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As expected, Nokia appears to have some newer versions of the Windows Phone OS--specifically interim builds between "Mango" and "Tango" that adds LTE support and presumably other fixes not yet detailed.

Now we have confirmation that this is the case and even the version numbers. Reader Lukas E. has sent us a photo of his new Lumia 800 which he won directly from Nokia. Where it gets interesting, however, is his OS build which is pegged at  7.10.8107 (pictured above), a significant bump from 7.10.7740 which is found on a lot of devices today.

More interestingly, we found that the Nokia 900 which is expected to be announced next Monday at CES, is running a similar build: 7.10.8104. This info was gleaned from Lynx Interactive who makes various games for Windows Phone and collects device/OS information for their statistics.

The 810x branch of the OS seems to be an official interim build that many OEMS are using, including the unannounced Samsung Monument, the Samsung Focus, some HTC devices and the Lumia 710. What is not clear, of course, is if this will be released as an OS update or is just for upcoming 4G/LTE enabled phones but it does appear that this branch is getting ready to go public. The fact that a Lumia 800 is running the updated OS is a positive sign that this may be an official update. (There is an even later build, 8714, which may be Tango-proper.)

Perhaps we'll find out more at CES next week. Until then, we'll continue to see if we can find any other changes to the OS--so far, there is no Internet Sharing on Lukas's Lumia 800 and no other discenrable changes that he has noted, meaning this could new hardware preperation.

Thanks, Lukas E., for the photo and info!

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Tango, which was released last week, has now been updated to version 1.1.  The only change to the video chat app is the addition of support for the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7, which previously had issues running it.  A Samsung-branded iteration of Tango, also labeled v1.1 made a brief appearance in the Marketplace, but has since disappeared.

Samsung owners, rejoice, and get your chat on here.

Thanks for the tip, Dmitry!

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Just last night we're discussing on the podcast how Nokia wants to make a big splash here in the US. To do so, they want to launch with a flag-ship devices and what better way to do that than with AT&T--a dedicated partner of Microsoft and Windows Phone?

So perhaps it is of little surprise that The Verge are reporting that AT&T and Nokia are working together for a 4G LTE device sometime early next year. That jives with what Andy Lees told us the other day in that Nokia was being aggressive about getting LTE-supported builds of the OS to work with.

The article goes on to suggest that this device, a variant of the Lumia 800, might be running the follow up to Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" which is code-named "Tango" at this time. Likewise, Verizon is also rumored to be getting such a device, seeing as they too run an LTE network.

This all of course works well with our earlier finding of the Nokia "Champagne" Windows Phone. That device, coincidentally, is running OS 8711 which is a Tango build. The Champagne was first picked up on October 25th by the app "I'm a WP7!" making it relatively new and a prime candidate for such an AT&T/Verizon phone.

Source: The Verge

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Well, it's a day late, but Tango, the video-chat app for Windows Phone, is finally here. So for all of those folks with a Samsung Focus S, Flash, HTC Radar or Titan, you'll want to pick this little guy up and give it a go. From the app description:

Tango allows you to make free phone calls and free video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. Make calls to any other person who has Tango installed on their smartphone, tablet or PC. Start a Tango call with just voice, and easily move into a video call when you have something to share. It’s easy to use, it’s fun, and it works.

Tango Features:

  • Free calls between Windows Phone, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and PCs
  • Save money with free international calls to other Tango members
  • Start a phone call with Tango and switch to a video call when you have something to show by tapping the camera icon
  • We automatically find the friends that already have Tango
  • No log in and password - create an account in less than five seconds
  • Invite your friends by Text and Email
  • Simple and easy to use

Cute girls in image are not included with app, nor will they be calling you. Grab the app here in the Marketplace; Thanks, Ryan R/@volvoshine, for the link!

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We first learned about the Tango video calling app back in September. Not to be confused with the Windows Phone Tango update (though it’s inevitable), Tango is simply a cross-platform video calling app. It comes with the new HTC Titan and Radar handsets, but has also been ported to other devices running Mango. Just don’t expect it to work fully with devices lacking a front-facing camera, such as the Lumia 710 and 800 phones announced earlier today.

