Lumia 810

The Lumia 810 on T-Mobile US is preparing itself for a massive boost in speed with the mobile operator revealing possibility of a software update to enable LTE connectivity. Unfortunately there's no timeframe as to when consumers will be able to take full advantage of the boost in speed with the 4G network utilisation, but an FCC filing adds more fuel to the fire with a possible date.

The Lumia 810 is noted as RM-878, but there's another entry on the FCC website - RM878X. X marks the spot, right? The spot of possible LTE support and perhaps other upgrades. The latter has passed testing for the LTE 1700 frequency, which is on T-Mobile. This leads us to believe that future Lumia 810 handsets sold on T-Mobile will be LTE capable out of the box, with current hardware lining up for the software update.

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The RM-878X certainly is a mysterious listing, but with a confidentiality date of June 24th, this could show signs of when we can all expect to see the Windows Phone sport LTE. We'll keep our eyes open for more details surrounding T-Mobile, the Lumia 810 and the mobile operator's LTE network.

Source: FCC, via: NokiaPowerUser; thanks, Sunny, for the tip!