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If you're into traditional tower defense games, then you'll be excited to see Total Defense 3D by DaSuppa is now available for Windows Phone users. Sure, the game came out two years ago on iOS and Android, but the important thing here is the developer is now taking on Windows Phone (they've also brought over Tetdraw, a new twist on the classic Tetris).

Total Defense 3D is what it sounds like, a 3D game where you spend your time placing weapons on a map, taking on the hordes of enemies that come in waves. What makes Total Defense 3D a lot of fun are those 3D graphics, as they're outstanding. Players can also use two-fingers to pinch to zoom, rotate and pan the screen, giving a whole new view of the classic style gameplay.

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Commando Jack is a tower defense game for Windows Phone 8 that has you battling wave after wave of alien invaders. While game play isn't much different than other tower defense game, Commando Jack steps out slightly by letting you jump inside a defensive turret for a first person perspective on things.

The game has plenty of weapons upgrades, a wide range of enemies to defeat and several global venues to defend. Graphics are nicely drawn up and with plenty of gaming variations and difficulties, Commando Jack will keep you on your toes. Commando Jack has been well received over on iOS and should see similar success here on the Windows Phone platform.

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Tink Magician is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that has you defending a magical kingdom from a demon lord. You use your magical spells to summon elemental powers to destroy the invading armies of the demon lord. Tink Magician is a fantasy battle game that plays much like a tower defense game but also has RPG aspects.

As you battle your way through the map of your kingdom, you will earn experience points that can be used to upgrade your character and gold coins that can be used to buy power boosts. While Tink Magician is a fast-paced Windows Phone 8 game, it can also be rather exhausting with the volume of monsters and bosses you have to defeat.

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Battle for Homeland Mad Animals is a tower defense game for Windows Phone 8 that pits you against a hungry pack of zombies. Sounds like your typical Zombie genre game, right? The twist with Battle for Homeland Mad Animals is that you aren't battling humans who have been turned into zombies, instead you face a wide variety of animals who are now the walking dead.

Yep. You are battling zombie cows, elephants, giraffes, bats, sheep, zebras and other animals. You even have zombie Unicorns coming after your brain. The animals are attacking various villages and you are society’s last line of defense. Armed with a wide variety of weapons, you fend off the Zombie invasion wave after wave.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals has decent graphics, challenging game play and is a rather entertaining tower defense game for Windows Phone 8.

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Yeti on Furry, a popular tower defense game on Android, has just been released simultaneously on Windows, Windows Phone, and iOS! You tap and swipe on the screen to defend the Yeti from invaders climbing up the mountain.  These evil climbers will work their way up the mountain from either left, right or bottom of the screen in waves and with different skill sets. You have to get rid of them. We previously mentioned this game as Yeti Rising back in our August coverage.

Windows Phone users usually wait a while after an app or game launches on iOS or Android, so we’re glad the developers were able to release it on multiple platforms in the same day. Head past the break to watch our gameplay video on the Nokia Lumia 1520.

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Tower defense games can be an entertaining gaming option from our Windows Phone.  Zero Defense hopes to join the ranks of the quality tower defense games available in the Windows Phone Store.

Zero Defense makes a good first impression with a wide variety of defensive weapons and alien invaders you have to defend against.  The game has over thirty hours of campaign mode gaming that spans across three worlds.

If tower defense games are your cup of tea, Zero Defense is worth a try.

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Tower defense games can be a fun way to pass the time on our Windows Phone. DemonDefence is a relatively new gaming title and hopes to join the crowd as an entertaining tower defense game.

The story line has a damsel in distress, that would be Alice, lost in a demon infested land. You are armed with snowmen, robots, scarecrows and characters who must defend Alice from wave after wave of monsters.

Graphics aren't too shabby, game play on par for the genre, and there are enough themes, levels and difficulty settings to keep things interesting. DemonDefence is available for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and is worth at least a peek.

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There are plenty of tower defense games available for your Windows Phone and DragManArd may be one of the more challenging options out there. You are tasked with rebuilding your Dragon Manor and defend it from pesky little demons.

