Trines Hangman

Trine’s Hangman updated, adds support for multiple accounts and much more

We haven’t mentioned the Windows Phone game Trine’s Hangman in some time. For those not familiar, Trine’s Hangman is a fantastic rendition of the classic hangman word games. The lifetime game mode tracks and saves your gaming progress, you can customize your gaming background images, and overall Trine’s Hangman is just a fun game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

Trine’s Hangman was recently updated to version 3.0, which has a healthy change log. The most notable additions to the game will probably be support for 720p and 1080p resolutions, support for multiple accounts from one phone and fine-tuning to improve performance on low-memory devices such as the Nokia Lumia 520.

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Gydar Industries offering Windows Phone apps for free today

If you're not familiar, Gydar Industries is the developer behind Windows Phone titles such as Trine's Hangman and People Search. Gydar Industries is based out of Norway and today marks the anniversary of the tragedy in Oslo and Utoya. Feeling the need to do something positive in remembrance of this tragic event, Gydar is offering all their Windows Phone apps for free today.

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Word games are a unique category in that they are great ways to pass long and short bits of time. Plus you might learn something along the way. We've compiled a short list of the Windows Phone word games we think top the charts. As with any of our "best of" lists, there might be one or two titles we overlooked. If so, feel free to speak up in the comments.

Trine's Hangman back in business, extends sale

A few days ago we received notice that the server powering the popular Windows Phone game, Trine's Hangman, crashed due to high traffic. It was one of those good news/bad news things.  Good that traffic for the game was up, bad that it crashed the server.  You could still play the game but all the online goodness wasn't available.

After diligent work by the developer, we have just been informed that things are back up and running. So every should have access to the online ranking, leaderboards, definitions and score updates.

Trine's Hangman comes in two versions. You have Trine's Hangman with is a free, ad-supported version and Trine's Hangman Pro that runs $1.99 and is ad free.

Trine's Hangman Pro is currently on a half-off sale ($.99) through January 1st. In light of the events with the server, this sale has been extended to January 8th. So if you've been thinking of upgrading to the ad free version or tinkering with the free trial, you still have time to take advantage of the savings.


High traffic crashes Trine's Hangman server

If you've been having trouble playing Trine's Hangman or creating a player account, you aren't alone. The server behind the popular Windows Phone game has crashed. The silver lining in all of this is that it appears the problem is due to high traffic from Windows Phone users playing the game.

We have been contacted by the developer who wants to assure everyone that he is working diligently on getting things back up as quickly as possible. With the server down, you won't be able to update or check on your world rankings, create a new player account or log in with an existing account. But you will be able to continue to play the game and once the server is back up your score and ranking will be kept.

Trine's Hangman is an enjoyable word game for your Windows Phone and hopefully things will be fixed soon. You can find Trine's Hangman Pro (currently on sale for $.99) here and a free, ad-supported version of Trine's Hangman here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Trine's Hangman updated and going on sale

Gydar Industries is at it again. They have released another update to the popular Windows Phone game Trine's Hangman and will also be offering it at half price for the Holidays. Version 1.14 adds more words into the mix, fixes a few bugs, and adds two Christmas themed wallpapers to the game.

The half off sale will drop the price of Trines Hangman Pro from $1.99 to $.99. The Holiday sale will run from December 25, 2011 to January 1, 2012. You still have Trine's Hangman available which is a free, ad-supported version but at $.99, the Pro version is a real steal of a deal.

For those not familiar with Trine's Hangman, it is a hangman game for your Windows Phone that has you playing against a global online community of thousands for leaderboard braggin' rights. The game can be personalized with wallpapers and the music can be saved as a custom ringtone for your Windows Phone. There's even an online braggin' rights page you can share via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS message (here's mine).

If you haven't tried Trine's Hangman now is your chance to take advantage of a great offer on the ad-free version. You can find Trine's Hangman Pro here (remember starting Dec. 25th it's half off) at the Windows Phone Marketplace and Trine's Hangman (the ad supported version) here.  Trine's is a mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.


Trine's Hangman goes Mango

The popular Windows Phone word game Trine's Hangman has gone mango.  Version 1.13 brings fast resume, deep tile links to take you straight to your game screen, and ringtones.  Yes, ringtones.  If you like the songs used in the game you can save them to your Windows Phone as custom ringtones.

The deep link tiles are a nice feature to allow you to skip the intro screens and menus to get right to the heart of the game.  It's also a nice feature if multiple players are using the same Windows Phone.  Just create a tile for each player to give everyone quick access to Trine's.  Along with all the mango features, the update includes the following changes to Trines.

  • Added functionality so you can report misspelled words to me with one click
  • Improved the WikiPedia-look-up, it will give results more often
  • Now you can look-up words with Bing and Google in addition to WikiPedia
  • Adjusted space for scores and highscores in the game page and high scores page
  • Added option to share your player-page by Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Added option to share info about the game to friends by SMS/e-mail/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn

You also have various spelling corrections and bug fixes with the update including fixing the problem of listening to Zune while playing Trine's Hangman.  Gydar Industries, Trine's developers, are already working on the next update to the game as well as another hangman game based on everything they learned and that has been suggested from the Trine's Hangman game.