Tango now has an official release date – November 7, just a few weeks off. That means it will reach market earlier than Skype, which is targeted to launch before the end of the year but has no firm release date. Skype, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, will eventually be integrated into the Windows Phone OS in a similar manner to Facebook. In the foreseeable future though, Tango and Skype are on similar ground, with Tango’s early launch potentially giving it a leg up over its competitor.

Source: Forbes via MobileTechWorld

Thanks ShipWreck for the tip!

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Don't want to wait for Skype to come to Windows Phone? Have a developer unlocked device? Then you can head over to XDA to grab the XAP file for Tango, the video calling and VOIP solution that costs nothing to use. Originally offered on the HTC Titan and Radar, it has been ported to older Windows Phones for some fun.

We loaded it up on our HTC Arrives and sure enough, it works. Sure, video calling is a bit choppy, even over WiFi and the audio is only routed through the rear speaker, but the novelty of it is certainly exciting.

The app seems to work on all HTC generation phones and LG phones, but only audio for Samsung devices (Focus, Omnia 7) and of course there's no love for Dell.

Head here to XDA for the relevant thread. Thanks, David, for the link!

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File this under rumor, but one that makes sense. Back in the day, we heard about three chassis requirements for Windows Phone. And while Chassis 1 (800x480 screen, 1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM etc.) has come to fruition, Chassis 2 and 3 have not been seen. When we asked Andy Lees back in February, it was clear that Chassis 1 was the focus:

"We haven't announced any details on when that form factor is coming out. We are seeing is more interest in larger screens as opposed to smaller screens...but that doesn't mean we're not going to do it but we haven't announced anything yet."

Now MS nerd, who often gets some good information, has leaked some supposed details. For one, adding Qualcomm's Scorpion CPU (Cortex A8), gyroscope and front facing camera constitutes Chassis 1.5. Chassis 2, long thought to be the front-qwerty/BlackBerry style device, will reportedly offer 480x320 resolution in the "Tango" release as well as LTE support, sometime in early 2012. Finally, Chassis 3 will add dual core CPUs as well as 1280x720 resolution, but not until Windows Phone 8 aka "Apollo" sometime in late 2012.

  • Chassis 1.5 ("Mango") - Scorpion CPU, front-facing camera, gyroscope
  • Chassis 2 ("Tango") - 480x320 BlackBerry style design, LTE support
  • Chassis 3 ("Apollo") - 1280x720 resolution, dual core CPUs

And Lees recently spoke about LTE and dual core support, so clearly they are on the roadmap--the only remaining question was when, which this rumor seems to answer. Finally, MS nerd writes "Tegra & OMAP are targeted for #Win9" which seems to imply that Windows Phone and Windows OS finally merge in Windows 9.

Take all of this with a grain of salt of course, but there's nothing there that is exactly too crazy to be unbelievable at this point.

Source: @MS_nerd 1, 2

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We've already seen one demo of Tango, the video calling feature on certain Windows Phone Mango devices. Now Microsoft has decided to showcase the feature in a short video.

Aaron Woodman, Director of the Windows Phone group, demos Tango and assures everyone that Microsoft is working hard to get Mango to the consumers. He's using the HTC Titan that sports a 4/7"screen. While Tango looks interesting, so does the Titan.  Is it me or does the Titan almost look too small to have a such a large screen?

source: windowsteamblog  Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!

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While the majority of news that came out of yesterday's HTC event in London was hardware related, there were some changes on the phone themselves. We noticed (thanks to a tip from one of our readers) on the HTC Omega that there was a Tango app. Before we get into it, don't get this confused with the proposed Windows Phone Tango update that is destined to hit us between Mango and Apollo as it's not entirely related.

So what is this Tango app then? It's basically a video calling service that's currently available on iOS and Android now arriving on Windows Phone. In the photo above, captured by Jay Bennett, we saw the app on an untied Omega held by a Microsoft employee. What we've found out is that this app will connect to other apps across all supported platforms (iOS, Android) and provide a Skype/Facetime experience.

Check out the video after the break of Tango.

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Looks like whomever is testing these phones sure likes to broadcast they're doing so. The popular, free and fun "I'm a WP7!" which recently had a major revision (see here) obviously collects interesting data from users and the developer, Scott Peterson, shared them with us. The info is an "...aggregate of over 46,000 devices, in over 150 countries worldwide." Yowza!

