Kill or be killed in Dead Target: Zombie for Windows Phone

If you like zombie games, then you should check out Dead Target: Zombie on your Windows Phone. The game is pretty straightforward. You go through missions shooting down different types of zombies. This is the type of game you can show off to friends because of the stunning 3D graphics and sound effects. We've installed it on our Lumia 1520. Take a look at our gameplay video and see if you're interested.

Clan Defenders catapults into the Windows Phone Store

Just keep tapping on the screen. That’s the most important thing you need to know when playing Clan Defenders. It’s a new shooter that has just released on Windows Phone 8, and we’re addicted.

Based in 10000 B.C., there is a happy family living in a beautiful island. Lord Balong, the evil from far away, has arrived to conquer this little island. Ben and his family have to pick up weapons and defend the homeland. Head past the break for our hands-on video and walkthrough.

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, battling alien hordes on your Windows Phone

If you are looking for a fast-paced alien shoot ‘em game for your Windows Phone 8 device, Star Warfare: Alien Invasion may be just what you’re looking for. The game calls upon you play the role of a soldier pitted against wave after wave of alien invaders.

Game play positions you over the shoulder of your character with virtual joysticks controlling movement and weapons fire. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion has a single player mode along with an online multiplayer mode.

The game reminds me a little of the movie Starship Troopers and in the short time we have had to tinker with Star Warfare: Alien Invasion it makes a nice first impression with attractive graphics and challenging game play. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion has been a popular gaming title over on iOS and is should share the same success here on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Space Shooter X, a fast-paced, outer space shoot 'em up type game for Windows Phone

If you are in the mood for a fast-paced sci-fi shooter game for your Windows Phone, take a gander at Space Shooter X. Inspired by old school Japanese shooters, the game has fantastic graphics, an edgy pace and plenty of bosses to battle.

Ships can be upgraded with a vast assortment of weapons and you have full power and bombing options to help you obliterate your enemies. Speaking of which, while some space shooters have your enemies approach you head on, Space Shooter X has them coming from all directions. Space Shooter X is a fun game to play and will definitely keep you on your toes.

Save the world from rabid llamas in the new 3D shooter for Windows Phone

While aliens, monsters, and zombies have attempted to take over the world in several movies and games, a new 3D shooter game for Windows Phone has pegged the doom on hordes of llamas!

Developed by Matt, better known as RogueCode, Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha, or VALA: Alpha is a full 3D top-down shooter for Windows Phone 8 devices where your aim to save the world from rampaging llamas. Matt is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Phone development, a Nokia Developer Champion for Windows Phone and even used to write for us some time ago.

Minecraft inspired Pixel Gun 3D brings multiplayer FPS action to Windows Phone

Are you a huge fan of first person shooter games? If so, and you own a Windows Phone, you may want to check out Pixel Gun 3D. This multiplayer game is already available on both iOS and Android, but the developer also launched the title on Microsoft's mobile platform earlier this month. The interesting part about Pixel Gun 3D is how it's inspired by popular Java game Minecraft.

Solar Warfare coming to Windows 8 with Leap Motion controls (Windows Phone too!)

If our last Casual Connect game preview Delicious: Emily’s Wedding was a little too feminine for you (shame!), then perhaps a space shooter will be more to your tastes. TegTap, a two man indie gaming studio is currently preparing to bring its most successful game Solar Warfare to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It’s built with the Unity game engine, which should hopefully make for an easy dual platform release.

We met with CEO and game designer Troy Tegeder to discuss Solar Warfare’s development process, gameplay, and his future plans for mobile Windows platforms. We also demoed the Windows PC version of the game using the new Leap Motion controller. The Windows 8 game will support Leap Motion as well.

Head past the break for our exclusive video showing just how precise Solar Warfare’s motion controls really are!

Boonce, a blast of a puzzle game for your Windows Phone

Boonce is a Windows Phone game that is part shooter and part puzzler. You control a cannon and are tasked with taking out targets. Sounds simple until you realize you have to snake your shots through various mazes and some targets require certain actions before they can be destroyed.

Graphics are simple, controls could stand a little improvement but game play is challenging enough to keep Boonce from growing stale.

Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Shooters

Windows Phone Central's Roundup of the top Shooter games

For this week's Windows Phone Central Roundup we're focusing on Shooter Games for your Windows Phone. More specifically, the top five, paid, non-Xbox Windows Phone Game shooter games for your Windows Phone.