You make use of the legendary Dragon Manor Guards called DragManArds for short. You also have a few magic spells available to help you along the way.

There are thirty levels to DragManArds and two difficulty settings (Beginner and Expert). Luckily, troops can be upgraded otherwise you wouldn't have a fighting chance against the invading demons.  Otherwise your goose would be cooked rather quickly by the invading hordes.

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Tower defense is one of my favorite genres because of its versatility. There are so many variations between TD games, from the wholesome simplicity geoDefense to the undying awesomeness of Plants vs. Zombies. Sometimes developers even combine tower defense with action games, allowing players to run around the field attacking enemies in addition to the strategic planting of towers. Zombie Attack 2 did just that a couple of years ago, although somehow the game still ended up a big, stinking pile of boring.

Vampire Rush, a former Nokia exclusive Xbox game for Windows Phone comes from Chillingo and Lithuanian developer A-Steroids. While it doesn’t quite achieve its full potential, Vampire Rush does manage to provide the right blend of strategy and excitement that Zombie Attack 2 so woefully lacked. Read on for our full review!

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Okay... Windows Phone developers 10tons have produced some fantastic games for Windows Phone 8 devices. You have King Oddball, Tennis to the Face and now you can add Boom Brigade 2 to the list.

Boom Brigade 2 is a tower defense, top down shooter where you have to defend your bunker from invading aliens. The game has thirty missions, a collection of bonus survival missions and a handful of upgrades to keep you busy. As always with 10tons games, graphics and animations are top notch and Boom Brigade 2 comes in as another great addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

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Slowly but surely, Nokia and Electronic Arts continue to pump out Nokia-exclusive Xbox Windows Phone games. These titles also include games from Chillingo, a popular mobile publisher owned by EA. The latest Chillingo-published exclusive iBomber Defense comes from Scottish developer Cobra.

Originally an iOS game, Cobra’s tower defense title has since branched out to other platforms like Steam and Windows Phone. Fans of the genre should be thankful for that, because other than some performance issues and rough Achievements, iBomber Defense is the best traditional tower defense game in the Xbox lineup.

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It’s always a good time to be a Nokia owner, but especially when a new exclusive app or game comes around. We’ve just received another surprise exclusive, this one turning up quite randomly on a Friday evening. A little advance notice would be nice, but it’s still good news for people with Lumias in their pockets.

The newly released Xbox Windows Phone game is iBomber Defense from Chillingo (EA) and Scottish developer Cobra Mobile. Like Jet Set Go, this one wasn’t part of the first 20 exclusive games announced by EA, so there could be even more titles included in the exclusivity deal that we don’t know about.

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geoDefense has returned as this week's Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week on Windows Phone. Previously taking the title back in November 2011, it's good to see the futuristic light show tower defence game returning with a discounted price tag. The much loved Xbox LIVE title now has an older brother, geoDefense Swarm, but many still power up this classic while on the move.

geoDefense puts the player in charge of forming a tower-based defence around a generated path. This path is where creatures and critters will make their way along to the end where a number displays the remaining lives. Should a creep make their way to this point, a life will be deducted. A solid strategic mind is required to ensure the placement of towers, as well as types used, prevents these pests from making it.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Wizard Wars

Wizard Wars is a simple, yet challenging tower defense game for your Windows Phones. In the game, Wizard Wars pits the power of wizards up against an invading horde of Wrorcs that are trying to destroy your castle.

Wizard Wars is a nicely animated game that has thirty levels of play. Each level can be replayed to better your previous score, giving Wizard Wars plenty of gaming. In addition to the tower defenses, you can buy special items to give you an edge over the invading hordes. It may not appeal to everyone but Wizard Wars is a nice way to pass short bits of time with and an overall nice addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

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geoDefense Mango update adds Live tiles and more

geoDefense Swarm is out now and doing quite well, if reader comments and my own enjoyment are any indication. But the original geoDefense, which also happened to be the first good tower defense game on Xbox Live for Windows Phone, is still loved by many. As such, Critical Thought Games recently released an update to make geoDefense even better for current and future consumers.

geoDefense version 1.4 release notes:

  • 60fps on devices that support it  (previous cap was 30fps)
  • Live Tile (pin the game tile to the home screen, will flip to show progress)
  • Live Secondary Tile (hold down on level in list and it'll make a quick-jump live tile on home screen)
  • Supports Fast Application Switching
  • Fixed a bug with the targeting logic of locked laser towers (This was a big deal on some levels.)

