More on the Touch Pro 2 with a 3.5mm jack

Here's more from Mobilesyrup on the upcoming Touch Pro 2 with its confirmed 3.5mm headset jack that caught most everyone by surprise. And that leads us to a couple of questions.

  1. What's the trade-off? While there appears to be plenty of room on the bottom edge of the Touch Pro 2 for a headset jack, adding one certainly must change the internal design of the device. (That's Dieter's hands-on with the stock Touch Pro 2 at right.) And while the Telus version proves that it can be done, was anything taken out?
  1. Telus is the first carrier we've seen to add in a headset jack. Will anyone else follow? It's not a given that Verizon or anyone else will do so. (And if anyone out there can predict exactly how Verizon hack up any given phone, we've got a date at the track we'd like to take you on.) Again, that'd likely come down to the trade-offs.
  2. Is this HTC turning over a new leaf sooner than we thought? They've said headsets will come in future phones. Yeah, it's probably too soon for that, but who knows.

Regardless, we're not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Congrats, Telus customers. And let's hope some of that headset goodness comes our way.

Phil Nickinson

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