Xbox Windows Phone games fill the top seven spots on the Windows Phone Store list so we thought we'd shine the light on the little guy. The independent developer that is giving the Xbox Windows Phone titles a run for their money.

While we're focusing on the top five titles on the list, we know there are other worthy titles in the Windows Phone Store. If you've got a favorite shooter game, feel free to share in the comments.

DoDonPachi Maximum's forthcoming "easy" update gets detailed for Windows Phone

Speaking for ourselves, we love DoDonPachi Maximum (see our review)—it’s fast, it has great graphics, it’s challenging as hell and we love the ‘Presented by…Cave!” at the beginning.

Having said that, let’s focus on the “challenging as hell” part. Yes, the game is hard and even overwhelming for some. For old school ‘shoot ‘em up’ fans, it’s great. For casual gamers though, it’s just often too hard.

The good news is the folks behind the popular title, that’d be the aforementioned Cave, have a big Windows Phone update in the works that will practically re-invent the game for many of you.

Windows Phone Game Review: Defender 3D

Defender 3D is a fast paced shoot 'em up type game for your Windows Phone. You have to defend your position against a wide assortment of monsters that will be coming at you from all directions. You begin the action with your faithful crossbow and along the way you can collect weapons with a little more destructive capabilities.

As you take out the monsters, your score grows.  Bonus points are awarded for consecutive kills and multiple monster take downs.  Defender 3D has an online leaderboard for bragging rights across five categories of scoring (points, kills, time survived, streaks and combos).  Animates are nice, game play simple but fast paced. Defender 3D ended up being a fun game and worth a try.

Early look at Shoot1Up for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone -- E3 2012

Back in October, we presented an exclusive look at Shoot1UP from Mommy's Best Games but since then we haven't heard much on the title. The shoot 'em-up/bullet hell game brings some unique controls and exciting arcade gameplay to our trusty phones.

Coded in just 30 hours, SpaceShooterz blasts onto the Windows Phone Marketplace [Video]

A few weeks ago we mentioned the results of a recent Windows Phone hackathon, where devs get together, dream up and code apps and games within a fixed time period.

One of the noteworthy games that came out of that workshop was SpaceShooterz by Cubeslam. A retro arcade space shooter, the game needed some music and some finishing touches before it headed to the Marketplace. Luckily for you, it's now live and it's a fun little number.

The game is free with no ads (for now), has excellent controls, smooth gameply with a high framerate and the music is just badass sounding. It's certainly falls into the quick-gaming category as you only have one life and no continues, but it's a lot of fun and done very well. For that, we have to recommend it.

Pick up SpaceShooterz here in the Marketplace for free. In addition, the French-only home automation app that was also coded during the same hackathon is now available too. You can grab that app, called ZibaseWP, right here.

Windows Phone Game Review: Astro Flare

Astro Flare is a space shooter game for your Windows Phone. It's a fast paced game with plenty of bad guys to blast into smithereens.

Astro Flare has six game modes, unlockable ships, and plenty of power ups to help you battle against pesky enemy ships. Astro Flare is also an OpenXLive game that gives you access to the OpenXLive leaderboards and social network. If you like action packed, space shooters you might want to take a look at Astro Flare.

Chromatic - Review

Looking for a fast paced shooter game for your Windows Phone? Take a look at Chromatic.

Chromatic is a 2D shooter where you take control of a defense turret and defend your position against wave after wave of attacking enemies. As you progress through the game you gain access to six unique guns with their own power/strengths. As you work your way through the game, these weapons will advance in levels as well to increase their effectiveness.

To read more on Chromatic, follow the break

Japanese developer Cave announces shooting game for Windows Phone

Cave is a Japanese developer best known for its 2D shoot-em-ups. On Xbox 360 they are responsible for Death Smiles, Nin2 Jump, and other hardcore games. Several of Cave’s shooters have even made it to iPhone. Will those games ever come to Windows Phone?

Chances are certainly improving, as the developer announced today that they are working on an original shooting game for WP7. No screens or details are available, but it’s about 20-30% completed. The unnamed game hasn’t been announced as an Xbox Live title, but it seems likely given the number of Xbox 360 titles they have published so far. Today’s announcement also makes Cave one of the precious few Japanese game developers to support Windows Phone at this stage. Let’s hope more – especially Square Enix – will follow!

