T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810 evidently not getting LTE firmware upgrade

The other day, we doused some cold water on the rumor that the Nokia Lumia 810 on T-Mobile would get a firmware update to enable its LTE radio for that carrier. Seeing as the chipset is a SoC Snapdragon S4, it’s typical for such setups to have features there but not enabled (either by request, OEM choice or lack of proper APIs)—in other words, it’s totally plausible.

Reader of the site jgbstetson emailed the president and CEO of T-Mobile about the update and had his question pushed to the right people in the chain of command (much like Nokia, evidently you can get a response from the bigwigs at T-Mobile).

Responding to the question was Randy Meyerson (opens in new tab), Senior Director, Product Marketing at T-Mobile, who noted that such an update is not possible. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m following up as per my note last night.  Unfortunately, the Nokia Lumia 810 is not upgradable to LTE.  While it is true that it has a chipset that is LTE-capable in certain circumstances, the variant that was used in this device can’t be enabled for LTE.”

The notion of the Nokia Lumia 810 getting LTE started with Engadget back in late January and picked up some confirmation by a later FCC filing.

A few days ago, Windows Phone Daily had unofficial confirmation via a T-Mobile “rep” but as we all know, they can be heavily unreliable (and are usually the last told of changes). Things went even more downhill when during a recent press release T-Mobile spoke about future LTE devices and current ones getting an update. Only the Note II was announced (and subsequently updated) with no mention of the Lumia 810.

Now with the Senior Director of Product Marketing saying that it can’t (or won’t) be done, it seems to put the kibosh on any hopes for an LTE enabled 810, at least via an upgrade. We suppose T-Mobile could still opt for a “Lumia 810S” or some model variant with the proper LTE bands, but if they’re not seeing strong sales with that device, the impetus to do so could be lacking.

We’re not 100% ready to declare this dead, but we’re getting close. Sorry, folks.

Thanks, jgbstetson, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Oh well. I'm actually happy with the speed of my 810. I have no complaints with the phone at all. I can't miss what I never had.
  • Totally agree.
  • Agreed....i did a speed test the other day on my 810...16mb/sec download....not to bad.
  • By that logic you should never upgrade your phone either :p
  • Or get married, have kids, buy a car, an HD tv, etc.
  • Totally agree. I absolutely love this phone. It has great features at a nice price. I as well don't have complaints on speed but I am hopeful they will update it regardless.. :)
  • Currently the update it needs is the 3108, i want to try the other space remover
  • I hope T Mobile finally get a high end Windows phone!!!! A HTC 8X with LTE on T Mobile would be nice.
  • The HTC 8X is decent but not high end.
  • What is the definition of a high end phone? The ativ s, 8x, and 920 both run similar specs. So what makes one high end and the other not. (Besides popularity, favorability, etc.) I never really understood why some consider one high-end, and the others not. (FYI: I'm not being rude, I just always wanted to know.) Thanks. :)
  • I suppose defining a High-End product is up to the customer. I consider 8X as a High End product, it has a really good screen, it has beats audio and overall "style" of a High End device.
    It may not pack every bit good specs as Lumia 920 or even the Ativ-S but it definetly wrestles in the same league as those beasts.
    And it is downright the best that HTC has to offer for its Windows Phone community so why wouldnt it be a High End device...
  • That's what I was thinking....i just don't understand why some consider one high end and the others not when the specs are the same. 8x has LTE and wireless charging for some models, which some "high end" phones don't even have. I just think some forum rhetoric are things that my 4 yr old would say: "Your toy is not as good as my toy..." It's great that ppl love their devices and manufacturers, I just never understood the bashing, name calling (trolls, i sheep, etc.) and territorialism of mobile phones... I guess I'll never figure that one out. :)
  • Because NONE of its specs are the best offered on WP. None. 
    Best screen? Well biggest ATIV S but has PenTile but the 920 is bigger than the 8X.
