T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 manual available

Ya know, we were just getting used to not having the gratuitous daily T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 post. Our blood pressure returned to its normal (yet still alarming) rate. We were sleeping a good three, four hours a night. Able to feed and bathe ourselves.

No more. Here we go again.

The T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 manual is available for your perusal. (opens in new tab) (Warning: PDF link) TmoNews has done a good job with a quick run-through and spots a couple of nuggets: The MicroSD card is mounted on the side (yay), but you have to remove the battery cover to get to it (boo). There also appear to be some nice finger-friendly customizations on board.

We're now at T-minus 11 days and counting until the release of the Touch Pro 2 on T-Mobile. What's the over/under on the number of posts we'll have on it before then?

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  • no comment. bleepebleep sprint release the bleepebleep the phone.
  • Atleast they put the reset button on the outside but it doesn't make any sense to put a micro sd slot on the outside when you still have to open the back to put one in.
  • Stopped by T-Mobile after work yesterday, one of the Reps has the TP2. I didn't get to play with it much though(didn't think he would want me to check out his emails) but it feels great in your hand. It has a little weight to it but that just makes it feel solid to me, as for the size some say it's a beast I didn't think so it felt slimmer than my wife's iPod touch and a little thicker. I asked about pre-orders he said there wouldn't be any it was too close to release date. This rep wouldn't give me any hint on price. I'm sure this will be my next phone got a full upgrade waiting!
  • Apparently this version has no front-facing secondary camera either which is present on the European version.
  • That's par for the course in the U.S.