Mango features are the standout additions. Many of us swear by Fast App Switching, so it’s great to see another popular Live game add that support. If only they would all follow suit (*cough, Plants vs. Zombies, cough*). Can’t go wrong with Live Tiles, either.

geoDefense is an easy-to-learn and addictive tower defense game. See our full review for details. The game costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

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Tower defense addicts, you can stop scratching and relax at last. geoDefense Swarm from Critical Thought Games in now on the Marketplace!

geoDefense Swarm is the sequel to fan-favorite tower defense game geoDefense. The new entry switches from predefined enemy routes to a grid-based field. Enemies can approach from all directions, so players will need to construct mazes in order to keep them at bay. Like its predecessor, Swarm features an appealing neon geometric look and easy to learn gameplay.

It also has the same balance issues as before (tower costs and abilities vary from level to level), but said issues didn’t keep its predecessor from winning many gamers’ hearts. Here’s a tip to get you started: switch the difficulty from Hardcore to Novice in Help & Options if you want to ease into things and take the stress out of those Achievements.

geoDefense Swarm costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks Zebrasqual for the tip!

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Now that Feed Me Oil, this week’s Xbox Live release is here, we’re neck-deep in oily physics puzzle goodness. But that doesn’t mean gamers don’t look to the future as well – especially those who’ve had their fill of physics puzzlers already. Kudos then to Microsoft for announcing next week’s Live release: geoDefense Swarm from Critical Thought Games.

geoDefense Swarm is the sequel to fan-favorite tower defense game geoDefense. The new entry switches from predefined enemy routes to a grid-based field. Enemies can approach from all directions, so players will need to construct mazes in order to keep them at bay. Like its predecessor, Swarm features an appealing neon geometric look and easy to learn gameplay. It will also likely suffer from balance issues, but said issues didn’t keep its predecessor from winning many gamers’ hearts. Most excitingly, the Windows Phone version of Swarm includes a new tower, a new creep (enemy), and new challenges. We’ll find out what those challenges are next Tuesday or Wednesday when the game debuts.

geoDefense Swarm comes to Xbox Live on Wednesday, May 16 – if not the night before, as many Live releases have done lately. It will cost $2.99, the same price as its predecessor.

Source: PlayXBLA

Thanks to Sam for the tip!

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Windows Phone Game Review: BlastCannon

Here's a fun Windows Phone game to pass the with. BlastCannon is a simple, yet challenging game that has you defending your base from falling asteroids.  

BlastCannon has a simple, minimalistic design and game play but as you progress through the various gaming levels, the pace of the game picks up. It may not have flashy graphics or complex controls but BlastCannon is a challenging, entertaining game for your Windows Phone.

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Windows Phone Game Review: River Pirates

The majority of the Windows Phones tower defense games take place on dry land. River Pirates is the latest tower defense game for your Windows Phone that adds a little water into the mix.

River Pirates has an invading horde of pirates sailing up river to attack your stronghold. You defend your keep by placing a variety of defenses along the river's banks to prevent the pirates from navigating the river from one side of the screen to the other.

River Pirates is a simple tower defense game that has enough challenge to it to keep you interested. Graphics and animations are nice but also simple. There's just not a lot of pop to the game but for some reason River Pirates kept pulling me back in.

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Windows Phone Game Review: ByeByeBrain

Yes... it's another zombie, tower defense game for your Windows Phone. But don't be too discouraged. ByeByeBrain is a wonderfully animated addition to our zombie/tower defense game line up.

Armed with five different, upgradable, volunteers to defend your city from the invading horde of zombies, the game takes on the typical tower defense goal. Prevent the hordes from passing from one side of your Windows Phone screen to the other. As you wipe out the zombies you earn cash and for each zombie that survives your onslaught, you loose a life (you only get twenty of them).

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