IE on WP7: HTML5, Silverlight, and Flash (Oh My!)

As we get closer to the launch of Windows Phone 7, it’s inevitable that we are going to start learning more about Windows Phones and the Operating System behind them. Hardware details are becoming more plentiful, information about what we can expect from apps and the Marketplace are getting tossed around, and even carrier availability is becoming less of a mystery.

One area that I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t received more time under the microscope is Internet Explorer. There has been some traffic among the developer community as of late around the fact that Microsoft has neglected support for HTML5 in Windows Phone 7, but how much of a problem is this to Microsoft and to Windows Phone 7 in particular? Read on for my opinion.

WP7 Guide: Xbox, Windows Phone 7 and you

We’re all going to be adjusting and warming up to the new Windows Phone 7 OS but the Xbox 360 has been around for five years now. If you don’t know anything about Xbox or Xbox Live than it’s about time that we get you up to speed.

The phrase "game console" is typically the first thing that comes to mind but what about social device? Or media hub? How about online entertainment service. . . thing? The Xbox 360 is always sold short when it’s called a game console. November of 2005 was when the last great home console war saw the arrival of the Xbox 360 and it’s Xbox Live service and this November we’re going to also see an extension of some of the integral features of the Xbox Live service through Windows Phone 7. Let’s take a look at the console and see what those features are..

Take a coffee break and read Rob's in-depth tutorial on all things Xbox!

Asus shying away from Windows Phone 7, "focusing on Android platform..."? (Updated)

We're not sure how to take this and perhaps this one of those that Garm-Asus could 'walk back', but evidently Steven Tu, marketing manager at ASUSTeK South Africa, said in regards to that "mystery" Asus device we saw awhile back:

As always, Garmin-Asus seeks the best for our consumers either on Android platform or on Windows platform. However, we see the potential of Android platform devices, so we are focusing on Android platform currently,

Sounds like Asus is stepping back a bit from deploying its wares for Windows Phone 7, which is even more evident since they were completely absent from New York City on October 11th. This also backs up news from yesterday about Garmin-Asus splitting up. It will be curious to see if Asustek corporate responds to this or clarifies the matter. 

In brighter and related news, South Africa is expected to get Windows Phone 7 devices in time for the "December holidays", according to Microsoft SA. No word on which devices though.

Update: Sure enough, Asus has sort of confirmed the above/what we already know. In an interview with Forbes Jonney Shih, the Chairman of the Taiwan-based electronics maker, says: “Regarding Windows Phone 7, we haven’t yet decided yet we would like to do”. He also adds they will introduce a device sometime in 2011 under the Asus name.

Source: MyBroadband.co.za

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 777 apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace has been steadily adding apps for the last few days (see yesterday's flood) and to quantify that, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore Tweeted that they hit a whopping 777 apps yesterday.

That surely is quite a feat for any new mobile OS on launch (and for us in the U.S. that launch is still 2 weeks away). Will they hit the magical (and arbitrary) 1,000 apps or more for the States? We think they can do it. Either way, when we log in on November 8th, we'll have a nice selection of apps from the big studios to the indys.  Can't wait!

Source: Twitter (@joebelfiore); Thanks, Steve, for the tip!

Australia facing supply issues with Windows Phone 7 handsets

Although yesterday was the big day for Australia and the Windows Phone 7 launch, not all is peachy on that side of the globe. Reports are coming in that there are some severe supply constraints going with various devices and that potential customers are none to happy about it.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, telco's like Telstra are selling the HTC 7 Mozart in 11 stores and that some of those are sold out already. Supplies are expected to be replenished next week and the LG Optimus 7 goes on sale on November 9th, to possible make up for shortage.

Vodafone also failed to put the 7 Trophy from HTC on sale, saying it will do so next week instead. Likewise mobile carrier Optus wont' start selling till next week (Samsung Omnia 7, LG 7 Optimus) and they expect limited stock.

On the plus side, demand seems to be strong but such tight supply on launch does not look good either. Just the other day, HTC was denying any shipment delays witht their lineup, yet that doesn't look to be the case now that things are on sale. Granted, OEMs are probably stretched thin between their Android lineup and now WP7 and supplying "globally" (or close to) within 3-4 weeks is always tight. Still, lets hope we don't see the same sort of thing play out in the States.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Old Spice guy on Windows Phone 7: "This is my sexy phone"

In one of the most ambitious and interesting advertising campaigns for Windows Phone 7, the "Old Spice Guy" is doing his thing to sell the new OS. Although this ad campaign seems isolated to Australia, we're pretty sure these things will go viral, as they should.

