Telstra promotes the hell out of Windows Phone, has video to prove it

We’ve heard a lot of discussion from users, mostly anecdotal, about their local carriers and how well they are promoting Windows Phone in the store. Some are horror stories, with reps pushing Android or the iPhone while often there are great experiences too.

Telstra though as evidently set the bar with their in-store advisements.

In fact, it’s so good that Microsoft has made a video in conjunction with the popular carrier to highlight their effort. It’s quite the achievement to see Windows Phone promoted in such a way and while US carriers like AT&T and Verizon are getting serious about putting Windows Phone front and center, we think Telstra here sets a great example.

Verizon Lumia 928 Promotional material

Verizon Lumia 928 in-store promo material

Speaking of, Verizon is getting aggressive here with the Lumia 928—a phone you can tell that they are very proud of with the amount of commercials we’re seeing on TV. We even ran into a Nokia rep handing out promotional materials in our local Verizon store, giving us hope yet that Windows Phone will have a good run on that carrier.

Source: Microsoft, Australia via WPCentral Forums; Thanks, nikhilr51!

Daniel Rubino

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  • OMG this is absolutely incredible!! This would be awesome if more carriers did this. Microsoft please provide the money for then to do so. Some powerful advertising!!
  • Now only if Rogers, Telus, and Bell in Canada follow suit :/
  • I'll believe it when they provide their iOS and android equivalent app for WP8.
  • 24/7 is supposed to come out in June..
    But yeah, of you're going to sell something, then support it properly damn it.
  • And support for datasense is where Telstra?
  • Not gonna happen. They said as much on the crowdsupport forums. Pissed at both Telstra, and Microsoft for allowing this to happen. Couldn't give a stuff about the carrier side compression(well would be nice, I guess..) but not being able to see what is using my data is damn annoying. Edit: How could I forget about real time data usage. 4G LTE and usage updates once a day is a recipe for disaster.
  • Here in Canada there is virtually no advertising for WP. I would love to see this here
  • Yep, Microsoft needs to step it up in Canada, though I find the market here a bit tougher to crack with Blackberry holding strong (and growing). I think a good approach would be to market the hell out of entry level Lumias.
  • Really blackberry is actually growing somewhere that's incredible in itself, well if Microsoft wants to gain more ground and push its third place position yours is the market to go after i would think.
  • Holy crap that was awesome
  • Wowza!
  • Oh shit soo sexy and awesome
  • I agree with myself, absolutely amazing
  • +2
  • Lmao
  • Lolol
  • Lol
  • The awesomeness of it dazzled the mind
  • wow if all carrier stores looked like that, windows phone would be #1 right now.
  • +920
  • I see what you did there.
  • +1
  • I have used this at the Perth store and it is pretty awesome. Spoke to the girl looking after it (who actually has a Yellow 920 and loves it) and she said a few people use it but some people hesitate to go past the Facebook login screen because they think they may take their details and so the they don't complete the experience. There's an option to not use your facebook login so hopefully she's telling them that. But it is awesome and if you're in Oz you should go check one out.
  • +1 from Perth. I used it too and it was pretty awesome. I've heard there's a similar setup in Melbourne too. My only gripe is that all the 8X's in the store were dead! I have no idea why as I tried a few and none would turn on. Heaps of Lumia 920's to play with though :)
  • This kinda reminds me of a windows store maybe even cooler cause the phone section wasn't this cool when I went to a store opening last year in Delaware ... Can any of us in the us imagine going into a store that pushing windows phone this damn hard no more oh I think you might like this instead lol
  • I was just going to say that...the Microsoft store here doesn't have a display like that! If they did, it would be a wrap! On another note, I would like that wall display and the 14" Windows Phone simulator installed somewhere in my home...saves on paint and looks awesome!!!
  • So a carrier promotes the WP better than Microsoft themselves. MS should be embarassed.
  • +920 but I am sure ideas came from Microsoft for this, just that it doesn't have equal money for all continents.
  • I think Microsoft should put at least one display like this in each Microsoft store. The one here has Xbox displays all over most of the walls...if they could just use 1 corner of one wall, that would be great!!! :)
  • For real? Google barely promotes Android. Its the OEMs and Carriers like it should be. Hell, most people don't know what Android is at all. And the others think Android = Droid( the phone brand.)
  • WOW, this beats anything, any carrier has done before for WP. Yes even AT&T "hero device" effort with Lumia 900!
  • I love how they show you just how easy it is to personalize your home screen. That was cool. I think when I build my man-cave I'll install colored lighting like that in the wall so it can suit whatever mood I'm in haha.
  • what.the.eff.  There's something you will never see in the States...  
  • OMG Telstra can you bring your store to NYC plz
  • Microsoft and Nokia stores should look like this and pop up in every major town the os sells itself if people actually get to see and play with it.
  • In fine print. "we also carry android and iPhones"
  • I just want to visit one of these. I already own a 920. Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket? From charlotte NC to the closest airport where this store is at
  • I'm in Charlotte too, haha.
    All I could say when I saw this was, "Damn."
  • Verizon in Rock Hill actually has a small WP spot and a WP rep down on Dave Lyle! Nothing like this one though.  This Telstra one is amazing!
  • The theme selector is perfect; I feel this is one area that is missed when people see WP.  The theme changes the whole experience; not just the tile colors.  The theme color drops into many apps to complete the experience.  Their display really shows that off well!
