SwiftKey Beta for Android gains integrated Bing search

Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard on Android is getting some added functionality, with integrated Bing search implemented into the latest beta version of the application. Anyone can download it from the Play Store right now and take it for a spin.

In the bar above the word suggestions now you'll see a small search box on the left-hand side which, when tapped, pops out and allows you to perform a Bing search. It doesn't matter which app you're currently in as you won't have to leave it.

The feature is fairly basic, and not quite on the same level as Google's Gboard, but it certainly has its uses. From the web search which just pops up over your current app you can either share a URL or snap and crop a screenshot to do the same with.

It works pretty well for what it is, and it's a nice addition to SwiftKey.

The SwiftKey Beta also adds some language improvements, including a new Arabic layout. If you want to give it a whirl yourself, hit the Play Store and grab it at the link below.

See at Google Play

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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