    Storage: 920: 32GB, ATIV S: 16GB + SD, 8X: 16GB
    Battery: ATIV S wins
    Camera: 920 wins
    There basically is nothing the 8X is good at.
  • U must be high dude. Highest ppi and beats destroys Dolby. The 920 camera is very overrated. The 8x has the same camera as the One x which is at the top. I currently have an 8x and my 3 year old N8. The 920 camera is many miles behind it
  • Surley you aren't serious about the camera. My 920 is leagues ahead of any phone camera I've ever used. I go back to my 820 and its garbage compared to the 920. But i don't agree with the 8x comments, its a great phone and still has a pretty killer camera.people shouldn't comment on phones if you haven't physically used them yourself!
  • The 920 has a fantastic camera, but the best I've ever seen was on an 808 pureview. That being said, the phone itself was very underwhelming.
  • Dude my HD7 camera was barely ok. My dell venue pro was horrible. My 8X was good but it can't touch my 920
  • beats? the over bass shit is a highend requirement? No thanks.
  • Its tied with others on best CPU, memory, and video capabilities...the camera is good too but not as good as the 920. I think ppi might be the best with its smaller screen and pretty high resolution.
  • Ones higher than the other
  • LOL!!!! 8X not high end. Real funny......
  • Well the first thing is the measly 16GB of memory. Name one other high end phone that's capped at such a low spec. I have a Tmobile HD7 and a 8X. I'm not even sure I liked the 8X better. I always had to delete stuff to make room for something new. You shouldn't have to do that on a high end device. Kinda like calling a 4 cylinder car a muscle car. Needles to say I haven't had that problem with my 920.
  • But there are lots of other premium smartphones with 16GB. The Ativ S is is also considered a high end windows phone and it has a 16gb variant. Also, the I phone 5 has a 16GB variant as well...
  • Every phone you mentioned comes in a 32 GB variant except the 8X. Don't get me wrong I have one and it's decent. I just got tired of the hassle of always having to delete stuff to add new stuff. So I bought a phone that meets my higher needs. The 920.
  • I understand where you're coming from, but the 16GB variants are not considered mid or low range devices...If the 920 works for you than that's great, but that doesn't mean that just because another phone that doesn't meet your needs is not a premium phone....i hope I'm making sense here... :)
  • I feel you, I would have loved to have the 8X, but it's just an HD7 with a better screen. I will say this, the Nokia Lumia 810 is a bigger disappointment than the AMC Pacer.
  • Lotus Elise is a super car. A 4 cylinder with awesome 1/4 times. Power to weight ratio enables that. My 8X on T-Mo's unlimited data plan is the same. I don't HAVE to store locally. I stream music all day. I watch movies whenever I want on my gorgeous HD screen. I used 40+ GB THIS month. And it still only cost me $20 on my no contract plan. Supercar baby..
  • Right. He must be on bath salts
  • The 8x is a mid-range device that was forced fed as a high end device when HTC decided against releasing the Zenith. I have both the 920 and 8x and its not even close. The 920 has a faster screen refresh, camera, better build, Dolby that actually improves the audio unlike beats which seems to just be overloaded bass, ultra sensitive screen and a non-chipping paint job. Also has more memory and it only looks like a Lumia and not a Nokia knockoff.
  • Suppose but Nokia 920 would be better
  • +1 that's a true high end phone
  • I'm wondering why they had to bother with firmware updates at all and didn't ship with AWS LTE enabled right out of the box. It's not as if it's going to connect to a network that doesn't exist. And they've known for several months if not right after the AT&T/TMobile merger failed that they were going to deploy LTE in the AWS band.
    Poor planning I'd say.
  • Money. It's always about money (well, cost).
  • They've had an LTE variant passed by the FCC for 3 months: FCC
    It's important to note that different FCC model number = different hardware. There was never any hope for the current 810 to have LTE, especially when they already pushed through a different model that did.
  • "There was never any hope for the current 810 to have LTE, especially when they already pushed through a different model that did."
