T-Mobile pops up support page for HTC One M8 for Windows

We reported last week that the HTC One M8 for Windows should, according to a leaked document, land on T-Mobile on November 9th. Well, things seem to be heating up even further, as the carrier just posted their support page for the device, signaling that its release should come any day now.

If you're looking for a fairly high-end Windows Phone device, the HTC One M8 for Windows should fit the bill. The device, which originally sported Android, packs a 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and a 5-inch HD display.

Are you excited for the M8 for Windows to hit the magenta carrier? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our unboxing of Verizon's flavor of the device.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

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  • https://explore.t-mobile.com/htc-one-m8-windows-phone
  • I think WC included a link, by thanks.
  • Hopefully it will be an "affordable flagship"...  Unlike the att one...
  • Im praying for the L830 to come to Tmobile but if it doesn't the M8 will be my next phone. Actually just went to Tmobile today trying to find out any information about either phone and they had none. Then again, of the 5 emplyees (yes 5,  I was surprised, lol), only one knew that the Microsoft Store was opening down from them.
  • You can buy the, Lumia 830 unlocked from, Rogerswireless for $399 free shipping. It supports all the T Mobile U.S bands. I receives mine last week and love it.
  • Unfortunately, buying out right is not an option or I'd have already been all over a L1520
  • You paid more for the 830 than you could've got the 1020 for? I can't wait for the 1020 successor.
  • Not everyone cares for the 1020. I personally like the look of the 830 over all of them and specs and camera are just fine for me. So yea, I'd grab an 830 over the 1020.
  • Yeah I understand that especially with the hardware(as far as being limited for future software and hardware advancements) being limited but to pay $400 for an 'affordable flagship' just seems like a rip-off to me. But the 830 is a sweet looking device.
  • Thats new rogers never sells low end 1st batch phones unlocked
  • Will the Rogers one have the WiFi Calling feature that T-Mobile puts into their ROMs? (I have terrible T-Mo signal at work, but excellent WiFi everywhere.) The T-Mo 635 has WiFi Calling, but I don't think that it's available with the 635s sold by other carriers or the country variants.
  • Wi-Fi calling is a failure. I had to uninstall that crap from my 521
  • Hmm... It works perfectly fine on my 925. Well, it did before I installed 8.1 via DP and then again after the Cyan update from last week. No complaints except that my mom complained that I was going in and out on her end when we were on the phone while I was connected to Wi-Fi calling.
  • Cyan fixes it
  • Wifi calling comes in handy when you are out of the country. Just disable it if you don't to use it.
  • None of their wm devices have had uma just bb & a nokia flip phone
  • But it want have the Tmobile WiFi app. I have the ATIV S from Rogers and hate that it's missing this app.
  • Wait!! I need more details on this lol LTE works!? and whats the exact model number on your lumia 830? RM what??
  • Just go to Rogerswireless.com and order the Lumia 830. They sell the Penta Band one, and it works perfectly on, T Mobile. You won't be disappointed!!!!
  • Your link takes to you a spam page.  Fail.
  • RM-985
  • Does mobile hotspot work for you? I want to buy from T-Mobile to guarantee mobile hotspot support
  • As long as you have Access Point App Internet Sharing is not a problem for Nokia Devices. Also depending on Hardware like the 1520 it doesn't need this app as it's built into the software.
  • How do you do this? I tried ordering from Rogerswireless but it asks me to select a plan. How do you buy the phone without the plan? Tips or steps will be highly appreciated :)
  • That's the 830, not the HTC One, which is a full-blown flagship device. ;)
  • I know which is which I promise you.
  • Dude, you think like I think. Fingers crossed tmo 830
  • I can't wait to get hands on with both the M8 and the 830! Come on Friday, get here already!!!
  • Is the T-Mobile version (or AT&T one) gonna be GSM-Unlocked like the Verizon one?
  • Nope. You would have to use the T-Mobile one on their network for 40 days before they would unlock it for you. The AT&T one? Good luck getting that unlocked. They're not nice about unlocking phones, so who knows when or even if they would unlock it for you.
