DragManArds, one tough Windows Phone tower defense game

There are plenty of tower defense games available for your Windows Phone and DragManArd may be one of the more challenging options out there. You are tasked with rebuilding your Dragon Manor and defend it from pesky little demons.

You make use of the legendary Dragon Manor Guards called DragManArds for short. You also have a few magic spells available to help you along the way.

There are thirty levels to DragManArds and two difficulty settings (Beginner and Expert). Luckily, troops can be upgraded otherwise you wouldn't have a fighting chance against the invading demons.  Otherwise your goose would be cooked rather quickly by the invading hordes.

When you first play DragManArds, you'll be walked through a game tutorial highlighting all the various icons, displays and game actions you'll face. Settings are minimal with a mute button on the main menu screen for DragManArds.

Game play is fairly straightforward with DragManArds. Along the top of the screen is your control panel that displays your Mana (energy needed to generate troops), your barracks, troop and spell controls and your progress meter. You will also see your limits on soldiers and barracks for each level displayed beneath the row of icons.

There are three types of troops available, swordsman, magicians, and archers. Guards can be upgraded to Paladin, Barbarian, Water Mage, Fire Mage, Hunter and Elf. As you create or upgrade your guards a portion of your Mana is used and in time, your Mana supply regenerates.

Swordsman roam the battlefield while magicians and archers are based in barracks. Barracks that have to be build, which again requires Mana.

To create the barracks, guards and cast spells just tap the icon at the top of the game screen. Outlines will appear where you can place barracks and guards. Just tap the desired placement and the guards will engage the enemy automatically. If the demons, goblins and ogres reach your barracks or tower, they will begin to destroy it. Defeat all the enemy troops and you advance to the next level. Should your tower fall, game over.

DragManArd has thirty levels of play, troop management, save up to three games and more than twenty five enemies and three boss to battle. Game play can be rather challenging with DragManArd with the key being to overpower your enemy. If you have Mana to burn, build and upgrade your guards whenever possible or the demons will over run your defenses and sack your tower.  DragManArd is a little on the tough side if you play it too conservatively. 

If tower defense games are your cup of tea, you'll enjoy DragManArd. Animations and graphics are well presented and game play challenging enough to keep the game interesting.  There is a free trial version available for DragManArds that will let you play the first level. It's enough to give you a feel for things and the full version is running $1.49. You can find DragManArds here in the Windows Phone Store for your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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