Nokia offers free charging shells for Lumia 820 Windows Phones bought through O2

Nokia has an offer open for those who have purchased a Lumia 820 through O2 UK. Free wireless charging shells are available to enable wireless charging when used with supported docks and stations. The offer is available until January 18th, 2013. Unfortunately this offer is restricted to O2 and only covers specific dates.

Only one charging shell is available per qualifying purchase, which has to be made through O2 with two eligible dates present in the redemption form - November 7th and 8th. If the offer is limited to the two days it's a slight let down, but a free wireless charging shell is a worthy addition to the Lumia 820, especially if you're planning to purchase a charging plate or already have one from the carrier.

O2 is currently (and has already been) offering a free charging plate with all Lumia 820 purchases, and availability starts at £36/mo with no upfront fee or £26 with a £299 initial fee.

Be sure to head on over to Nokia's free charging shell redemption website, where a form can be filled in with personal details, IMEI number and more. Also, it's worth checking out the terms and conditions before continuing through the offer. 

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great for those who bought the 820
  • Bought mine from Carphone Warehouse SIM free. It comes with a wireless charging shell, charging pad, and Windows 8 upgrade. Plenty of choice out there.
  • Off topic, hey WPCentral, is it possible to post to the forums from the app? Am I missing something, or will you add this feature in the future, just curious, love the app, keep up the good work.
  • Of course it is :-) In the latest version you can hit "forums" from the Browse pane and view and engage in conversationon our forum right from the app!
  • Hey Rich, thanks for the reply, I was trying to find a way to post a new thread, not just reply to a thread, I seriously can't seem to find how to start a thread, only replying to an existing thread
  • is nokia making any profit on those devices? O_o
  • Got my L820 the other day along with the charging plate. Very pleased with the phone :-) However when the phone is placed on the plate, it says it's charging but doesn't actually charge. Is it me or is it the plate?
  • Nothing in Germany so far? -_-