Windows Phone gamers who are hungry for some Japanese-style shooter action right now may want to give Corona (from indie developer Kajak Games) a shot. It’s very much in the style of a Cave game and has fantastic art. The full version of Corona is here (Zune link) on the Marketplace, and there is also a free version.

Source: Cave Blog via Kotaku; Thanks also to @VirtuousLumox

Galaxium from Karios Games now available on the Marketplace

It’s been a while since we heard from Karios Games, makers of the indie hit MonsterUp. While that game continues to receive regular updates, Karios has recently released a new title to the Marketplace: Galaxium.

Galaxium is a vertically-scrolling 2D shooter, not unlike OMG and Impossible Shoota. Players can select from three different ships, each with its own speed and shield stats. Speed is crucial to dodging enemy fire, but shields are also important since you only have a single life per game. The ship fires automatically, so gamers can concentrate on lining up with enemies, dodging their fire, and collecting powerups.

Speaking of powerups, Galaxium’s powerup system is modeled after the Gradius series. A meter at the bottom of the screen displays a variety of potential ship upgrades, from speed to diagonal fire to firing rate. There is only one kind of powerup in the game – each time one is collected, the meter fills up a unit. When the upgrade you want to use is highlighted, tap the screen with two fingers to spend your powerups and activate it. The choice between various upgrades and spending or saving powerup units helps Galaxium stand out from other Windows Phone shooters.

Galaxium also features VortexLink, Karios Games’ online leaderboard system. If you already own MonsterUp, the game automatically detects your VortexLink profile, which is very convenient. Online leaderboards always bring welcome competition and replay value to score-based games like this.

Fans of shoot-em-ups won’t have to spend much to climb into Galaxium’s selection of ships. The game is available in either a paid version for 99 cents or a free ad-supported version. You can find the paid version here (Zune link) and the free version here on the Marketplace. We’ll have a full review soon.

Get ready for a throwdown. Square Off is 99 cents this weekend

We’d like to call your attention to Gnomic Studios’ indie game Square Off today. Not just because of the amazing papercraft shown above that I designed for WPCentral’s Square Off review, though it would seem I am happy to show it off again. No, the big news about Square Off is that’s it on sale this weekend. The sale price is 99 cents, a 66% discount off the regular price.

Square Off is a 2D arena-based shooter. Players take control of a Square Avenger – a human/alien hybrid with a jetpack – as he defends the earth from nefarious one-eyed aliens. The game’s got seven levels to blast through, each of which can be played in a never-ending survival mode.

Square Off’s 2.5D graphics (hand-drawn characters on 3D backgrounds) and tight controls really won us over. The full game is on sale for 99 cents until Monday and there is a free trial, so give it a try now while the getting’s good. You’ll find Square Off here on the Marketplace.

Rocket Riot updated to version 1.2 AND another update in the works

Rocket Riot, the Xbox Live twin-stick shooter from Dutch developer Code Glue, received a minor update this week.

Rocket Riot version 1.2 change log:

  • Control bug completely eliminated

Rocket Riot’s virtual twin-stick controls are extremely smooth and fun to use.  But as I mentioned in our review, the game’s controls used to bug out occasionally in certain levels. That won’t happen anymore, thank goodness.

We’ve also learned that Rocket Riot will receive a more significant update in the future. Among other things, it will improve the game's handling of Achievements. I’m glad Code Glue continues to improve their already standout title.  Rocket Riot costs $4.99, and it has a free trial. To join the riot, grab it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

Fun fact! The Rocket Riot version 1.1 update article was my first post here at WPCentral. Time flies (with rockets).

Square Off is now On... the Marketplace

Back in March we announced that Square Off, Gnomic Studios' popular indie game for Xbox 360, was coming to Windows Phone. We wouldn't lie to you. Just two months later, the game is now available on the Marketplace.

Square Off is a twin-stick shooter (now without physical sticks). Players take control of a Square Avenger who straps on a jetpack, a gun, and a smile in order to save the earth from alien invasion. Square Off has seven levels and a tutorial level. After each stage ends, the player can choose to Fight On and tackle endless waves of enemies until the Square Avenger is finally overwhelmed. The game features impressive 2.5D graphics in which 2D cartoon characters battle in front of detailed 3D backgrounds.

We’ve already put both console and mobile versions of Square Off through their paces. Check back this afternoon for our full Windows Phone review.

Square Off costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. If you agree it’s hip to be square, grab it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

Note: Daniel Rubino here, been playing this for a week--you'll definitely want to try it. Soo cool.