    Well, Engadget was told otherwise by T-Mobile prior to the FCC finding.
  • Still the best phone on TMo.
  • LTE wasn't scheduled to come to my area soon anyway.
  • No sir not even close
  • Yeah, you're right, the best phone is the iPhone 4 (sarcasm)
  • So glad I left TMobile
  • True. I hate paying lower prices.
  • dumb
  • I'm glad I bought a Rogers branded 920 for Tmobile.
    To be honest I'm so disappointed in Tmobile. They have the top 3 Android phones. G4, Note 2 and HTC One. Now there getting the iPhone 5. Where's a high end W8 phone? If Verizon is getting a 920 variant why isn't Tmobile or at least the Samsung ATIV S
  • Since when the the 8X not high-end? Confused.
  • If it's not a Nokia, it's not high end. Totally non-sensical I know but that's generally the rule around here. Even though 8X has the exact same specs as L920 sans internal storage.
  • Since it only has a weak 16 GB of memory. On my HD7 & 8X I constantly had to delete games/apps to make room to download new stuff. Not a issue on the 32 GB 920. That's what kills the 8X
  • Worse storage, worse camera, smaller screen, no wireless charging except the Verizon model. It beats the 920 at absolutely nothing.
  • Forgive me, but I'm just trying to understand....does a phone have to be measured against the Lumia 920 to be determined if its a premium phone? For instance, the BB Z10 has a smaller screen and a 16GB variant, yet is very much considered a premium smartphone... But just because its less than the 920, you say its not? What about the iphone 5, smaller screen, also comes in 16gb? You're definitely entitled to your own opinion, I just want to make sure I understand you correctly...
  • I like the smaller screen and the camera is wonderful. If u can't take good photos with it u don't know how to shoot. The 8x is the ish
  • ++++++++++kajillion
  • Beats it in sleekness...
  • You know it
  • you forgot about OIS, the bigger screen, the higher resolution, puremotion HD, the much better camera, dual LED flash, the gyroscope, the bigger battery, HERE Drive+, carl zeiss optics, nokia music and generally, the better build quality
    the 8x is much closer to the 820; it has a better resolution, more storage and a better FFC, the 820 has a gyroscope, dual-LED flash, carl zeiss optics, nokia software, a removable battery and removable storage (and maybe a better camera)
    don't get me wrong the 8x isn't a bad phone, but here, both phones are offered at the same price, and the lumia 920 is better
    BTW I don't consider either as high end, the 920 is better, but mid-range androids offer better specs for much less, still waiting for comparable windows phones, those great chipsets, more RAM and all that stuff
  • I respect your opinion, but I think you meant the 8X has the better resolution (340+vs 330+) and ffc (2+vs 1+). It just seems to me that there are lacking features in all 3 devices. Build quality to me is a matter of opinion, especially if you count the number of faulty devices some manufacturers have had. But the os specs are still the same...
  • And the 8x still run the same games and apps. I'm sorry but the 920 is no better no matter how u folks try to make it. The camera on the 920 is mediocre and its a brick. Crazy thing is I am a Nokia fan and have had several of their phones since 03, but this new windows Nokia fan club turning me against them. Before the HTC one it was said by many that the One X had the best screen on mobile. Which happens to be the same screen on the 8x.
  • I love my 8X's clarity & pop.
  • The 920 has an average camera...? No way. It is the best I've used on a mobile...
  • +1 brilliantly said (y)
  • Not one windows phone will get LTE. So stupid.
  • U must be on bath salts. 8x is high end any day all day
  • I hope no one here really uses bath salts...i saw a documentary about them, and its dangerous stuff... :(
  • Yeah. That's just bad ju-ju. Saw that dude in FLA who bit that guys face off while on bath salts on my awesome 8X..
  • Maybe you should ask Nokia why they are not giving T-Mobile a high end phone... At least HTC was kind enough to offer the 8X on 3 major carriers. Nokia just gave T-Mobile a mid tier 810 (which I love).
