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mango update

Although just about everyone in the world has managed to get the Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" update, there was one straggler left: the AT&T Dell Venue Pro (see review) While not a significant share of the Windows Phone market (the DVP was never sold directly by AT&T), it was still a black eye to those who own that phone, as one could argue that Mango greatly improves the Venue Pro (it breathed new life into ours, that's for sure).

The good news is that you should be able to plug in your DVP to Zune and fetch Mango right now to get your phone on the latest and greatest. Sure, you won't have the compass feature and tethering is uncertain, but the build of the OS is hopefully worth waiting for.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks, Grant, for the heads up

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When the Rise of Glory version 1.2 update (which fixed the game’s broken Xbox Live Achievements) landed a few months ago, we mentioned that Revo Solutions had a more significant Mango update in the works. That update arrived today, skipping a version number and going straight to 1.4.

Rise of Glory version 1.4 Mango update release notes

  • Increased frame rate from 30fps to 60fps
  • Fully supports Fast App Switching
  • Added the ability to set the menu music as the phone's ringtone via the sound options screen
  • Various small fixes - Achievements are now localized correctly within the game and there should be no more unlock issues.
  • Support for background music has been greatly improved. The game will no longer shut down the music you are playing.
  • Added live tile functionality: 
  1. The main game tile will show the progression in the campaign
  2. You can pin a secondary tile to start which will directly start a custom match with a set of options you have picked in the 'Create custom game' screen.

That is a lot for one update. Improved frame rate, a ring tone, and double live tile action. We couldn’t ask for much more besides multiplayer support, which of course Microsoft isn’t allowing just yet. For more details on Rise of Glory, check out our full review.

Rise of Glory costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Fly over here to the Marketplace to get it.

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A couple of weeks ago, Puzzle Quest 2 became the first mobile Xbox Live title to go on sale two different times. Now Monopoly breaks new ground – or is that old? – as the first game to be an official Deal of the Week twice. It’s going on sale for $2.99 once again.

The Windows Phone version of the classic board game/capitalist propaganda tool Monopoly comes from Electronic Arts.  Our Monopoly review praises its faithfulness to the original board game and support of customizing the game rules. We would have liked to see online multiplayer, but it does at least support local multiplayer. The Deal of the Week price should make offline-only Monopoly a lot more palatable. The game was also updated to support Mango Fast App Switching recently, but NoDo owners can still buy it too.

Monopoly goes on sale Wednesday, November 2 for one week only. It will cost $2.99 (the price it always should have been), and there is a free trial. Grab it here on the Marketplace. And don't forget, Kinectimals officially comes out tomorrow too.

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Not the best news in the world for AT&T Dell Venue Pro owners but it's a start. Microsoft has updated its "Where's my Phone Update?" page and it indicates the Mango update for the Dell Venue Pro has joined the Focus 1.4 by entering the testing phase.

There is no telling how long it will take for testing to be completed. It is solely dependent on AT&T but we can only hope the testing moves to scheduling sooner than later. Once in the scheduling phase, the update should be pushed out within ten days.

via: wmpu

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Game House recently updated two of their Xbox Live titles, and we’ve got the scoop on what’s changed.

First up, Doodle Jump’s version 1.3 update does not bring the new themes (levels) we were promised a while back. But it does take advantage of the Windows Phone Mango update’s removal of the 30 FPS cap, bumping Doodle Jump’s frame rate up to 60FPS. That should make split-second steering a bit easier.

Looking forward, three new themes will definitely come in the next update, which should hit before the end of the year. For more information on Doodle Jump, see our review.

As for Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition, the version 1.1 Mango update brings the following changes:

  • Support for Fast App Switching
  • Fixes to localized About screen
  • Setting the Vibra option to Off now stops vibration during gameplay

Nothing groundbreaking there, but Sally’s Salon was already a very polished time management game. Even guys can have fun with it – see our review for the skinny.

Doodle Jump costs $2.99 and you can get it here on the Marketplace. Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition (which I enjoy more) is $4.99 right here.