  • I see, I'm thinking about importing one (Not a US resident) & looks like I might end up getting a Verzion one since its GSM unlocked. Thanks :)
  • I see, I'm thinking about importing one (Not a US resident) & looks like I might end up getting a Verzion one since its GSM unlocked. Thanks :)
  • You wont be able to use MMS, as its locked down on Verizon's phone and there is no way to change the APN
  • Yea I heard about that. Thanks :)
  • It's likely not a big deal if it's not unlocked. T-Mobile it's pretty easy with their unlock policy. They don't make you wait until the end of your contract like AT&T does.
  • Cool, that's great to hear, thanks :)
  • Excited? Yes and no. A little sad that this is my only option for upgrade from my Lumia 925. Maybe if this sells well they will carry another Lumia high end device....
  • Pure awesomeness
  • If you're on T-Mobile and get the jump plan you can upgrade whenever as long as half the value of the phone is paid off and its on good working condition. That's why I got the Z3 last week. I get to explore Android and IF the 1020 successor is not another exclusive I will get that when it comes out. And $26 extra/month is almost unnoticeable on my budget.
  • Man, happy I don't have to live on budget
  • So happy I got the original Jump 1 plans. I don't have to pay half. I just traded my note 3 for a 4 and I got $552 knocked off the price. 2 jumps a year no matter what my balance is.
  • Really? That's grandfathered? They changed it quite quickly... I was told at TMO that I had to pay half. But tho reps are retards lol
  • It's 6 months OR pay off half the device value.  Basically, if you bought your phone on January 1, you can jump on July 1 normally, or any time before that if you've got 1/2 the value of the phone paid.  As far as "good working order" goes, Jump! is also insurance. So you enter the claim, and they give you the credit when the repaired device comes back.
  • If your looking for EIP, just get a 830, its a decent upgrade from the 830, or just get a 1020.  400bucks and ours works on tmobiles LTE.
  • An 830 is a decent upgrade from an 830? Lol...
  • lol upvoted for the catch, decent upgrade for the 925, it basically is the 925 of today, good cam, good specs, bigger screen, camera has been upgraded and beat the 925 in a straight comparo.  Plus the chip allows for extra stuff.
  • Nokia exclusive apps -1
  • I don't wanna wait lol.
  • Unfortunately talking with T-mobile it will be available (Whenever that is.. they dont know YET.. WTF) only online. Meaning they bought just enough for those of us WP users that complained.. but they are ignoring WP again. I sware if Verzion or AT&T would have comparable plans to T-mobile I would have left a while ago. 
  • The phone will be released by November 9.
  • Free Xbox music and I'll have no choice but to be on T-Mobile!
    More phones for all! They need the 830 too though.
  • I bet this is when softcard launches on T-Mobile for WP.
  • The question for me though is price......
  • Will go tot he store right by my work and check it out as soon as they get it though.
  • This is good news❗❗❗
    But, will this device be properly pushed, and advertised❓ ...... Most likely not.
    But, what I'm really interested in seeing is the gap between the release of the M9A, and the M9W... Those two new devices are what are going to show how serious MS, and it's partners currently are about WP..
  • Chances are that if the M8W doesn't do well the M9W won't be released until the M9A sales dwindle down.
  • Well, no WP device period is going to do well in America because of poor marketing on MS's part... But, hopefully that will change before the M9 comes around.... We're looking at a M9W10 as far as I'm concerned.
  • So tempted to get the HTC M8 but I think I'll just wait it out. 2015
  • I'd wait it out!
  • I saw. ARLINGTON. Easier to respond in this thread.
  • You blame Microsoft but for the wrong reason. Up until now we haven't had a flagship device on all the big carriers. It doesn't matter how good the 1520, icon, 920, ATIV is. Being exclusively to one carrier is D.O.A.
  • That is definitely a big issue with WP, but it still wouldn't fix WP's adoption rate... It's not the core issue... Because, even if there were 3 nice WP devices, on every carrier in the US, with the popularity of iDroid, and very poor marketing of these devices, they still wouldn't not be moving off store shelves in a rate that would increase market share significantly in the next year...
    You are absolutely right about the availability of devices, and how it is a big issue with WP, but it is not the root cause of WP's extremely slow adoption over the past Almost 5 years...
  • How would you go about implementing a decent marketing scheme with WP?
  • First get a flagship device on all carriers.
    Then PROMOTE it. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Promote them at the rate WP devices have been promoted in the past❓❓❓
  • Simple... Do what Samsung, Apple, and Google do x 3... This isn't rocket science, and doesn't involve some abstract plan... It just involves MS actually doing what needs to be done...