  • Anyone that's in those areas with LTE try inputting this apn and see if there is a difference in speed: Name: T-Mobile apn: fast.T-Mobile.com
  • I'm in a LTE area, but device was not updated to support LTE even though it's an LTE phone. Do you think it will still work?
  • Don't know, the 810 and 8x supposedly do support LTE from the supported bands.
  • I thought I read somewhere that they decided to update the GS3 to enable LTE... If so, then that would definitely shine a different light on why the non-update. There are other LTE capable devices that run t mobile's 3g/4g network, i.e. The HTC 8x. I wonder if those will be out of an update as well...
  • Its not a software update for gs3. Its actually a hardware variant that started selling within last wk or so.
  • Oh ok.
  • Ouch.
  • This is why we need to universalize our frequencies across carriers.
  • Go figure Europe figured this out a while ago...and get rid of CDMA while we are at it!
  • Absolutely!
  • What about the Build 920?
  • Well, Well, Welll, I'm not surprised! If Tmobile wasn't a cheap price carrier I will give them my golden Eagle finger.
  • Holy guac! They published it. Sucks for us but at least we know. C'mon Catwalk!
  • Ugh. I love my windows phone but hate tmobile! If they weren't giving me such a deal every month I would hop off in an instant
  • This is Nokia fault for not putting LTE in the device in the first place -.-
  • It has nothing to do with Nokia because It has LTE hardware
  • Not particularly surprised seeing as T-Mo US shafted 710 users by not offering 7.8.
  • And HTC Radar owners too.
  • Werd.
  • Are your saying "Weird" instead of "Werd"? I own an HTC Radar and T-mobile didn't give any update to 7.8.
  • I moved to an 8X after I spiderwebbed my Radar. The move was cheaper than going thru the insurance. Just saying. Proud 8X owner
  • Why not just use the cab update and call it a day
  • Kind of glad they didn't hearing some have issues with live tiles and there was even an article here showing there was no real performance increase going from 7.5-7.8
  • So get yourself the new joint like I did. I'm off contract with a financed, not subsidized 8X. Classic unlimited with nationwide unlimited 4G data. Cheaper then my old plan, and I've no worries about data caps. I'm over 40gb THIS month. HSPA/GSM is the way to go...
  • I know it's nice to have LTE and all that, but really, a nice HSPA "4G" connection is plenty fast and the times you'd notice a diff is for very large file transfers, which is generally something people try to avoid on mobile networks due to data transfer limits.  
    The lack of LTE was never even an issue for 0.00001 seconds in my decision to get an 810.  You all talk about the 810 as if it's a dog slow device.  It's not.  I don't notice any speed diff between my 810 and my LTE 920.  What the heck are you guys doing that makes you feel like you need to whine about a couple mbps here and there?  
  • Its all about 1st world problems. Some folks just NEED something to B!tch about.
  • +1000
  • They're also dropping that incredibly hot Canadian Brunette from their ads. Obviously T-Mobile doesn't know how to make a good decision on anything!
  • I think its Carly that needs to drop T-Mobile like a bad habit... =/
  • My HD7 had comparable speeds compared to my 920 for half the price per month
  • Hmm... That's not so very UNcarrier-like...
  • LOL.... I guess if they stop referring to themselves as a "carrier" then they don't have to worry about updates... I hope this is not a sign for what's in store for the future!
  • Given the state of their LTE network right now, I wouldn't be too critical of the situation with 810 LTE support. But their future WP phones better be LTE enabled from the get go.
  • T-Mobile is DEAD! >=(
  • Boooooooooo
  • Crap I was really getting excited to get my 810 updated for lte. Oh well I'll wait for the Catwalk.
  • I phone 5 or lumia 810?
  • Or catwalk?
  • Just choose a different carrier :)  You'll have a wider selection of phones, regardless of OS.
  • She does not look good in those tights. She looks bony. The bike looks good though.