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Mango update unleashed to everyone

Eric Hautala is back! With some more good news regarding the Mango roll out, which has now been bumped up to 100%. Everyone is now set to receive the notifications to update their NoDo powered handset (be sure to keep an eye on Where's My Phone Update?), up from 50% only two weeks ago.

The LG Optimus 7 on Telefonica in Spain is now being scheduled, finally. Eric mentions that work is still ongoing, for example with Orange FR where technical difficulties are preventing the network and Windows Phone team from pushing out the update at full speed.

On a side note, you may receive a notification of an update after Mango has been applied, which will be firmware related.

One last thing. Next week we’ll start delivering some model-specific “firmware” from handset makers, so don’t be alarmed if you receive an additional update notification on your phone. These updates are designed to activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features or improve your phone’s performance. Not everybody will receive or require one: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model.

We're not yet aware of which handsets will be receiving this firmware, hopefully more information will be made available soon. This could well be the missing WiFi tethering drivers.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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Omnia 7 users in France and who are on SFR will be happy to note that you should be getting your Mango update today. As noted on the official Windows Phone Blog, Eric Hautala details a bit about the update and tries to reassure others who own phones that are still "in testing" to sit tight, your update is coming too.

Not much else to say on the matter outside of plug in your phones and check for that Mango!

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Side note: Doing a Bing image search for "france sfr" results in some interesting finds.

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AT&T HD7S Mango update starting today [Rumor]

Although AT&Ts Mango update program has generally been quite successful, there are a few missing pieces: Samsung Focus v1.4, the Dell Venue Pro and the HTC HD7S are still missing.

Looks like that last one, the HD7S, may be getting Mango slightly sooner than expected. The original leaked plans aimed for an end of October ETA, but now it seems they may have wrapped up testing earlier than expected. WinRumors received an internal AT&T letter stating that the Mango update for the 4.3" screen device should be starting today.

From part of the letter that WinRumors received:

"On October 11, 2011, Microsoft is scheduled to begin rolling out the new Mango 7720 update to AT&T customers with existing HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7 devices. The update supports the same enhancements that began rolling out to AT&T customers using HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus devices in late September."

Going to the official Windows Phone support page, we see in fact that the HD7S is in "scheduling" meaning a switch to "delivering" is easily done. However, the Focus v1.4 is still in testing and the Dell Venue Pro...well...

"The HTC HD7S is currently Scheduling, while the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 is Testing and the Dell Venue Pro is in Planning."

Hit us up if and when you get your official update. Heck, our own George Ponder will be flashing his ASAP.

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A support representative from Deutsche Telekom told users via a reply on Facebook that the Mango update for the Samsung Omnia 7 will not be coming until "early November."  It's not what Omnia 7 owners wanted to hear, but it's better than not knowing at all, right?  DT first pushed out WP 7.5 updates to HTC devices on September 26, with Samsung ones said to follow, but it was reported the next day that the Omnia 7 would not be included.  Deutsche Telekom and the Omnia 7 are no strangers to update delays, so the news is not terribly surprising, though disappointing nonetheless.

Thanks for the tip, Tobi!

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Windows Phone Mango update status

Eric Hautala returns on the Windows Phone blog with a big thanks to the community for the eagerness, patience and loyalty shown throughout the release of Mango. The updates that have been carried out thus far have all be successful and the team has decided to open up Mango to 50% of users ahead of schedule.

Remember that if you'd rather not wait, we have a quick guide to force Mango on your handset.

Source: Windows Phone blog

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Earlier we reported that the HTC HD7S has received the Mango Update ahead of schedule. We are now learning the Dell Venue Pro wasn't too far behind and is also receiving the official Mango update.

The update process, in my case, was a three step process. First the Mango Update was applied, then the Beta Cleanup was applied and finally a Dell Update was applied. As with the HD7S, I was running the Beta Mango on the Venue Pro.  You won't see the Cleanup portion of the process unless you were running the Beta.  The Dell portion of the process updates the Venue Pro's firmware.

When all was done (about thirty minutes) the OS version is now 7.10.7720.68 and the firmware is 2250.1800.7720.219. There is one caveat to share. My Dell Venue Pro is unlocked and we're not sure if this update is being pushed through to the carrier branded (T-Mobile and AT&T) models. If you have a branded Dell Venue Pro, feel free to share in the comments if you're seeing the update as well.

