T-Mobile to begin throttling speeds after 5GB cap is reached

Looks like T-Mobile is joining the ranks of other mobile carriers by imposing a 5GB cap on data starting October 16th, this is down from the original 10GB cap. On top of this, if you do go over the cap, you'll receive a text message of the overage and that your speeds will now be reduced, at least until your next billing cycle.

This will only have an effect on less than 1% of customers, according to T-Mobile and it is sitll better than AT&Ts 2GB cap.

Still, data caps and throttling speeds look to be the new norm as our phones keep getting more and more powerful (e.g. HD7, Dell Venue Pro)--sort of the exact oppposite of what we want and expect as paying customers. On the other hand, which is better: throttling speeds or charging money for each MB of going over your data plan (like Sprint, AT&T, etc)?

via T-MoNews

Daniel Rubino

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