The update went live this morning so expect to see the update notification soon for those who are already enjoying Trine's Hangman.  For those who haven't given Trine's a try, it is offered in two versions.  There is an ad-supported, free version of Trine's Hangman here at the Marketplace.  You also have Trine's Hangman Pro which is an ad-free version that runs $1.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Oh... the trailer is from an earlier version of Trine's but it's such a good trailer we couldn't resist sharing it again.


Trine's Hangman quietly gets updated

The popular Windows Phone word game Trine's Hangman was recently updated to version 1.12.0. The update fixes a few bugs, improves performance and merges the high score page and sharing page to give the game more of a metro feel.

An invalid word was removed and the game versions recieved a name change. The free, lite version is now "Trine's Hangman" and the full, paid version is now "Trine's Hangman Pro". The developer felt that since the lite version, while ad supported, is no longer limited in functionality the name change was in order.

A Mango update is also in the works that will bring the fast resume feature into play, live tiles with information about your current position in the game's leader board, one-on-one multiplayer mode, and a deep-link tile that will go straight to the game screen.

If you haven't tried Trine's Hangman yet and are looking for a very good word game for your Windows Phone, it is definitely worth a try. You can find Trine's Hangman here (opens Zune) and Trine's Hangman Pro (running $1.99) here at the Marketplace.

Trine's Hangman gets updated and then some

If you like the game of hangman, Trine's Hangman is a must have game for your Windows Phone. Fantastic graphics, challenging play, Wikipedia integration to look up words and a global leaderboard that is constantly being updated helps make Trine's an appealing game. The Epic Trailer (fantastic soundtrack) above is a good illustration of the commitment Gydar Industries has made to find a way to constantly improve Trine's Hangman.

The most recent update, version 1.11.0, also reflects this commitment. The biggest change is that the Lite version and Trial version are now free, ad-supported version that are identical to the paid version.  No more limitations in game play.  The developers made every effort to avoid having the game affected by the ad-banner and in doing so, the clock bar is hidden in the ad supported versions to avoid any drastic layout changes.

If you don't want ads, another bit of good news is that paid version has been reduced from $2.99 to $1.99. The current update also has the customary performance tweaks, bug fixes and design changes to improve the overall gaming experience.

Version 1.11.0 picks up where previous updates left off. Updates that brought the ability to use pictures from your Pictures Hub as the wallpaper, new animations and a two-player mode (pass and play). And Trine's development "team of one" isn't resting now that version 1.11.0 has been released.

Version 1.12.0 and 1.13.0 are already in the works and will focus on increasing the word database to the game (currently has 10,000 regular words and phrases) and a few design enhancements. There's also a handicap mode in the works to level the playing field in the two-player mode.

And if that wasn't all, mark August 28th on your calendar. There will be a one day special on the paid version of Trine's Hangman that knocks the price down to $.99. So if you haven't tried Trine's Hangman, download the Lite Version and next weekend, take advantage of the one day sale and get the ad-free version for a steal. The developers are confident that their servers can handle the increased traffic.

Trine's Hangman Lite can be downloaded here and Trine's paid version can be found here at the Marketplace (both links opens Zune).

Trine's Hangman gets a major update

One of our favorite word games for Windows Phone 7, Trine's Hangman, has received a major update (our review). The original version wasn't too shabby to begin with and we found it to be an entertaining and addictive game for your Windows Phone. The update adds a handful of new features including:

  • A two player mode
  • You can select your own picture for the background
  • More player statistics
  • A "See who's playing now" feature
  • New animations
  • Faster resume/start-up time
  • Server side enhancements
  • Assorted other tweaks to improve performance.

For those who haven't tried Trine's Hangman, the Trial Version has also improved. The Trial Version has the full 2-player mode, the time limits have been removed, online features are available until you reach 500 points and the word count has increased from 20 to 100. According to the developer a Lite Version is in the works that will give you more playtime.

In playing Trine's Hangman after updating, you can tell the game has a little more pep in its step.  The new animations appear to be concentrated in the transition and information banners.  You also have three new wallpapers to choose from and the flaming Jack-o-Lantern is particularly creepy.

If you like word puzzles, Trine's Hangman is a must have game for your Windows Phone. The full version is running $2.99 and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Already own Trine's Hangman? Just check your Marketplace app on your Windows Phone for the update.

Trine's Hangman - Review

Looking for an addictive game for your Windows Phone? Like word puzzles? Look no further than Trine's Hangman. Gydar Industries has developed a hangman fashioned word game for Windows Phone 7 that is highly addictive and very entertaining.

The game itself is simple. You try to guess the word, one letter at a time. Each wrong letter ads a piece of the gallows and your hangman's body. Your afforded nine wrong guesses before the picture is complete and you loose.

One of the great things about Trine's Hangman is that your scores are a collective of all the puzzles. So while you may miss a word, your game continues. Don't worry about running out of words any time soon. Trine's comes loaded with 10,000 words and phrases.

But there's a lot more to Trine's Hangman than simply guessing letters. To find out more on this Windows Phone game, follow the break.