Trine's Hangman goes Mango

The popular Windows Phone word game Trine's Hangman has gone mango.  Version 1.13 brings fast resume, deep tile links to take you straight to your game screen, and ringtones.  Yes, ringtones.  If you like the songs used in the game you can save them to your Windows Phone as custom ringtones.

The deep link tiles are a nice feature to allow you to skip the intro screens and menus to get right to the heart of the game.  It's also a nice feature if multiple players are using the same Windows Phone.  Just create a tile for each player to give everyone quick access to Trine's.  Along with all the mango features, the update includes the following changes to Trines.

  • Added functionality so you can report misspelled words to me with one click
  • Improved the WikiPedia-look-up, it will give results more often
  • Now you can look-up words with Bing and Google in addition to WikiPedia
  • Adjusted space for scores and highscores in the game page and high scores page
  • Added option to share your player-page by Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Added option to share info about the game to friends by SMS/e-mail/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn

You also have various spelling corrections and bug fixes with the update including fixing the problem of listening to Zune while playing Trine's Hangman.  Gydar Industries, Trine's developers, are already working on the next update to the game as well as another hangman game based on everything they learned and that has been suggested from the Trine's Hangman game.

The update went live this morning so expect to see the update notification soon for those who are already enjoying Trine's Hangman.  For those who haven't given Trine's a try, it is offered in two versions.  There is an ad-supported, free version of Trine's Hangman here at the Marketplace.  You also have Trine's Hangman Pro which is an ad-free version that runs $1.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Oh... the trailer is from an earlier version of Trine's but it's such a good trailer we couldn't resist sharing it again.

Trines Hangman Free

Trines Hangman Pro

George Ponder

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