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Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign may finally be coming to an end

It appears that Microsoft is finished with the "Scroogled" ad campaign. Over the weekend, Derrick Connell — a Microsoft corporate VP, and head of the Bing Experiences team — answered a small Q&A at Yabbly and and had the following to say:

Microsoft: Buy a Chromebook and get Scroogled

Don’t get Scroogled. Whether you’re considering using Gmail or buying a Chromebook, Microsoft doesn’t want you doing it. To make the point at how useless a Chromebook is, Ben the PC Guy went to Venice Beach to ask passerby’s what they thought of the device that quite function without an internet connection. Video and reactions below.

You can’t pawn your Chromebook for a ticket to Hollywood

Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign is divisive to say the least. Its drawn equal amounts of criticism and praise on the internet. Some call it cheap and tacky, while others don’t mind the campaign that highlights Google’s advertising products. Either way, the latest ad with stars from the reality show Pawn Stars highlights the dangers of the Google Chromebook and doesn’t stop being polarizing.

Microsoft wants you to show your distain for Google – starts selling Scroogled products

If you are a true Microsoft fan, then you're probably aware of the company’s Scroogled campaign. The advertising strategy, which has been considered as dirty by some, is now taking a step up to launch a variety of products for anti-Googlers to show their support for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign is a hit – according to 3rd party research

Have you not seen the thousands of people running for Bing and, screaming that they have to get away from the evil organization that is Google? No? Well, neither have I. According to research collected by two 3rd party firms, the Scroogled campaign has been more than a success, "For Microsoft it’s a win".

Microsoft launches new video attack in its offensive Scroogled campaign

The Google & Microsoft lifestyle: a match made in hell

The War

There was once a time when being a heavy Google services user and a Microsoft fan was the easiest choice on the block. The boys in Redmond could provide a robust and productive operating system platform while the Mountain View search cowboys could back you up with web services. Now, the two companies are going head to head and it might just be causing a hellish nightmare for consumers.