One thing there is not a shortage of in the Marketplace are "tower defense" games. To be sure, there are some real good ones out there (Confession: big fan of Next War)--but hey, we can always use something that raises the bar a bit, right?

Arcane's Tower Defense, still in development but making big strides, looks to be quite the end-all-be-all of TD type games. If you recall, back in October, Arcane's won the French Microsoft application contest.--nice to see it's alive!

Featuring stunning graphics, including shimmering water, textured layers and detailed movement, Arcane's is shaping up quite nicely as demoed in the video above. But probably one of the more unique elements demonstrated later in the video is the level-editor, enabling you to create your own levels for what we imagine an endless amount of replay value.  This last part is no small achievement either and we're quite excited about giving the app a spin, once it sees the light of day (hopefully soon).

Check out Graphic Stream's web page here. Thanks, Alexandre, for sharing with us--now finish it! ;-)