  • This was the part I thought was the most catching. Very cool concept.
  • I'll be the first to buy that size Tablet....
  • It sure puts the 'table' in 'tablet' ;)
  • That. Was. Awesome.
    If only their iOS and Android switching app was anywhere near as good as creating a good first impression as this.
  • That was pretty damn amazing. I haven't seen anything like that in the UK. Good work!
  • That's how you do promotion! #Aced it
  • Sweet baby jebus that is amazing, I wish TELUS did this to their stores
  • It's like a Microsoft store...not run by Microsoft o.o
  • Can anyone comment on Telstra WP sales? Is there a correlation between their promotions and actual sales figures?
  • Don't think theyre all that great tbh. WP in australia is on 3-4% marketshare. 
    Although all of this was introduced within the last few months, so i'm hoping its going to improve!
  • Telstra are like AT&T - you pay a premium (most expensive carrier), but they're generally considered the best. They attract a lot of business users, who all still seem stuck in iPhone-land. I heard somewhere that iPhone has a 60% marketshare in Aus - that's possibly a couple of years ago as Android is going strong. I almost never see Windows Phones in public :/
  • I rently bought a Lumia 520 from them, but the sale went through as though i bought a Galaxy Ace (its on the receipt too as an Ace).
    ...So I'm not sure sales figures from Telstra would be a an accurate reflection
  • Wow that was amazing. I want to go there! The Microsoft store doesn't even have a giant phone like that wtf!? That was amazing
  • Wow pictures of phones I already own, except in a shop. Wow truly amazing. There's a car driving past my window, wow that's amazing and look it's starting to rain too, that's incredible, truly amnazing. 
  • Were you dropped on your head as a child?
  • Looks like heaven
  • That was awesome! Microsoft please step up and promote your own product more!
  • This guys know how to sell phones.
  • That is indeed awesome!
  • Damn lol now that's a promotion. Only if ATT would do that but to be honest ATT is not the issue. The main issue in the stores are the staff member that they to push the phone they like on customers and they don't recommend WP.
  • That was awesome. Windows Phone is great and deserves that advertising and promotions.
  • Rogers did promote wp8 with commercials, "the windows phone 8 experience" when it launched back in Nov 2012. Windows definitely needs marketing by carriers but this should fall under Microsoft, Nokia or HTC. I'm a fan of wp8 and the Lumia is probably one of the most underrated smartphones out there.
  • Wow, didn't know Telstra they had this set up here. Might stop off at the Melbourne store on my way home from uni and check it out. Awesome
  • Two words:
    Perfect example!!
  • Wow !!! I want that 42" wp :D
  • Ill tell ya what. When I bought my WP at an ATT store the dude who sold it to me was a complete freaking moron who just wanted to sell a phone. There was nothing good or informative. I did all of the research myself. If companies like ATT keep hiring idiots good phones like my lumia won't get enough attention.
  • It's good to see the Aussies, are showing the rest of the world how it's done -- O2 etc need to watch and learn!
  • Giggity. Drop the Insdagram app in the mix and its on!
  • Rogers, Telus, Bell are 2 years behind... The fact the Nokia flagship is only available from Rogers is sickening...whether it was Nokia's doing or not. I love this video and will be promoting it heavily.
  • My Nokia Lumia 920 working without touching the screen.
  • If Telstra offered LTE in north America and T-Mobile like affordable pricing, how many of you would switch right now to them? I bet this is one carrier that probably doesn't mind pushing updates out to WP devices. I'll be the first to say, I'm in! Lol!
  • Telstra is the most expensive carrier in Australia. They do have the best coverage though..
  • Telstra are the most expensive carrier in Australia, and they have exclusivity on the 920.
    $65 a month gets you the phone, 1gb LTE, $600 worth of calls and unlimited text. Not sure how that stacks up to you guys.
    Telstra phones get updates before unbranded phones, but we only got 1314 yesterday.
  • Exclusivity? You can buy them unlocked from Harvey Norman. I think JB had some before too...
  • I think it was just a 3 month carrier(contact) exclusive. Harvey Norman only sold unbranded ones and JB is a Telstra reseller.
  • Yeah Telstra has a carrier exclusive (which is where most phones get sold from). They still have the exclusivity 7 months later. 
  • They're actually the slowest with updates in Australia, but only by 1-2 months. Not like AT&T! Haha :) My HD7 got Tango 3-4 weeks after it was rolling out worldwide.
  • awesome, 
  • Is a long time Telstra customer and can say have never had any problems with their service or coverage, as I cover 90% of Oz even working out bush in the small remote communities of Central Australia, just wish are Telstra shop here had one of those displays
  • Is a long time Telstra customer and can say have never had any problems with their service or coverage, as they cover 90% of Oz even working out bush in the small remote communities of Central Australia, just wish are Telstra shop here had one of those displays.
  • Incredible..
  • Simply awesome. Please MS, invest.
  • Brilliant!! and the music, just downloaded it using xbox Solified by Gramitik
  • Very nice, they even make special display to promote WP
  • HOT DAMN!!!!
  • your milage may vary when it comes to the actual purchase though..
    i bought a lumia 520 from them recently, the display might be good but the staff are less than clueless...
    also, my sales receipt says i bought a Galaxy Ace, I saw her scan the box, the 520 is just coded into the system that way.
    So sales figures will be a touch skewed but i hope they keep up the campaign.
  • Why on earth would you buy a 520 from telstra?!!?!? Get it from harvey norman! It's a couple bucks cheaper and its UNLOCKED!
  • Can I live there?