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On T-Mobile US and want the Nokia Lumia 1020? Rogers is your solution

Of all the questions we get regarding the 41 MP Lumia 1020 for those in the States, the ‘when can I get it on my carrier?’ one ranks as the most frequent. While the rest of the world has been getting the massive camera phone on various networks internally, in the US it is only AT&T who can fly the flag for the 1020.

Unfortunately, we have heard zero hints or rumors that this will change in the near future, making this more akin to the Lumia 920 than the Lumia 925 in the US.

Not all is lost though. Rogers launched the Lumia 1020 four days ago up in Canada, finally bringing that device up north (Telus is also selling it). Rogers often gets so-called pentaband Lumias, meaning they support more frequencies than the traditional four-band ones found on other carriers. From our forums, we can now confirm that the Rogers Lumia 1020 is pentaband enabled, meaning it supports the following frequencies:

  • GSM/EDGE Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • HSPA+/HSPA Bands: 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
  • LTE Bands: 1700/2100 MHz (Band 4)

That means if you can get your hands on one and SIM unlock it, it will work just beautifully on T-Mobile US’s network—both for full 3g and even LTE. We’re not talking their re-farmed 3G areas but full on T-Mobile network support. You won’t be able to get Wi-Fi calling because ultimately that is a firmware configuration, but the Lumia 1020 should function just fine otherwise. (It's also been confirmed to work on Mobilicity)

That’s the good news, the bad news of course is you’ll have to purchase the Rogers Lumia 1020 out-right for a straight $600 CAN. We’re also not too sure how easy it is to buy from Rogers when in the US and not on a contract. In that sense, eBay may provide your best options should you go down this route.

Should you bite or wait? As we said above, we have heard zero news, rumors or even grumblings of T-Mobile officially getting this device here in the States. If you really want the Lumia 1020 and you have the cash to spare, then going the Rogers route is a sure fire way to get the best experience.

Have questions? Join the continuing discussion in our forums to get them answered!