Anyways, the Old Spice Guy appeared on NovaFM 96.9 with Ricki-Lee (sorry, not familiar) and he made quite the impression.

Some things are left better unsaid by a blogger, so we'll just suggest you watch this fun interview with him and his new phone...

Source: NovaFM 96.9; Thanks, Rob, for the tip!

Shazam shows up in Windows Phone Marketplace (WP7)

...and it continues to grow. The Marketplace just added the free (and very popular) Shazam music ID app to its catalog.

The app promises to ID any song you throw at it just by pointing your phone at the music source and giving a few seconds. The software has been around for awhile now, first appearing on T-Mobile Windows Mobile devices as MusicID (remember that?) then after being ripped numerous times, they finally went public as Shazam. That version is available to current Windows Mobile users (see our Midomi review as an alternate)

This adds yet another feather in the media cap of Windows Phone 7 (see others here), even before launch. As a special "launch offer", they're offering free, unlimited 'tags'. Lets just hope the launch offer lasts long enough till we get some phones in our hands!

eWallet in development for Windows Phone 7

It shouldn't be hard to imagine that the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will have over 2,000 apps at launch. The list of apps being developed for Windows Phone 7 continues to grow with eWallet from Ilium Software being the latest.

eWallet is a popular Windows Mobile application that helps you manage passwords, PIN numbers, account information and other personal information you need to manage.

While Ilium is working on a version of eWallet for Windows Phone 7, the developer isn't offering much beyond that. The Windows Mobile version of eWallet allowed you to synchronize things between your computer and Windows Phone. There is some speculation that Ilium will go to a cloud based solution with Windows Phone 7. Maybe you could backup your file on Microsoft's Skydrive and then access it through Windows Live on your computer.

Regardless how Ilium tackles such issues, it's nice to see the list of Windows Phone 7 apps continue to grow.

via: windowsphonethoughts.com

Microsoft's Live Messenger headed to WP7

Windows Phone 7 will be getting Live Messenger.  It's the when and by whom that has become a bit of a mystery.  Microsoft is farming out its development but now two developers have staked a claim for developing Live Messenger for Microsoft.

There were reports last month that Bewise was working on the application. Now, another developer, Miyowa, is stepping forward claiming they are developing the Windows Phone 7 application. This could mean that we'll have multiple Live Messenger applications to choose from, regional differences/releases (Miyowa is popular overseas) or simply that Microsoft changed developers at some point in the process.

Microsoft has alluded that Messenger would be a part of the Windows Phone 7. Earlier this week Chris Jones, Microsoft's VP for Windows Live Engineering posted, "Windows Phone 7 is the first device designed from the ground up with Windows Live in mind. Right from the start, you can enter your Windows Live ID on your phone, and it will connect over the air to Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, and the rest of Windows Live."

Is it really an issue who develops the app? Isn't getting Live Messenger onto Windows Phone 7 the more important issue?

via: zdnet.com

IonBall and ChronoX headed to Windows Phone 7

IronSun Studios has announced the launch of two new game titles for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Paul Kelly, Director at IronSun, states" The launch of Windows Phone 7 is a key moment for IronSun Studios and a culmination of an exciting 6 months for us. Developing for Windows Phone 7 has been a pleasure, the quality of the tools, even from an early stage, is of a very high standard.”

The two games are:

ChronoX: A platform game that is set over thirty levels, spread acroos five time zones. You goal is to retrieve collectibles while avoiding hazards and enemies.

IonBall: This is a classic breakout game with a new twist. You battle through 35 levels and 7 boss battles. As you progress through the game, you'll earn Experience Points that can be used to enhance your character.

Both games will be available at launch through the Marketplace.

Windows Phone 7 Updates in the works?

Microsoft mentioned Cut/Paste would be available via updates early next year during the Launch event.  So we know that updates are in the works to some degree.  What we're seeing now are rumors to what other items the first round of updates may also include.