First, as you can see above, many of the new "Mango" devices that we've been reading and writing about have recently come "on line". That date is when they were first spotted. For those wondering, the Asus Galaxy6 is actually a very, very old Windows Phone 7 device that never got past some development work. Interesting to see it show up though. We also see the usual suspects:

  • Acer M310
  • Samsung GT-i8350
  • Nokia 800
  • HTC Eternity
  • HTC Omega
  • Fujitsu IS12T
  • Samsung SGH-i677
  • LG-LS831 (still unknown)
  • Toshiba Tsunagi (TG01 developer device)

Missing from the list? Any Dell device. There was one spotted back in May with a missing "device name", but other than that, it looks like Dell may not have anything further, confirming the idea that they're out of the mobile phone biz.Then again, perhaps they're just really disciplined and secretive.

Finally, Scott tells us he's seen a new build of Windows Phone, which would be Tango 8310. The previous version was 8200, seen here.

Interesting stuff and hopefully we'll have more on the way. Pick up "I'm a WP7" here in the Marketplace, it's worth a spin.

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MS confirms details about Tango

Today in Hong Kong Microsoft held a MSDN seminar called "The Next Generation of Development," during which they revealed some details about the WP7 update called Tango.  It turns out that Tango will not be a major update, but rather a minor update to Mango focused on developing countries like China and India.  It will bring improved Bing services to countries previously neglected, and as previously speculated, will serve as the OS version for lower price point devices made by Nokia, ZTE and others.

Though Tango turns out not to be exactly the next evolution of Windows Phone that we thought it would be, it was confirmed that Apollo will in fact be the next major update to the OS, which will be WP8.  If Tango is only a minor update, then what is build 8200 with its new "content search" feature?  If it is Tango, will we see it outside of emerging markets, like North America and Europe?

Source: We Love Windows Phone .HK (Thanks for the tip!)

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Interestingly, the other day we saw what was thought to be the first screenshot of Windows Phone "Tango", the next iteration of the OS coming after "Mango". Starting with build 8200 and higher, "Tango" is still a bit of a mystery, seeing as "Mango" hasn't even rolled out yet. Yesterday we saw mention of it as a low-cost option for Microsoft.

Now from a Slovakian Facebook page, we have an individual supposedly selling an HD7 with "Tango" on board. That's the same area of the world where we saw the last "Tango" sighting. Translated from the page:

"HTC HD7 16GB (T9292 Schubert) for sale. You can select from three builds of Windows Phone - 7.0.7392, 7.10.7720 (Mango), 7.10.8200 ("Tango"). The first two are stable and functional build, third is dev build (not stable and to continue with official builds you have to flash it using RUUs). Price starts at 150€, you can contact me on my mail which I have on the forums, only through mail, highest price wins, delivery is not included in the price (only express delivery, not post office). In mail, write down which version of the OS you want, RUUs are not included. All accessories, slovak distribution, arrived today :)"

So like the Toshiba TG-01, here's your change to have a one of kind device. Though we'll stick to local sales in the States for now, you know, just in case.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, wictory, for the info!

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In a big gamble by the Symbian-based smartphone giant of the world, Nokia is planning on making some pretty amazing changes in their emerging US market in the near future. According to an interview with AllThingsD, Nokia's plan is to shift all interest in the US and Canada from manufacturing and selling their current lower-end devices and feature phones, to creating a market that revolves around all things Windows Phone 7 and the accessories that go with it.

It's all done in an attempt to restructure the major brand over the next several years to become a superior manufacturer of Windows Phone 7 devices, and from the words of a Nokia spokesperson, it sounds like it'll be one of the final shots the company will have at regaining some footing in the US (and later the world). "The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do (elsewhere)."

We've already seen some of the work that Nokia has been doing with WP7 devices in their upcoming (and yet to be announced) "Sea Ray" line, but it looks like we'll soon be hearing a lot more as Nokia is also preparing a marketing blitz to announce upcoming launches. With the largest marketing budget that the company has invested to date, they're looking to rebrand themselves as leaders of not just WP7 devices, but smartphones as a whole.