Thanks, WavingReds for the image and our forum members for the info

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Will VZW ever get the 1020?
  • Only AT&T. We say that in the article.
  • When using phones on other networks like this how is the update process affected❔..
  • You will receive updates from the original network (in this case Rogers), like I do now on my Rogers ATIV S.
  • You are tied to the branding. I am using an AT&T HTC 8X on T-Mobile and I got the GDR2 update when AT&T released it. I did not have to wait for T-Mobile.
  • I should have clarified, will VZW ever get an iteration of the 1020? Camera being the most important feature.
  • You can guarantee it will get some super camera phone, as that's a Nokia signature, and it seems to be where cell companies are competing hardest these days, regardless (good for me, my phone is used primarily for texting, then pictures, then internet, then really nothing else. Apps are overrated to me.)
    Will it be a 1020 variation? Seems unlikely. But VZW will probably be in for the 1050, or whatever they call the next major camera phone.
  • It would be nice if Verizon, and TMobile got their own versions of the 1020.. I don't see why Nokia doesn't give them a reworked 1025, and 1028... It's almost like they don't want to sell phones....
  • ^This^
  • The carriers have to request the phone first.
  • So Nokia can't "pitch" phones to carriers❔... Are we really 100% sure how the process works, and is anything written in stone❔
  • Consider it now written.
  • They can pitch all they want, but the carrier still has to want to carry it in their stores and promote it. 925 is a good example, first on Tmo then to att so technically the 1020 now its no longer exclusive could now go to Tmo - if they want it.
  • Does anyone know the exclusivity details of the 1020 in the US?
  • Most likely a minimum of six-months before any other US carrier can have their own 102x.
  • Probably
  • They can pitch all they want, but the carrier still has to want to carry it in their stores and promote it. 925 is a good example, first on Tmo then to att so technically the 1020 now its no longer exclusive could go to Tmo - if they want it.
  • Huh? How does AT&T carrying the 925 affect their exclusivity deal with the 1020? The 1020 is in a whole different product line from the 92x series.
  • Or just import either a SIM unlocked one from The Netherlands or a T-Mobile branded one from The Netherlands since it supports the same frequencies as T-Mobile US.
  • Are you sure about that? Tmo overseas use to have different frequencies than Tmo USA.
  • In The Netherlands it uses the same frequencies. Not sure about other countries.
  • European lte frequencies are different from what Tmo US uses, won't work fully, only refarmed areas.
  • Wrong. Tmo US uses 1700 MHz for 4G and Tmo in The Netherlands is almost ready with rolling out 1700-1800 MHz for 4G so yes, the Dutch 1020 will work fine on Tmo US 4G.
  • Tmo uses 1700/2100, just having one band won't work.
  • Telus ones work on AWS as well.
    I am using a Telus Nokia Lumia 1020 on Wind right now.
  • Now that NYC has been refarmed the unlocked ATT model works great on T Mo. 
    How do unlocked phones get GDDR updates though?  I want to make sure I get GDDR3 and bittersweet shimmer when they are released. 
  • I've had a horrible experience with a Rogers 920 on T-Mobile.
    First Nokia USA want fix it if you have problems. Secondly Nokia Canada will not ship back to the USA. You have to know someone in Canada and use their address. I sent my phone in on July 23rd and I still haven't got it back yet.
  • There isn't some service that will act like a P.O. box then ship whatever is sent to it across the border for a fee? Seems like something that exists, and if not, than it should.
  • I'd prefer Nokia just fix their phones. It shouldn't matter where you bought it or where you live. I'm sure you have students / professional's that travel. This has been a big hassle and Nokia shouldn't put their customers through this.
  • Unfortunately, Nokia can't transcend the legal divisions between countries.  While ideally it shouldn't matter, the reality is that companies, even divisions within the same company, are operating under different laws when they are in different countries. Similarly, where you live makes a big difference with regard to the laws that are governing you. That said, I'd put operating outside the bounds of the warranty under "voluntary assumption of risk".
  • If Nokia wanted to they could warranty their phones no matter where it was bought or current location. It's called taking care of your customer. Unfortunately Nokia's focus isn't on after the sale customer support.
  • From the 920's User Guide: "This device may contain commodities, technology or software subject to export laws and regulations from the US and other countries. Diversion contrary to law is prohibited."
    In other words, the US has import/export laws that may prohibit parts of your phone--or data contained on it--from being imported or exported. The reason that international warranties are so rare isn't because companies don't focus on after-the-sale support, but rather that international regulations make it expensive, complicated, and potentially invasive (depending on how belligerent the DHS folk decide to be).  
  • All Nokia had to do was cover the shipping charge and mail back to the me. I wasn't asking much. There isn't any law that says Nokia couldn't have covered my shipping or that a Canadian company can't ship back to the USA. Flextronics (Nokia's) repair center in Canada specifically said this was a Nokia decision and other OEM's they repair do ship to the USA. She even gave me Nokia number to call and ask. All I'm doing in this post is making USA buyers aware that if they buy a non USA model Nokia they'll get screwed if the phone breaks. I've also read that Nokia's have 16% failure rate. I just think people should know how the warranty works.
  • Okay, fair enough. I've just seen my fair share of cases where places wouldn't ship electronics from the US to Canada on the basis of some alleged law or somesuch, so it seemed pretty natural to assume that the same would hold in the opposite direction. I've dealt with the repair/replacement process through Nokia & Flextronics and was quite pleased with the support, but this was from within Canada with a Canadian model of phone. Maybe it's a Canada thing; when I worked at an electronics store selling computers, we had to advise customers that they couldn't make warranty claims while in another country (LG was the only exception).
  • Why exactly won't the unlocked AT&T version not work on T-Mo? I think I may now the answer. Just thought I'd ask because I'm sure there are users who have gotten the AT&T version working on T-Mo.
  • It will work. Getting it unlocked from AT&T can be more difficult. This is simply another good option.
