Battle for Homeland Mad Animals, Zombie combat with a twist

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals is a tower defense game for Windows Phone 8 that pits you against a hungry pack of zombies. Sounds like your typical Zombie genre game, right? The twist with Battle for Homeland Mad Animals is that you aren't battling humans who have been turned into zombies, instead you face a wide variety of animals who are now the walking dead.

Yep. You are battling zombie cows, elephants, giraffes, bats, sheep, zebras and other animals. You even have zombie Unicorns coming after your brain. The animals are attacking various villages and you are society’s last line of defense. Armed with a wide variety of weapons, you fend off the Zombie invasion wave after wave.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals has decent graphics, challenging game play and is a rather entertaining tower defense game for Windows Phone 8.

Game Setup

The main page for Battle for Homeland Mad Animals is laid out simple and straightforward. You have button controls in the upper right corner to view your gaming achievements, access settings (sound/music on or off) and visit the game’s store for in-app purchases.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals Main Menu

To jump into game play, just tap the “Start” button at the bottom of the main page. Battle for Homeland Mad Animals has twenty-four villages that contain multiple levels of play, to defend that are progressively unlocked. Each level is re-playable and has three difficulty levels to choose from (normal, nightmare and hell).

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals Weapons Depot

Prior to the start of each level you will visit the Battle for Homeland Mad Animals’ Store where you can choose which of the weapons in your arsenal you will use for that level and purchase/upgrade your bomb supply. There are over fifteen different main weapons that become available for purchase as you progress through game.

Game Play

The game screen for Battle for Homeland Mad Animals has your health meter in the upper left corner, your zombie wave meter in the top center and your gold count in the top right corner.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals Gaming Screen

At the bottom center of the screen is your main weapon and to the right of the turret are you bombing option. On either side of your main weapon are directional arrows that will let you swap out weapons during game play. Finally, in the lower left corner of the screen you will find you score.

The game screen is a series of paths and streets that the zombie animals will follow to get to your stronghold. To fire your main weapon, just tap/hold on the screen. Where you tap is the direction the weapon will fire. To strafe your enemy, just drag your finger across the area that you wish to annihilate.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals Bomb Purchase Menu

As the zombie incursion grows you can use your bombs to help keep pace with the animals. Tap a bomb icon and a targeting symbol will appear that you drag to the part of the screen you wish to bomb. Your bombing choices include:

  • Fire Bomb that will rain down a shower of fireballs on to the zombies
  • Freeze Bomb that will freeze the zombies, making them sitting ducks for your main weapon
  • Nuclear Bomb that will wipe out everything on the screen

Zombies attack in waves and will travel at different speeds. Some animals will require multiple hits before they go down as well. If the zombie animals reach your fortifications they will work towards destroying things. If they breach your fortifications, game over.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals

In addition to the different speeds these animals travel, some will carry bombs that will inflict more damage to your stronghold. On the plus side, if you shoot the zombies carrying the bombs, they take out other zombies that are in the area when their bombs explode prematurely.

Once you have destroyed all the zombie animals for a particular level, you will transition to a scoring summary, which will not how many gold coins you have earned. Coins that in turn can be used in the gaming store to unlock additional weapons and buy more bombs.

Overall Impression

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals is an entertaining tower defense game for Windows Phone 8. Graphics are nice, game play challenging and dealing with zombie animals offers a unique zombie hunting experience.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals Nuclear Option

I liked the variety of environments you defend and the variety of animals keeps things interesting. There are situations where you can see the animals approaching but won’t get a clear shot at them immediately. Some animals move faster or require multiple hits before they are eliminated. All these factors require you to manage your defenses, giving Battle for Homeland Mad Animals a bit of a strategy feel to it.

Battle for Homeland Mad Animals is a free game that is available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of Battle for Homeland Mad Animals here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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