Lumia 820 and HTC 8X get free stuff on O2 UK

UK mobile operator O2’s website is promoting Windows Phone 8 handsets, the HTC 8x and Lumia 820 with offers of vouchers, charging pads and cases to entice you onto their network.

O2 have been offering good options for Windows Phone for a while and it’s good to see them continuing to push the latest devices with some tempting deals. Read on to see how they shape up..

The HTC 8X can be snagged for free as long as you sign up to a 18 or 24 month contract and they’ll throw in a voucher worth £30.

The Lumia 820 meanwhile can be picked up with a free charging plate and cover with a purchase of the device on contract or pay as you go.

Head over to the O2 website for more details and options, if you’re scouting around for deals be sure to let us know if you turn up anything good.

Source: O2

Robert Brand