We’ve heard a lot of discussion from users, mostly anecdotal, about their local carriers and how well they are promoting Windows Phone in the store. Some are horror stories, with reps pushing Android or the iPhone while often there are great experiences too.

Telstra though as evidently set the bar with their in-store advisements.

In fact, it’s so good that Microsoft has made a video in conjunction with the popular carrier to highlight their effort. It’s quite the achievement to see Windows Phone promoted in such a way and while US carriers like AT&T and Verizon are getting serious about putting Windows Phone front and center, we think Telstra here sets a great example.

Verizon Lumia 928 Promotional material
Verizon Lumia 928 in-store promo material

Speaking of, Verizon is getting aggressive here with the Lumia 928—a phone you can tell that they are very proud of with the amount of commercials we’re seeing on TV. We even ran into a Nokia rep handing out promotional materials in our local Verizon store, giving us hope yet that Windows Phone will have a good run on that carrier.

Source: Microsoft, Australia via WPCentral Forums; Thanks, nikhilr51!