Tweets from MS_nerd adds multi-tasking, turn-by-turn directions, clipboard and Skydrive support into the mix.  If the predictions are correct, look for the updates in January.

via: Mobility Digest

HTC Surround at BestBuy

Best Buy is accepting pre-orders for the HTC Surround. The AT&T Windows Phone 7 device will run you $199.99 with the two-year contract discounts.

Regular Price is listed as $549.99 and the interesting item of note is the ship date. Best Buy has the Surround shipping on November 8, 2010. At the Windows Phone 7 Launch, AT&T indicated that only the Samsung Focus would be available on November 8th with the Surround and LG Quantum shipping a few weeks later.

Is this wishful thinking on Best Buy or could HTC production be ahead of schedule?

via: Android Central

Smiles coming to Windows Phone 7

Smiles from Sykhronics Entertainment is headed to Windows Phone 7 and should be available over at the Marketplace at launch. What is Smiles you say?

From the demo video it reminds me of the "match 'em up" puzzle games such as Bejeweled or Jewel Quest. Based on the demonstration, Smiles will have several game modes to keep things from getting dull. The rotating game field is an interesting twist to this style of game.

Our list of apps to review for Windows Phone 7 continues to grow and we'll add Smiles to the list.

HTC 7 Pro headed to the U.K.

The HTC 7 Pro made a surprise appearance at yesterdays Windows Phone 7 launch and is headed to the Sprint network next year. We are now hearing rumors that it will also be headed across the pond to the United Kingdom.

Tracy and Matt are reporting that while they demoed all the HTC Windows Phone 7 devices headed to the U.K. they were told that the Pro 7 would also be included in the mix. Speculation has the Pro 7 being available to all networks in the U.K. and will be available Spring of 2011.

Update: Here is the HTC product page for the 7 Pro GSM.

Windows Phone 7 demo on Facebook

Curious what your Windows Phone 7 Start Screen will look like with your contacts and pictures? The Windows Phone Facebook page might help satisfy your curiousity.

Microsoft has put a Windows Phone 7 demo on their Facebook page that runs through the new system with generic contacts and pictures. But if you allow access, you can populate the demo Windows Phone with your Facebook pictures and contacts.

The demo is not interactive but gives you a decent feel for what to expect from your Windows Phone 7.

Hands-on with the LG Quantum

The LG Quantum is headed to AT&T Wireless and Phil was able to spend some intimate time with the phone during the Windows Phone 7 launch.

The 3.8" screen looks really responsive to the touch. The side-sliding QWERTY appears to be on the narrow side but when you're used to the five row keyboard of the Tilt2, a lot of keyboards appear narrow.

You can hear Phil's thoughts on the Quantum, as well as the other Windows Phone 7 devices he dropped handled during the Windows Phone 7 launch, in this week's Podcast.

HTC Sense Hub caught on tape


While we've seen the HTC Sense hub on video before, Phil was able to spend some hands-on time with it during the Windows Phone 7 launch.

Running on the HD7, the Sense hub is graphically pleasing and adds yet another diminsion to the Windows Phone 7 experience.

WP7 Video: HTC HD7 boot time

The HTC HD7 is heading to T-Mobile and we were able to spend a little hands-on time with the Windows Phone 7 device during the Windows Phone 7 Launch.

It's an impressive phone with an impressive boot time. Helped by the 1ghz processor, the HD7 takes about twenty seconds to boot. That's lightning fast compared to some Windows Phones running Windows Mobile.

HTC adds Windows Phone 7 videos to YouTube Channel


HTC was in the thick of the Windows Phone 7 launch and has added three new videos highlighting three of their WP7 phones. You can find the video on the HTC HD7, Trophy and Mozart over at HTC's YouTube Channel.  The twenty second videos don't offer any specs on the phones but showcases them nicely.

While the Trophy and Mozart are headed to overseas markets, the HD7 will land at T-Mobile next month. Still not sold on the kickstand but that 4.3" screen does look nice.

Ease on past the break to see the videos on the Trophy and Mozart.

Windows Phone 7 Launch Round-up

It has been a busy day for Microsoft and the Windows Phone 7 crowd. We've seen devices, specs, pricing points and availabiltity dates move across the wire at record speeds.

So much has been covered today we felt the need for a little roundup to pull as much as we can under one roof. So, hit the link and ease on past the break to see a brief summary of today's events.