Thanks goes out to Aaron for the tip!

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Good news for the HTC HD7S owners in the house. The Mango Update is now available for your Windows Phone.

We were tipped on this and have confirmed the update. You will first go through the update to the RTM build of 7720 and then the ISV beta Bundle Cleanup. The second update is the Friends and Family update we reported on yesterday. You should only see this second update if you were running the Mango Beta.  When all is said and done (about thirty minutes) I'm now running OS version 7.10.7720.68 on the HD7S.

It's nice to see AT&T on top of things today with a really nice roll out of Mango. It's equally nice to not have to wait until the end of October to see the HD7S join the Mango crowd.

Update: Evidently this only works if you have the Mango beta on your phone and not NoDo. Sorry folks, live and learn.

Thanks goes out to Dominick for the tip!

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LG Optimus 7 (E-900) Update Error

For the most part, the Mango Update event for the day has gone smooth. While some have had to force the update out of hiding, the only major issue we've seen reported involves the LG Optimus 7 or E-900. It seems the Windows Phone is generating a 8018001e Error code during the update process.

There is a lengthy discussion going on over at Microsoft Answers but no real solution has been identified. It appears that during the jump from 7403 to 7720 the update fails and the error code is generated. There are a few who have made it to the 7720 update but failure occurs when the LG Update is applied.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't identified a solution as of yet. For the LG E-900 users in the crowd, keep an eye on Microsoft's Troubleshooting Page for Windows Phones. If a solution is found for the 8018001e Error, it's sure to be posted there. We'll keep a watch on this one and if a solution is found, we'll pass it on. 

Source: Microsoft Answers thanks goes out to everyone who tipped us on this!

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The WPCentral Mango Day Summary

Has it not been one of the most hectic days of the calendar year in the Windows Phone community? We've had a massive amount of news to get through today including the launch of the web Marketplace and the rollout of Mango - first the US and then Internationally. We've also had a superb option to force the Mango update for many who simply can't wait. Also, before we crack on with the summary, be sure to note that the WPCentral app has been mango'd.

Want to try out some other Mango-fied apps? See our growing best-of list right here.

So who's onboard with the update thus far carrier-wise? Almost every operator is rolling out the update including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three, SFR and many more (let's not forget unlocked handsets). However, there are a few that aren't up-to-scratch (according to Where's My Update?):

  • SFR is not updating the Samsung Omnia 7
  • Telefonica is still testing the update
  • Deutsche Telekom is not updating the Samsung Omnia 7
  • AT&T: The HTC HD7S is currently Scheduling, while the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 is Testing and the Dell Venue Pro is in Planning.

In the official announcement this morning, published by Eric Hautala, it was stated that the team looks to start the rollout of the update out to 98% of existing users today on different devices, with different carriers and in different countries. However, to help combat any problems and issues with firmware and updates from manufacturers, only 10% of customers will actually receive the update this week. After that the team will raise the bar to 25% and after a few weeks everyone will be able to receive the update.

So when will you receive it? Any time within the next few weeks. If you really can't wait then we suggest you follow our steps to force the update through Zune. To help you along if you've only just arrived, we've collected some interesting resources you'll want to check out that sums up today perfectly. Head on past the break for the links.


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Eager of the news that Sprint would be rolling out Mango for the HTC Arrive today, the first thing I did was plug in my phone and bring up Zune.  Much to my dismay, both Zune and my Arrive reported that I was fully updated at version 7.0. 

I decided to ping Sprint on this by logging a chat session with them and was told that though the update starts getting pushed out today it may take 2-3 days before I actually get the notification.  The reason is that this is a system-generated update that gets pushed out in waves over a period of time.  So if you, like me, are feeling antsy because you can't update your Arrive, just be patient. 

I know, I know, I want it now too.

