T-Mobile Shadow II Hits FCC

Though it's (presumably) later than originally intended, the T-Mobile Shadow II has finally landed on the FCC's approval list. Sure, the documents were submitted back in June, but these things take time.

As you can see from the photos above and below, we're looking at a pretty hot little job here. Not enough for you? There's a full manual to hit up as well, though we're hoping that the lack of @home references in there is a sign that it's not a final version of the manual, not that the feature has been stripped. Luckily, the boys at phonescoop noted that there's a separate battery life listing for UMA (120 hours standby vs 340 for GSM), so we're holding out hope for some VOIP action.

Otherwise, assuming the manual is correct, we're going to keep that fancy Shadow homescreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Edge. More good news is that dial-up networking stays.

What say you? Isn't it about time T-Mo gave us some new WinMo?

FCC Docs via phonescoop

WC Staff