Stardock publisher PC game sale now underway on Steam

Stardock is hosting a publisher weekend sale on Steam, discounting a total of seven PC games (not to mention DLC, software, and more)!

PUBG cosmetics worth the most money in Steam trades

Did you know you can buy and sell cosmetic items for PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG)? Some of these items go for ridiculous amounts of money, and we rounded up the top earners.

Stardock brings multiple PC control to Steam with Multiplicity

Stardock announced the company has released Multiplicity on Steam, offering a unique software solution to those on the platform.

The 6 Best Free PC Games on Steam

Steam isn't just a marketplace for gamers to purchase titles to enjoy on their PCs. Valve's platform also has a number of free games available.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge for PC takes you on a very long stroll

Do you like crafting things, taking long hikes, and build communities with others online? That that's a "yes" to all three, you'll love The Trial: Frontier Challenge on PC.

Steam's Summer Sale kicks off with massive discounts on tons of games

It’s that time of year again, folks: The Steam Summer Sale is here with a ton of steep discounts on games across the spectrum.

Steam Summer Sale kicking off June 22, discounts for PayPal UK customers

If your PC needs some new games, then one of Steam's mega sales is almost upon us.

How to back up your games in Steam and GOG Galaxy

It's possible to download full copies of games using Steam and GOG Galaxy and store these titles on your PC. This allows for the re-installation of said games without having to hammer your internet connection. We show you how to achieve this.

Steam tips and tricks for new PC gamers

If you're new to the PC gaming world, fear not. We're here to run you through how to purchase and play games on the Steam gaming service.

Steam vs. GOG Galaxy: Which service is better for PC gamers?

Valve still holds an iron grip on the PC game market with its Steam platform, but CD Projekt is working hard to develop GOG Galaxy into a worthy competitor. Here's a look at each service's strengths and weaknesses.

Why I'm switching from Steam to GOG for PC gaming

I've been using Valve's Steam platform for many years now but it's finally time to bid the service farewell. While I'll continue logging in to enjoy games I already own a license of, I'm moving across and will support GOG financially.

Steam Spotlight: Formula Fusion will revive Wipeout-style racing on Xbox One and PC

For years, Wipeout set the standard for futuristic racing games. Sadly, Wipeout has long-since disappeared. This year, Formula Fusion is set to carry on the mantel on Xbox One and Steam. Are you ready for the fastest racing the future has to offer?

Bayonetta makes its PC debut on Steam

The PC port of Sega and PlatinumGames’ action-packed 2009 game Bayonetta is now available exclusively on Steam.

What Valve's move to kill Steam Greenlight really means

Valve has finally come out of its company cave and announced the death of Steam Greenlight. Steam Direct will take its place, but will the move solve all the issues for consumers?

Valve is killing Steam Greenlight

Valve has announced plans to kill off Steam Greenlight this spring in favor of a new system called Steam Direct.

Factorio for PC review: Factory management has never been more fun

After investing hundreds of hours in the world of Factorio, we're comfortable saying you need to play this early-access game. Now.

Steam Link review: An affordable way to play PC games on the big screen

We take a look at Valve's Steam Link, a device that lets you stream games from your PC to a connected TV elsewhere in the home.

Steam's annual Winter Sale is now live with huge discounts on tons of games

Steam’s annual Winter Sale is officially here, offering up some truly massive deals on tons of PC games.

How to change where Steam games install on your PC

Fed up of Steam filling up your PC storage and want to use a different drive instead? It's not obvious but it's also not difficult to do. Here we walk you through it.

Beloved WWII strategy series Sudden Strike is coming back to PC

Sudden Strike is a World War II-themed strategy gaming series that started in 2000 but disappeared after 2010. Now Kalypso Media and developer Kite Games are bringing it back for a new generation of PC gamers. We played an early build of Sudden Strike 4, and strategy fans are going to love it.