  • I like more meat to grab onto too. Feeling that
  • Well... Looking at the bright side... Don't LTE phones tend to go through batteries faster than your standard HPDSA+?
    Eitherway.  I'm not hurting for speed, but this really doesn't excuse TMO for going back on their word.  Also while I'm complaining I want Zeta-Jones back as the face of TMO. 
  • Now that is a good looking woman. Damn you Michael Douglas!!!!
  • What I don't get is why can't T-Mobile have received SoC's in their special version of the Lumia 820 that was LTE ready, especially since big magenta already knew which signal bands they're going to use for their new high-speed network.
    If above statement is not applicable, perhaps T-Mobile can request to start having Nokia Lumia 810's built with a snapdragon CPU that supports LTE bands. It could be similar as to how T-Mobile sold their newer Galaxy S2 phones equipped with NFC capability after the feature became popular and was available.
  • Tmobile loves Android more than Windows Phone, and I am not surprised.
  • They all love Android, but AT&T loves the iPhone more, since they got it first.
  • Is the 810 on any other carrier with LTE? Say in Canada or something? Wouldn't you be able to update the firmware for another carrier?
  • Sorry guys, I'm from Australia and confused.
    Everyone is saying the 810 is not getting 4G, but on tmobiles homepage there is a 4G icon next to it??
  • Not 4G.. LTE. Different
  • Why tmobile sell bb z10 but no high end WP. Also, why cant't all cariers have the same wp devices like they do with BB and iphone... Just have a deal with nokia sell lumia 928, then everyone is happy.
  • asdf
  • I think I'm leaving tmobile all together.
  • Just watched "The Call" tonight on my T-Mo 8X....... Just saying.
  • "The good news is you can buy another one of our phones"
    That's basically what the TMO guy said
  • 8x high end? Lmao...get real. Its a mid range device, even in the HTC lineup.
  • Its up there. How about you get real...
  • Just bought L810 after this post, thanks.
  • So glad I dumped those clowns for AT&T and my 920.  It's more than worth the extra 20 bucks a month.
    I wasted 10 years with them for cheaper monthly service.  Rotten network, mediocre devices, incompetent customer service and venal management.  That's T-Mobile in a nutshell.
  • Well not everyone has had your experience. Plus there's plans that T-Mobile offers that AT&T doesn't. My mom added unlimited calls to Mexico for an extra $10 month. Guess what? AT&T don't offer that. They offer some stupid Latino plan and it cost way more and not to mention its not even unlimited... So I agree with Lights Out, keep your worthless opinion to your self!
  • Wow. I never knew there were so many mindless TMO drones here, with no capacity to accept criticism of their One True Carrier, one that I had years of experience with. This must be the wireless equivalent of battered spouses; they only treat me so poorly because they love me. Feel free to fuck off now.
  • You act like AT&T is any better.... Most of their plans just mirror what Verizon does anyways. I'm extremely satisfied with the service I have gotten over the years. Your "battered" experience with T-MO is not a representation of what every T-Mo customer faces. AT&T is probably the reason no other carrier has a high end Nokia. Truth be told people will have different experiences with different providers. Glad you're happy. That's why we have options. Besides that you called me "mindless" for my choice of carrier so go fuck yourself.
  • AT&T is much better. Faster data rates, better devices and much, much better customer service. T-Mo' customer service is a joke. I waited for a customer service rep for over an hour and a half and I actually drove to the local TMo store at the mall while still holding. The idiot rep told me I was lying about the hold times while I was still holding for a rep! I even started taking screenshots and sharing it on FB to show just how bad TMo is.
  • That's why tmobile sucks! A service which you can't even get a signal lol...
  • Actually I'm fine with the speed now, so I don't care. What I want I the danm 1308 update, so I free some space, I can't even install gameloft new games.
  • Is T-MOBILE HTC 8X windows phone getting Firmware upgrade or anything for LTE ?
  • I doubt that T-Mobile will have LTE in my hometown within the next 50 years so I'm not all that bummed.