  • Getting it unlocked on ATT was not an issue for me.  Called up and within 15 minutes had a perfectly functioning 1020 on T-Mobile.
  • If you live in an area that was refarmed with 4G LTE you will get 4G LTE and 2G coverage.  You won't have 3G coverage, it is a different band on T Mo than on ATT.  In NYC I have gotten consistent 4G LTE with great speed on my 1020. It worked well in DC, NJ, Miami and West Palm Beach as well. 
    You can get a sense of their LTE coverage using the map below, but i you live in or travel through rural areas may be out of luck.
  • @deloa84 T-Mobile has different bands than AT&T. It's that simple. While re-farmed areas work, when you don't have that available you drop to the abysmal 2G. Using a Rogers device it will act like a "true" T-Mobile phone.
  • Thanks everyone for the answers. It is definitely clear to me now.
  • If I didn't have unlimited everything for $89 on TMO, I'd leave them in a minute. Their Windows phone selection (past, present, and future) is atrocious.
  • The 925 is atrocious?? What are you smoking bro?
  • I don't think he's smoking anything, he's just stating the obvious. T-Mobile USA is always busy launching every new high-end Android phone while they give us either low end or a striped down render of a high end Windows phone. While ATT&T and Verizon both have 32g 920/928 and are talking about 1520 and 929, all T-Mobile customers could pride ourselves of is 16gb 925 which is woefully inadequate for many of us and they yet to even run any ad on that phone. Those 925 ads running now are coming from MS and not T-Mobile.
  • I like options when deciding what to smoke; bro!
  • Given current conversion rates, that's $580-ish USD. (At least for those of us who live two hours from the border and love visiting the hat of North America.) I think it costs $50 to get an unlock code from Rogers, (or it's free now... I'm not sure.) It's $669 or whatnot here in the US for the AT&T version, so this is a better upfront deal anyway. No US warranty though, which could be a little sucky. (Does the 1020 have a lot of launch issues like the 920 did? If not, I'll probably go for this sometime soon, after giving the 1520 a good look.)
  • You can purchase phone insurance from 3rd patties now-a-days.
  • Yes, but after they send it in to Nokia Canada they won't ship it back because Nokia Canada doesn't want to ship over the border.
  • I bought one off contract, unlocked L1020 from at&t n the code is free from them, i'm currently using it in my country beautifully, no problem at all! :)
  • 609.99 in US now
  • Darn, got an at&t 1020 a month ago, and switched from Wind to Koodo because of no pentaband support. Oh well, koodo is much faster than Wind.
  • Still not really a solution. Need on carrier to use JUMP!.
  • It's actually 650 outright Daniel and you may get a free camera grip. Someone has to confirm that part.
  • The free camera grip promo with Rogers was for those who reserved before Oct.3. That said, I believe MS store at Yorkdale/Toronto is selling the 1020 with free camera grip. Call the store to verify.
  • Just picked up mine on Amazon for $640 unlocked with the camera grip included. Works great on TMobile.
  • Good news, I'm hoping I've got a shot at one of these from a contest at yonge/dundas last week but i'm on Wind. I wouldn't buy one to upgrade from my 920, but, I'd gladly take a free one, patch up my old phone and pass it on to my wife, and then sell the 810 I just bought her.
  • The problem is that internet sharing doesn't work and since t-mobile includes this in their data plans you miss out on this feature. Plus my mother who wants a 1020 won't switch to at&t for it and wont buy it unlocked like this. Kind of seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot here.
  • I can verify it is $650 outright.  $600 is on the "month to month" plan, which you need to sign up for a month or two on a $50+ plan to receive that price.  I had preordered, bought outright for $650, and received the camera grip.  Apparently some people weren't able to get the camera grip as they were told it was for on contract only orders - perhaps the Rogers store employee made a mistake in my favour.
    Its an extra $50 for Rogers to unlock, however i was told they'd only do this if you were a Rogers customer, although YMMV.  I'm going to try first, i put in my IMEI and was told my code was available for $8.
  • Negri and Expansys usually sell Rogers branded, SIM unlocked phones.
  • Yes, Negri has them on preorder for $688.
    Probably best bet for those in the US.
  • That was racist
  • It seems a bit silly that people can't just buy the 1020 outright as an unbranded handset to be used on any network, like you can do here in the UK.
  • Negri and there insurance should cover you. Although insurance is $120 but covers drops and spills and whatnot. That saves shiping it back to Nokia Canada.
  • Slightly confused.  The picture shows the model number as RM-877, which is the same as for the non-Pentaband AT&T version.
    Does this suggest that it could be a firmware option?
  • I believe its a hardware restriction even if it's the same model, all of Rogers Lumia are pentaband 710, 900, 920, 1020. I could be wrong. Someone on the forum is trying it out
  • I can confirm it. I have mine on Wind Mobile working right now. If you buy one you can get it unlocked for $35 at: Cellularzz 416-492-7306 If you in Toronto that at the Bridlewood Mall @ Warden & Finch
  • Thanks for the tip!   Was there on sunday and i didn't even know they unlocked phones.
  • I managed to buy 2 Rogers-branded phones from the Microsoft store in Yorkdale Mall in Toronto without having to prove having a Rogers account, so I believe the same can be done with the Lumia 1020.
    I hope the Lumia 1520 arrives much sooner to Rogers (althought I am having my doubts) and that it's also a pentaband device.
  • I'm not pretending to understand all of this "band" stuff, but I'm struggling with where the GSM 1800 comes from when I look at the photo. I see every other band mentioned printed on that phone, but not 1800 that is referenced...
  • Another hard launch of a WP with the accompanying media blitz from Rogers, I see. /s
  • The Tmobile rep in my local corporate store had one, I asked hum how and he said Rogers. Now just wondering if I should wait for 1520 or get it.
  • You can buy the Lumia 1020 unlocked from Canada GSM for$649.00 cdn
  • But which version is it? att, rogers, other?
  • Perfectly happy with my TMO 925.  It's a great phone.  
  • +925. Even if TMo would have had the 1020 available, the upfront down payment likely would have blown my budget. Sure I'd like that awesome camera, but I love my 925.
  • when u buy on rogers, there is no shitty at&t logo beside the nokia name. and its retail box 
  • Does anyknow know if the new rollout (upgrade) of LTE allows for the AT&T Branded Lumia 1020 to work on T-Mobile now?