T-Mobile announces Touch Pro 2 for Aug. 12

As we might have previously mentioned, oh, five or six times, the HTC Touch Pro 2 is destined for T-Mobile, and now it's official. Come Aug. 12 (again, we might have mentioned that before), T-Mo customers can pick up the "mocha finish" for an as yet unannounced sum.

Specs are in line with what we've previously reported, including WiFi b/g, a 3.2MP camera, Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, AWS 3G, and so on and so forth. From the picture, you'll notice that there's no 3.5mm headset jack. Sorry, folks. On the other hand, you'll probably be the first kid on your block with the TP2, if that's any consolation.

Full presser and a couple more official pics fter the break.

T-Mobile USA Debuts HTC Touch Pro2 in the U.S.

New Tilting Touchscreen Device Available to T-Mobile Customers in mid-August

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--T-Mobile USA, Inc., and HTC Corp. today announced the upcoming availability of the HTC Touch Pro2, a powerful, stylish device with an intuitive touch screen and user interface that enables customers to simplify their communication and mobile Internet experience while staying connected, informed and in control of work and life. The device will be available in a mocha finish to T-Mobile customers beginning Aug. 12.

Enabled for T-Mobile’s expanding high-speed 3G network and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), the HTC Touch Pro2 offers fast data delivery and an enhanced Web-browsing experience along with popular features such as built-in GPS and location-based services. Featuring a 3.6-inch color WVGA touchscreen that slides back and tilts up to reveal a full-QWERTY keyboard, the screen is perfectly positioned for reading and creating e-mail, browsing the Web, using applications, and playing videos and games. A 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus also provides customers with an easy way to capture and share high-quality images and video as well as view that content on the crisp display.

The HTC Touch Pro2 also offers an efficient way for customers to manage their daily lives, whether at work or play. A single contact view displays the individual conversation history regardless of whether voice, text or e-mail was used. The HTC Touch Pro2 also includes Straight Talk technology, an integrated e-mail, voice and speakerphone experience that provides a simple way to respond to e-mail via a call, allows organizing conference calls from group e-mail, and makes it easy to turn any location into a conference room. Straight Talk delivers a high-fidelity voice and sound experience enhanced by asymmetric speakers and advanced noise suppression with full-duplex acoustics.

HTC’s latest TouchFLO 3D interface is deeply integrated into a customized version of Windows Mobile 6.1 to deliver maximum consistency throughout Windows Mobile applications and menus. This makes it easy for customers to view, edit and update Microsoft documents, conveniently access calendars and manage to-do lists. Access to Microsoft Voice Command also simplifies locating contacts in the address book, making phone calls, getting calendar information, playing music and starting programs. The HTC Touch Pro2 is also stereo Bluetooth® capable.

“This summer, many people are balancing summer vacations and time away from the office with the pressures of the workplace,” said Travis Warren, director, product marketing, T-Mobile USA. “We are pleased to announce the HTC Touch Pro2, a uniquely designed device that will help customers manage their day-to-day activities, whether they are in the office or working from an airport, the local playground or the car.”

“The HTC Touch Pro2 offers the most powerful productivity experience available on a mobile phone, while also delivering unparalleled elegance in both its exterior and user interface design,” said Jason Mackenzie, vice president of HTC America. “HTC and T-Mobile have a history of introducing groundbreaking products, and this collaboration continues with the debut of this highly anticipated device to the U.S. market.”

The new HTC Touch Pro2 is expected to be available nationwide in mid-August at T-Mobile retail stores, select authorized dealers and online at http://www.T-Mobile.com (opens in new tab).

For information where T-Mobile 3G service is available or to see T-Mobile’s Personal Coverage Check tool, please visit http://www.T-Mobile.com/Coverage (opens in new tab).

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  • I currently have a 3.5mm jack on my phone and I find that I really don't use it. so this not having a 3.5mm jack is no problems for me because I don't use it anyway, it's 1 less hole on the device. I'm in need a of a new phone and have been waiting on ATT but they haven't mentioned anything so far......I will give them until the 12th to do so.
  • I just bought this phone and I absolutely love it. And while it does not have a 3.5 MM jack it does come with attahments that allow you to use a headset with a 3.5 MM jack. Only thing I wish it had was WinMo 6.5 instead of 6.1
  • Its probably not a problem for you but i'm sure there are roughly a million other mobile phone users that would like to plug their earbuds directly into their cell w/o an adapter....i.e. me!
  • can anybody explain why tmobile didn't carry the original TP2?
  • they were too busy trying to sell through older, actually archaic, windows mobile devices.
  • LOL ... leave it T-Mobile to f-up yet another device by going with some fruit-cake color on what WAS a highly anticipated phone. I am so over this damn company and the jokers that run it. They can all go into the back alley have their sausage feast. I'm out!!!
  • I am completely frustrated with this phone. The battery back cover came off (without my knowledge-- probably because it was not put back in place correctly). Now it appears impossible to find a replacement cover for this T-Mobile version of the phone. The few places that carry a cover for this phone tell me that what they have will not work on the T-mobile version of the phone. Any ideas or suggestions on where I could find this would be greatly appreciated.