Of course, Nokia won't be ignoring where most non-smartphone users come from, and rumor has it that WP7 "Tango" is being released with Nokia's low-end smartphone consumers in mind. At ZDnet there is some well-founded speculation on the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft in making these new devices. If Nokia can win over the masses of low-end smartphone owners with a less expensive WP7 device, Microsoft wins too - as writer Mary Jo Foley puts it, "Tango is “all about Nokia” and focused on hitting the lower-price point for Windows Phones that Microsoft and Nokia execs have been promising." This makes sense too since, for the most part, the vastly un-penetrated non-smartphone market is just waiting for cheaper prices to arrive for these mobile computers.

The changes will also include moving their sales force to Sunnyvale, California; which is much closer to the Microsoft Research Campus in Mountain View than their previous locations on the East Coast of North America, but that won't be finished until early next year. For now, get ready to hear more news from Nokia's North American branches. It looks like they'll be bringing us something big to talk about in the near future.

Source: AllThingsD and ZDNet; Via: Engadget

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We heard about build 8200 of Windows Phone 7 floating around recently. The build was speculated to be the next iteration of the OS after Mango. Code-named "Tango" (keeping up with the "last letter is O" naming) build 8200 and beyond are thought to be another interim release bringing new features, bug fixes and act as a hold over till "Apollo" aka Windows Phone 8 hits.

Indeed, it looks to be the case and what you see to the right is reportedly a shot from the OS. Specifically you're looking at "Content Search" or rather the OS's ability to first search within the device before going to the Web i.e. it's basically a global search tool:

"Content Search (Build 8200 Tango), it more or less works, first it´s finding content directly on the phone, and then on the web, the good thing is that Facebook pages work now (finally), i don´t know about twitter/LinkedIn, i haven´t them synced up, voice activated searching is also possible, similar function what iPhone has."

Pretty impressive as a new feature and it shows that Microsoft is barreling down on the OS, pumping out builds as fast as they can complie them. Good news for us.

Source: Pretaktovanie.sk; Big thanks to Wictory, for the tip!

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We're still a little ways away from Mango's official release, and already it's successor, Tango, may be skulking around in the shadows. Using an app called Dude, Where's My Update?, which tracks what versions of WP7 people are running on what devices, Japanese site Nanapho, spotted a previously unknown version 7.10.8200. As it turns out, this might be Tango, the expected interim release between "Mango" and "Apollo" aka Windows Phone 8.

Though Tango has not been formally detailed by Microsoft, Nanapho says that it will include better Bing, improved Bluetooth, Internet Explorer 10 and Skype integration. Most interestingly, there also seems to be some Nokia-specific programming. We know that the next major version of Windows Phone will be called "Apollo," and that news about Tango came from Compal, an ODM who will be manufacturing handsets for Nokia.

Source: Nanapho

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Ah, our dear ol' Louis Walsh there getting tangoed rather nicely indeed. So, word has it that after Mango is here this fall, we will be looking at Tango next and then Apollo (see here and here for more juicy Apollo detail). First thing that comes to any Brit's mind is of course the drink Tango, which featured the craziest of adverts.

This information detailing the next codenamed update after Mango comes from Compal, the communications ODM now signed to Microsoft to manufacture Windows Phone devices under other brands including Nokia and Acer. Why do they all end in the letter o? Because Mr Belfiore says so. Keep your ears directed at any information regarding 'Tango' in the not-so-distant future. We of course will relay anything we locate.

Source: DigiTimes via: PocketNow

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He may be retiring, but not without a parting shot to HTC. Conflipper has gone ahead and posted some more HTC device codenames, some of which are presumably for Windows Phone 7.

Now, before we get all giddy over these, it should be noted that even CF is not 100% if these will see the light of day, rather all he knows is that they were at least one time planned--whether or not they get through development and production is always up in the air until they are announced.

Some other bits he posts:

Looking at WP7 device Mozart, being a dance, Salsa, Tango, and Swing, are all dances, HTC likes to name devices under same category.

Maestro looks to be Worldphone, (CDMA + GSM), Swing is a GSM, Swing#C CDMA, Salsa is GSM, Salsa#C is CDMA, Vienna and Vienna#C

How do these fit in with those previous WP7 device-codenames e.g. HTC Gold_W (Sprint)/Gold, HTC Mozart/Schubert, Mondrian and HTC Spark_W? Heck if we know. While we're excited HTC evidently has a whole slew of devices coming for WP7, for FSM's sake can we get at least one leaked image of what they'll look like already?

[via Twitter]

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