    Now, you, yourself, go take a look at how other companies market their products, and at the rate they do it, and imagine MS doing even more... MS is doing less than they are right now, when in fact they should be doing more to make an impact on such a saturated market... Therefore, marketing is seriously inadequate for WP at this point.. There's no getting around it.
  • I wish it was as simple as "poor marketing" but I don't even think that's entirely to blame.  For instance, I live in Chicago, which is one of the biggest cities in the country.  I personally know 1 other person who owns a Window's Phone.  I have only seen (since WP7) maybe 100 other people using a WP device.  My mom had one for a month before getting rid of it.  My brother WORKS FOR MICROSOFT and he has a Note 4.   Driving/walking around the city, I do see plenty of billboards/ads for WP devices and I see a rather large amount of ads on tv.  Plus there are at least 8 Microsoft stores (that I have been to) in and around the city, which is actually more than the number of Apple Stores here (I believe there are only 7 total).  The problem is not a lack of marketing by Microsoft...it's a lack of marketing by US WP users.  Anytime I have a conversation about phones with anyone, I talk up WP devices and I have only converted 1 person.  Now I am not a good salesman but I just think we need to be better at talking up our devices.  My own wife is an Apple lover and I bad mouth Apple constantly, cannot get her to switch...although I did get her to buy and love her Surface 3 instead of a new iPad/apple laptop.   For instance those old samsung commercials showing the people waiting for the iPhone and then seeing someone with a Galaxy or Note device spring to mind.  I do see that happen in real life, people flaunting their device and someone asking about it.....but I never really see anyone inquiring about Windows Phones.   
  • FP x 1000... SMH... Ummmmm. Ok. Lol.
    "The problem is not a lack of marketing by Microsoft...it's a lack of marketing by US WP users"
    Look, man... I don't have time for your shenanigans today.. Lol❗
  • So it's my fault now?! WTF???
  • Lol!! What?
  • I'm a wp user. I didn't realized that the whole MSFT marketing relied on me.
  • Lol❗ Funny, because iDroid fans don't have that weight on their shoulders... Is he suggesting that WP is a pyramid scheme?.... Lol❗
  • Agree, there will no commercials and very little advertisement.
  • Yup been in our docs for about week now.
  • You work at tmo?
  • I do
  • Well, you will be the closest thing we have to official. I'll be looking for you on TMO stuff. I remember your name from some time ago. I was Peg Leg, but forgot what email I had used to log in when WC was updated!
  • Yup no worries.  I am still hoping for MS to talk about the 1525, i got to see it in the wild by an MS employee who was doing jobsite product stuff for when the 635 was being introduced.  The screen was great.  I dont believe in 1080p above for screens on phones but its 6in did look lovely with the higher resolution.  Sadly i couldnt hold it to check on the extras+info.  Did get a nice look at the 2520 that is sold to business lines.  And they had the xbox one on display too.  We liked it so much we now have a xboxone in the media room to play on breaks etc.
  • So, is the 9th the accurate for the launch? Will it be available in stores? Someone from the Issaquah store said it would be online only.
  • Yes. I remember reading an earlier post you made about 1520 by a rep and it was hands off. Also, in another post, someone doubted your assertion. Are you working in a store or corporate? Just wondering because of the media room.
  • Is it better than my Lumia 925
  • Yes and thats what I am upgrading from.
  • Except the camera.
  • From the camera tests I've seen, it'll smoke the 925 camera.
  • Paul Thurrott doesn't have too great of things to say about the 830, and he says the camera is "less impressive than he had hoped" http://winsupersite.com/windows-phone/att-finally-announces-lumia-830-pr... I personally would take the 925 over the 830 any day of the week.
  • It is basically a new 925 for the day.  Great camera, good screen, it adds sd support, larger display and a better quality camera.  That site you posted does nothing. Here is a side by side comparo.  830 wins daylight or night. http://www.nokiapoweruser.com/2014/10/13/lumia-830-vs-lumia-925-low-light-camera-stills-comparison/comment-page-1/ http://www.nokiapoweruser.com/2014/10/12/on-popular-demand-lumia830-vs-lumia-925-daylight-camera-stills-comparison/
      The 925 still has the better gpu, but the cpu in the 830 wins hands down
  • I don't care. I don't have plans on buying either device, but I've been a fan of the 925 since the first time I used one. Its $100 dollars cheaper than the 830 also.
