EU blocks Three's £10 billion takeover bid for Telefonica's O2

The EU has blocked the CK Hutchison - owner of Three UK - bid to take over Telefonica's O2 operations in the UK due to concerns that the merger would limit customer choice and increase prices.

O2 will notify credit card issuers when you're abroad to prevent declined transactions

O2 has launched a new service called Travel Alerts, which will allow the mobile operator to alert your credit card issuer or bank if you're smartphone is currently roaming abroad. This will then allow you to use your cards while away without fear of having them decline because your provider believes it to be a fraudulent transaction.

Strap the Microsoft Band to your wrist for just £31.99 with O2 Priority

There's a really sweet deal currently going on with O2 Priority where you can pick up the Microsoft Band for just £31.99. If you're still looking to buy the original Band, you'll now be able to save 60% on the listing price.

Buy an O2 Lumia 535 or 635 in August and score £30 Microsoft voucher and free portable speaker

Microsoft and UK carrier O2 are gearing up to offer quite the deal for anyone who buys a Lumia 535 or 635 during the month of August, giving buyers a £30 Microsoft voucher and a free portable speaker.

Save £70 on the Microsoft Band when you buy a Lumia 640, 735, or 930 on O2

Interested in purchasing a new Windows Phone and want the Microsoft Band? You may want to check out the deal currently ongoing at O2 UK where you can save £70 on the wearable.

Owner of Three UK will purchase O2 for £10.25 billion

Three UK owner Hutchison Whampoa has agreed to purchase O2 UK from Telefónica for £10.25 billion. Talks between Hutchison Whampoa and Telefonica began in January of this year.

O2 rolls out Denim update for Lumia 930, 'Hey Cortana' passive-listening not included [Updated]

Update 2: O2 has mentioned that the issue is now fixed, and that an OTA update with the passive-listening feature enabled will be made available soon:

Carphone Warehouse partners with Three to launch new network in the UK

Dixons Carphone, the owner of UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, has announced plans to launch a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Partnering with Three, which may soon merge with O2 should purchase talks between Hutchison Whampoa and Telefonica go head, Dixons itself will offer branded tariffs alongside contracts from major mobile operators in the UK.

Sky partners with O2 to enter the UK mobile market

Sky has today announced plans to launch a new mobile service in 2016, partnering up with O2 for the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) venture. The deal will enable Sky to offer 2G, 3G and 4G services to its customer base, placing the company in a strengthened position against rivals.

Three UK reportedly confirmed to be purchasing O2 for £10 billion [updated]

Update: Three UK owner Hutchison Whampoa has officially confirmed that the company has entered into exclusive negotiations with Telefonica over a potential purchase of O2.

Three UK, announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with Telefónica, S.A. over a period of several weeks for the potential acquisition of Telefónica, S.A.'s UK subsidiary, O2 UK, for an indicative price in cash of £9.25 billion which would be paid at closing, and deferred upside interest sharing payments of up to a further £1 billion in the aggregate payable after the cumulative cash flow of the combined businesses of Hutchison 3G UK Limited and O2 UK has reached an agreed threshold

Original story: We reported a few days ago that Three UK was looking to purchase O2 from Telefonica, and now the deal has reportedly been confirmed at a price of 10 billion pounds (roughly 15 billion US dollars) and is expected to be finalized Friday morning.

Three UK reportedly looking to purchase O2 from Telefonica

The company behind UK mobile operator Three, Hutchison Whampoa, is reportedly looking to purchase competitor O2, which is currently owned by Telefonica. The deal could be worth as much as $13.6 billion to Telefonica, who The Financial Times reports to have enlisted the aid of investment bank UBS to analyze available options, including partnership and flotation of the business.

UK carrier O2 confirms Denim update on track to roll out this month

While this is more of a confirmation that things are on track with what we reported back in November, UK carrier O2 took to its forums today to acknowledge that they are actively testing the Lumia Denim update and plan to start rolling it out to certain devices by the end of the month.

UK operators will invest £5 billion in infrastructure to solve network 'not-spots'

The UK government has managed to reach an agreement with local operators to work on the issue of nationwide 'not-spots': areas restricting access to basic mobile functions due to weak signal coverage. EE, O2, Three and Vodafone will invest a guaranteed £5 billion to improve mobile infrastructure by 2017 with the aim to provide 90 per cent of the UK with both voice and text coverage.

The Lumia 735 makes a great gift this British Christmas time

Sometimes, just sometimes, the British carriers and retailers can surprise us by offering up some pretty amazing deals on new devices. Just recently I picked up a searingly bright green Lumia 735 from O2 at a price and bundle deal that was almost too good to be true. So if you're looking to treat the loved ones (including yourself) in your life to a new Windows Phone this Christmas time, it might well be worth a look.

Grab a Lumia 1020 with camera grip for just £169.99 from O2 UK

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get an obscenely-high megapixel count in your life, then this obscene deal on the Nokia Lumia 1020 from O2 UK might be just what you need. The 41-megapixel PureView Windows Phone is now available for UK buyers off-contract for a ridiculous £169.99 in a deal that also includes the snap-on camera grip case with shutter button and additional battery power.

BT in early talks to purchase O2 or EE

According to reports, British Telecom is in early talks with Telefonica to purchase O2, the same mobile operator it released back in 2001. Not only has BT set its sights on O2, but the UK's largest network EE has also been offered in a separate deal.

O2 shows that sharing is caring with new bundles

UK mobile operator O2 has announced new plans for families and those with multiple handsets. Sharer and Family Sharer enables O2 subscribers to share data bundles of up to 8GB across multiple mobile devices attached to a single account. The new plans aren't limited to smartphones either as tablets and other data-connected hardware are all included.

O2: Lumia Denim update for most devices not expected until early 2015

UK carrier O2 recently took to its customer support forums to address the lack of Denim (and GDR1) updates to its Lumia devices. In so doing, they have confirmed that although the Lumia 930 has already received GDR1, other devices aren't expected to snag the updates until early next year.

UK government may force networks to offer national roaming with new legislation

New legislation could be in the works to effectively force UK operators to offer roaming options for customers where signal is poor. The UK government continues to work with mobile carriers on a solution to address black spots and areas where signal is hard to come by. The plan is to offer said roaming support to make it possible to switch between networks to maintain service, something mobile operators previously rejected.

O2 begins rolling out Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to the Lumia 930

Developers have had their hands on Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 for a couple of months now, but it looks like UK carrier O2 is all set to roll the update out to its Windows Phone devices, starting with the Nokia Lumia 930.