Arcane's Tower Defense now wowing people in the Marketplace

We've been waiting on Arcane's Tower Defense for what seems like forever. Actually, it was way back in October when we saw the first rumbling of the epic tower defense game, then a more detailed look in February

Well, the game is finally a go in the Marketplace, selling for a fair $1.99. Unfortunately, there is no trial (sad panda) but if you like tower defense, just watch the video after the break--the game kind of sells itself and we have to say with our brief hands on: wow, epic, [insert superlative here]

Amazing music, great sound effects, excellent tutorial, custom maps. Folks, we may be jumping the gun here, but this could be one of those games, you know, a must have? Sure, you can wait till our review goes up, but we're gonna go ahead and suggest that if you like these types of games then just go ahead. Now excuse us, we're off to kill some goblins...

Update: One of the developers of ATD let us know in comments that there should be a trial version and that there's probably an error in the Marketplace. They're trying to fix it as soon as possible.

Update 2: Trial is now available! No excuses now.

Grab Arcane's Tower Defense here in the Marketplace for $1.99. Video after the break. Thanks, Eric I., for the tip!

"You represent the only hope of the Triggerfartch nation, attacked by Goblins, Your Role as War Chief of the Fartchi nation is to build defenses strong enough to stop this invasion and repel the green horde to the sea .The Fartchis are known for their extreme ability to build strong and effective defenses. And for good reason: each goblin who falls in battle, gives gold. The more the battle continues, the more goblins are powerful, and thus, gives more gold. With this gold you will be able to build towers and improve them with the help of a technical tree composed talents, the effectiveness of their shots, but also your mental faculties. It is possible to cast spells on the battlefield to support the ground defenses. Finally, five technological ages allow the player to improve the overall characteristics of its towers and access to new tricks, skills and spells. One goal ? Last as long as possible and defeat the Goblin chief. The game comes with a free 3D map editor for an infinite lifetime of playing."

Daniel Rubino

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  • no try option?cmon,
  • Hi, I'm a developper from ATD.I'm so happy now because the game is finally out.I'm sorry about the Trial version, actually a trial version must be available, we don't know why it is not ... We will look at this technical issue as fast as possible and give you the possibility to test the game for free. Sorry for that, it should be a problem with the marketplace.
  • Sounds good. Thanks for the heads up.
  • will an ad version come later for those who are not on the world map ? ( outside US ) :S
  • Very nice. Gonna download it today. Shame it's not an Xbox Live title though...why it is not an Xbox Live title ? Crappy games like Angry Birds make it into XL, while such a nice title is left out...cmon Microsoft!
  • Agree, this is a very ambitious title and well worth the money. It's challenging in a good way, with lots of options and configurations--it's more like WoW combined with a tower defense game--very immersive. One up side to it not being XBL? They probably got it out faster than having go through MS's process of approval, which also means faster updates and a cheaper base price.
  • I just searched for the game via Zune on my PC and there is a try it option, so maybe that is the best way to get the trial at the moment.
  • Awesome game, I have no idea why this was not an Xbox live title. Must have!
  • here is the last video : you for this great post.
  • Trial version is now available in the Marketplace
  • the game is 2'49 not 1,99$ , but still a great game.
  • Not sure where you're looking, but it's a $1.99 here in the US.
  • tried it, liked it, bought it. thanks.
  • Waited such a long time for this game, loved the trailer couple of month ago. Is it just me or is it way to hard? Bought it yesterday but didn´t get past level two?!
  • I tried the demo the other day and I was very impressed. Awesome looking game and I love all the different upgrade options. Only issues I had were that it got difficult quick. I couldn't even pass the first real level (after the three tutorials). Also I noticed some slowdown when there were a lot of enemies. It wasn't too bad though considering how good the graphics are on this game.I only wish it were an Xbox LIVE game. Would love to get some achievements on this!
  • Pretty solid review here:
  • Hi,If you can't pass the first levels at the first attempt it is normal, you have to do it again until you have found a good strategy to beat it. Each attempt should give you more information about how to win !Otherwise, you can train yourself with the map type Survival, there is no wave limit, you can just play and go the further you can with the strategy you want.Do you think that we should add an Easy/Medium/Hard choice for the normal maps with limited waves ?
  • I think this would be great! Give the user the choice to play each map at different levels so we don't get disappointed with a map or even the whole game. Thanks for the response.
  • What the difficulty level should change ? Starting gold, starting lives, units health ?
  • Adjusting the units health and quantity would do the trick i guess. Don´t mess around with the cost for the towers so the user knows how much he has to save for each tower at the different stages even in another difficulty.