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In an email sent out to registered developers, Microsoft introduced overlay badges that can be added to screenshots of their apps to show that they are Mango-ready.  The "New for 7.5" icons will indicate that an application is optimized for Mango, and will be the only graphics of their kind that will make it through certification.  The email urged developers to getting cracking on updating for WP 7.5 and utilizing its exclusive functionality, such as multiple live tiles and fast application switching.

Microsoft pointed out that Mango devices are already available in Japan and Russia, with more on the way (very soon!).  And despite an earlier edict that updates would not be allowed to 7.0 versions of apps once their 7.5 counterparts were released, it was announced that that would no longer be the case.  By popular demand, Microsoft will enable App Hub functionality which will allow devs to update both 7.0 and 7.5 versions of their products come the end of October.

You can click the thumbnail below for the full content of the email, which further descibes the update process.

You can download the overlays here.

Source: Microsoft; Via: WPSauce

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We recently caught wind of Deutsche Telekom's plan to roll out Mango to HTC devices beginning next week and later cover Samsung handsets. now reports that the German-based operator is looking to kick start the process as early as Monday, September 26th.

Hopefully more details surrounding the Samsung wave of the roll out will be released sometime soon. 

Source: (Bing Translate) Thanks Malte for the tip!

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Mango on Verizon September 27?

After Microsoft's announcement that Mango updates would roll out "in coming weeks" and AT&T's confirmation that they would begin on September 27th, one of our faithful readers decided to take it upon himself to try to find out when exactly Verizon was planning to send out their updates. 

He poked around the Verizon Wireless site, when suddenly he was prompted to join a live chat with a representative.  Through a clever bit of social engineering (AKA, directly asking the rep if Verizon's Mango update would roll out the same day that other major carriers' would) he was told that it would indeed be available on September 27th.

There are a couple of other interesting points in this conversation.  Firstly, the representative says that regardless of whether the phone is purchased now, or post-Mango roll out, the software will be the same.  So it sounds like Trophies will come pre-loaded with Mango.  Secondly, when asked about other Windows Phone devices on the horizon, the customer support rep states that no information has been given out.  Hopefully, this is just a matter of timing and not a sign that the Trophy will be Verizon's sole WP7 offering.

You can see the relevant part of the chat log above.  Names have been redacted, as to not get anyone fired.  Now, customer support reps have been known to be wrong in the past, so don't take any of this as gospel truth.

We are also seeing Mango referenced in Verizon's support pages on updating the HTC Trophy.  Not only can you download a .pdf on the benefits of updating to Mango but also the instructions on how to go about updating your Trophy. 

Thanks for the tip, Sam!

Clarification: Where the CSR informs our reader that whether the phone is purchased now or after the Mango roll out, the software will be the same, the CSR is referring to the update itself.  While we could see Trophy's shipped with Mango eventually, the CSR meant the software update will be the same for existing phones and those currently in inventory. 

And yes, CSR talk can be confusing and designed to make the sale.  Hence the caveat to not take any of this as gospel.  It is simply an indicator that September 27th might be Mango Day for Verizon customers.

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For those of you on Vodafone, you may be disappointed to know that you won't be getting visual voicemail with your Mango update. That's not too surprising as many carriers won't be able to support this feature, which seems to us to be downplayed by Microsoft.

Likewise, tethering, at least according to the Vodafone blog, won't be initially supported either:

"Regarding Wireless Hotspot, it isn’t integrated in the initial release of Mango however it may be deployed at a later date."

That's kind of interesting about the "initial release" of Mango and wireless hotspot--for now we haven't see too much of this feature and perhaps it's coming down the line in a subsequent patch. Either way, while both visual voicemail and tethering are awesome, the other 498 features that Mango brings will surely make up for it, no?

Source: Vodafone Blog; Thanks, Garry, for the heads up!

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Dell Venue Pro and the Mango update

Dell has finally released some information about the upcoming Windows Phone Mango update and their Venue Pro. In a nut shell all unlocked handsets (in supported countries) will be updated when the roll-out begins and those with T-Mobile and Cincinnati Bell SIM-locked units will also be supported.

There's no word on AT&T SIM-locked while plans are still being finalised, hopefully more details will be released sooner rather than later. Keep tight everyone.

Source: Dell, via: @DellUK

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