  • Cheaper with technically outdated specs, so it better be cheaper.  I run the 925 as my daily driver, since it first came out, and currently own 4 of them.  I love it.  But the 830 is just that extra step above.  For me, $100 doesnt mean much and it guaruntees updates and newer stuff, like the 4k video and denim and other things.  I would gladly trade my 925 in.
  • Yeaaaa....
  • I'm going to have to go to the store and check it out first but it is definitely a possibility.
  • Meh, don't care for HTC anymore.
  • It's okay HTC doesn't care about you either but thanks for posting in a HTC thread you care nothing about.
  • Be cool if it hits the UK but im super happy with the 830
  • I've decided to get this. While at a local T-mobile store today the girl helping me let me see her HTC One M8 Android. It's a beauty of a phone. Of course she didn't know about the Windows model, but she did say her HTC One M8 was the best phone she'd ever owned.  The One M8 will be my last Windows phone purchase for a while. I'm going to wait and see what Microsoft is going to market next year with Windows 10. I'm excited about the possibilities but I'm keeping my expectations low.
  • I know plenty here at work that have switched from the s4 and s5 to the m8 and loved it.  I use it alot during work and like it.  Just so hard to give up my 925, gonna wait and see if my impulse kicks in or not.
  • I need something I need a refresh. Tired of this 925. I asked tmobile if it was coming out this week and they didn't confirm
  • I originally thought I would hold out for the next Lumia, but I spent about 20 minutes with the Verizon version at the Microsoft store over the weekend and changed my mind. I like the phone.
  • The phone is nice, played with it at Microsoft store, and I might gets this if 830 doesn't come or take too long.
  • Its not a good sign when the manager of the Tmobile store has no idea when the M8 is arriving, the interwebs are saying, "hey guys Nov 9th!". We knew the day and time to the millisecond that the iPhone 6 and S5 would be out 6 months before.
  • That's only because the employees that do not use Windows do not know jack about it. I had to get a 635 because my Lumia 810 lost sound, so my optins were a 521 or 635. I didn't want either but needed something. The saleswoman flat out said, "I do not know anything about those Windows phone."  SMH, Shouldn't you know about all the products that your company offers?
  • Will it be better than my Lumia 925?
  • On pretty much every single metric, except for glance and camera button.
  • Ok cool!
  • Yes it will, all the specs are higher and it's likely to get Hey Cortana support.
  • What's this FAIRLY high end stuff? It's only real competition in the Windows Phone space are the 1520 and 930! You don't get more high end than the One!
  • As much as I'd love to have an insanely powerful device running WP, I'm a bit skeptical to buy the M8 knowing how T-Mo treated the 8x
  • But, the M8 is already an established phone, just with a new OS...so it shouldn't be like the 8x...IJS
  • That support page will be useless. All the troubleshooting information is related to the HD7 and Zune.
  • Hey! I have an HD7!.. and a Zune!
    Don't use em, but I have em!
  • I assume the content are place holders.Surprised that they would publish the site before the phone is actually available, but who knows what their publishing cycle is like.,
  • 930!
  • T-Mobile HTC 8X has no GDR3...
  • The hype is real for me
  • I have my HTC Radar still now, and I just called to exchange it out for a Lumia 521 through T-Mobile. So since I'm getting that for free, or like $5 through warranty, I think I'm very likely gonna wait out for a W10 phone 6-7 months from now. So now I'm all excited, yay! :)
  • Since there aren't any other options on T-Mobile, I am getting this on day one.
  • It's seeming more and more likely that McClaren was cancelled out of some deal with HTC to get them to make this phone--as in, "we'll cancel our flagship phone if you give us HTC One, then we'll market it like hell".
  • Hope this phone sells well just for the sake of WP market share
  • I think I'm going to wait it out for a Micro Lumia device in 2015.... stuck on mix radio and other Lumia features that I would miss... by that time I will be ready to jump twice
  • This phone will make a lot of WP people on Tmo happy.  It is a really well built handset.
  • I know this thread is for the ONE but can just flat out buy a Rogers Lumia 830 and use my tmo SIM. Or does it still need to be unlocked?
  • CAN.NOT.WAIT!  I check everyday to see if it will be released early!