foursquare for me, and if it has for many others it might be the demise of the whole service. Very very bad idea the split.
  • Tried using yelp on WP and hated it. Maybe your right about foursquare but after getting used to the new set up I think I quite like swarm.
  • that will make me travellin' all the day along! good to see it back again in Swarm ;)
  • Can we expect an app update? or is this feature being pushed on the backend?
  • Wohooo mayorship again!!!
  • When mayorships left I left. Dont try to bring me back, its over. Too late like Nick Carter career.
  • No sign of an update yet :(
  • So the mayorship update for Windows Phone (along with iOS and Android?) isn't being released today
  • Actually, if you're running Windows Phone 8 the Swarm app doesn't work and you still get the classic version of Foursqaure with check ins, badges, points and mayorships
  • Update looks to be on the backend. I just checked in to a gas station and became the mayor.
  • Isn't that Sham Shabri in the photo?
  • I miss the old foursquare. Swarm is nothing compared to it. And why the hell do I need two separate apps on my phone if I could have one.