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Sweden begins airing colorful Nokia Lumia 800 ad

Nice to see the Nokia Lumia 800 getting some air-time, especially up in Sweden who just official launched the device, well, yesterday actually.

The above ad is from Swedish carrier Halebop, which we're told is owned by Telia (the largest carrier in Sweden). We've also been informed that, roughly speaking what is being said in the commercial is  "Dark and cold outside? Then I think it's time for a surprise, a mobile that is also social".

Certainly using the Lumia 800's colors against the black and white snow gives a great contrast and is quite eye catching.

Source: Wingadget SE

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  • i don't mean to be picky, but it would've been great if the live tiles were running!
  • Exactly what I was thinking.
    Otherwise WP looks kind of boring to new people.
  • Agreed with kidjenius.. Live Tiles is the USP of WP7
  • Good luck Nokia Lumia 800, hope you have great success in Sweden. Sorry you were not around here in the Philippines when I was ready to try WP7 more than a month ago so went for HTC Radar, w/c has only 1 GHZ single-core, but WP7 is pretty awesome in it!
  • as a filipino now living in canada, im glad to hear there's actually wp7 there in the philippines. what's interesting is that canada doesn't even have the htc radar, so im really concerned about the carriers here.
  • Bought my Lumia 800 in Sweden yesterday. They had 3x left in the store, and I got the last blue-coloured one! ^_^ Me love it long time!
  • Najs
  • At one of swedens biggest price comparison sites and such lumia is atm at 4th place :D
    Aswell check out the picture at first page. that picture is just great. it realy shows of the curves of the lumia 800. but they have snuck in a lumia 710 in the upper right corner :P
  • There's been alot of commercials these last few days,everything from newspaper to outdoor billboards,in the subway etc.Also heard from one carrier that the interest is pretty high.
  • From Sweden! I have a HTC Titan. Gotta love Sweden.